Top 80 Same Level Quotes

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An actor's job is about putting across the author's int

An actor’s job is about putting across the author’s intention; I don’t think of myself on the same level as a creator.
Jane Asher
What happens to the Microsofts, Oracles and IBMs of the world is that when they get big enough, they don’t think they need to bring that same level of focus and energy to the end-user experience.
Aaron Levie
Making words rhyme for a living is one of the great joys of my life… That’s a superpower I’ve been very conscious of developing. I started at the same level as everybody else, and then I just listened to more music and talked to myself until it was an actual superpower I could pull out on special occasions.
Lin-Manuel Miranda
I spend all day replying to tweets and reblogging posts and sharing fan art. I think it’s the most important thing I can possibly do, to stay involved in the community as a part of the community, not ahead of the community. I’m very much the same level of them in it.
Tyler Oakley
He who calls a person a fascist for opposing independence is not only wrong but putting themselves on the same level as those who call us Nazis for wanting independence.
Carles Puigdemont
While talking to Wardha, I realized that Disney is actually the surname of the man behind the studio, but one only identifies it with animation. Now I have a new dream. If I can achieve the same level of legend with the Nadiadwala name, that would be awesome.
Sajid Nadiadwala
Only few people have same level as Iron Sheik – the Brock Lesnar and the Kurt Angle. Back in the day, they both be good opponent for me. They know I could break their ankle if I want.
The Iron Sheik
Not all my shoes are designer. In terms of clothes, everything is on the same level for me. If I like it, it doesn’t matter if it cost £200 or £2. I’m attracted to things rather than labels.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
I’ve never treated anyone in my band like they’re not on the same level as me. I’m not that kind of person.
Marilyn Manson
It is so difficult when you are out for a year, not just because you are not playing, but because other players are still playing. They are in competition all the time, so when you come in again and try to play them at the same level, with the same intensity, it is very hard.
Juan Martin del Potro
My brother and I spent our childhood in movie theaters screaming. I decided early on that that was the epitome of entertainment. I’m always trying for that same level of adrenaline in my books.
Tess Gerritsen
I pledge to the people of Alabama to continue the same level of leadership as Jeff Sessions in consistently fighting to protect and advance the conservative values we all care about.
Luther Strange
I usually like to hide my vocals behind the music. I don’t like to hide them consciously, but I have a tendency to prefer the vocal at the same level as everything else and put lots of reverb on it.
Julia Holter
Paul Heyman has known my family from before I was even born. He’s seen me as a little guy, he’s seen me as a medium guy, and now he’s seen me full-grown and competing on the same level.
Roman Reigns
How can we ask for our young stars to have a high level of responsibility if we are not demonstrating that same level of responsibility towards them?
Jada Pinkett Smith
You don’t want your rivals at the same level as you, or with the same amount of trophies as you.
Bruno Fernandes
I love Steven Meisel and David Sims’ work, I think they’re both amazing photographers. I want to be at the same level as them one day.
Brooklyn Beckham
Does this planet have enough resources so seven or eight billion can have the same level of consumption and waste that today is seen in rich societies? It is this level of hyper-consumption that is harming our planet.
Jose Mujica
I think that there are changes that have occurred in technology that make is that more people can have the same level of information that I have. My advantage is that I’m very good at interpreting the information.
Jim Cramer
We called our research ‘Getting to Equal – How Digital is Helping to Close the Gender Gap at Work.’ And at its heart we found that when men and women have the same level of digital fluency, women are better at using their digital skills to gain more education and find work.
Julie Sweet
It is very nice to be compared to Steven Gerrard, but I know I am not at the same level.
Emre Can
The Wii had sold a hundred million units globally; the Wii U did not have that same level of success.
Reggie Fils-Aime
Praise and criticism seem to me to operate exactly on the same level. If you get a great review, it’s really thrilling for about ten minutes. If you get a bad review, it’s really crushing for ten minutes. Either way, you go on.
Ann Patchett
My uncle played rugby, and my dad played football, and they used to argue which game was the roughest – and everybody agreed rugby was. It’s a great team sport, and to be successful, every person has to play in the same level.
Clint Eastwood
We had a demo recorded that we made available on our MySpace site, and that was quite successful for us too, but not on the same level as ‘Beautiful Tragedy.’
Maria Brink
Like I said, when you have to play against a great player every night, that defines who you are if you can compete on that same level night in and night out.
Dominique Wilkins
I put myself on the same level as everyone else around me – from the directrice to the workman, everyone. Except my pets – they are the Kings; you must treat them like royalty.
Azzedine Alaia
Men need to be aware of the health of their bodies, as well – prostate cancer and breast cancer are almost on the same level. It’s fascinating to me that the correlation between the two is almost the same – people don’t talk about it so much, but they are almost equal in numbers.
Olivia Newton-John
I have had the privilege of working closely with some of the greatest women in this country. The idea that their contributions would not be recognized at the same level as a male colleague is abhorrent to me. I will do everything in my power to help right this wrong, and finally achieve pay parity in America.
Tom Malinowski
I have to treat all of the players at the same level with the same rules and same demands. It’s difficult to understand, because the outside world is thinking when you pay a lot for the player, then you have to put him in the squad.
Louis van Gaal is the one place where somebody with $10 gets the same level of impact and feedback from the recipients that Bill Gates gets when he’s making a million-dollar gift.
Charles Best
I've always been second fiddle, man, to everything. Eve

