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Second novels are bears. As are other people's expectat

Second novels are bears. As are other people’s expectations for them. I think taking the time you need with the second book is key. Writers spend years and years on their first novels and then are often expected to turn out a second at warp speed, a recipe for failure.
Jandy Nelson
When I landed the first 900 at the XGames, it was just – it was a personal achievement. It was something that I have strived for for years and years and years, and in a lot of ways had given up on it. But I just didn’t think of the resonance that would have.
Tony Hawk
I’ve been doing makeovers on TV for years and years and years. It’s something I really know how to do. I also know personally what it’s like to not feel good about yourself.
Carson Kressley
As a performer, you get your ‘thing.’ You’re the deadpan comedian, or the mad one, or the sexy one, and then you rely on that and mine that seam for years and years and you kind of forget who you were. There’s this mask that you hold up between you and the audience that means they never get to see who you really are.
Lenny Henry
I’m fighting back against years and years and years of the cultural and the