I’ve always been second fiddle, man, to everything. Everything. But I never believed that I was lesser than this person, that person, anybody. I always thought I was on the same level.
Kyle Lowry
We tour, we do the distance from friends and family, not really knowing how to connect with people on the same level. I’ve understood now, as much as we tour, we live day-to-day, so our lives are much different than the people who stay at home and go home every night.
John Gourley
If you are succesfull for 20 years, you can’t expect to stay on the same level all through that period. A career has its ups and downs and in-betweens.
Donnie Wahlberg
We’ve got to recruit at the same level of the people who are winning titles and playing for titles, and to do that, we’ve got to have great facilities.
Kirby Smart
Capitalism has been interpreted as an exclusively profit-centric human engagement. Some have been saying to bring people and planet into the picture. This can be a good change, but it is still not fully operationalized. Are you putting people, planet and profit at the same level?
Muhammad Yunus
A system of bus rapid transit is not only dedicated lanes. You have to have really good boarding conditions – that means paying before entering the bus and boarding at the same level. And at the same time having a good schedule and frequency.
Jaime Lerner
Women don’t necessarily understand that it is possible to have the same level of ambition as men – they allow themselves to be held back by the obstacles rather than empowered by the possibilities.
Heather Bresch
In terms of clothes, everything is on the same level for me. If I like it, it doesn’t matter if it cost £200 or £2.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
If all of us would require the same level of performance from ourselves as we expect from government, this city will forever be the city that works.
Jane Byrne
To me, mixed doubles is an undervalued tennis product. You have guys and girls playing on the same level, no handicaps. The guys aren’t feeling bad for the girls. The girls pick on the guys. It’s generally amazing tennis.
Bethanie Mattek-Sands
If the Bank of Canada does want to start getting more and more political, then it will be held to the same level of political accountability as other political entities.
Pierre Poilievre
Is the ‘black designer’ label there to warn everyone not to have the same level of expectations for me, or is it some type of prize? I just want to work in an even playing field where I can get press for my work and not just my race and my personal views on it.
Kerby Jean-Raymond
No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
Albert Einstein
The Carling Cup may not be quite the same level as the FA Cup, but it is the first trophy of the season, so you definitely want to be in it.
Pepe Reina
The greatest thing about doing this movie was that Chris and I both were involved in folk music in the ’60s. I had a group, but I don’t think it was at the same level as Chris, because he’s an amazing musician.
Eugene Levy
Actors travel a lot and work long hours, and sometimes you eat at odd hours, so I have to work out to keep my weight at the same level.
Sibel Kekilli
There’s nothing I’d say that keeps me awake at night, but I think that – when you’re working with a group of people that are so beyond talented – that, every day, you wake up going, ‘All right, I gotta fight to stay at the same level as these people.’ That’s what makes it fun.
Brie Larson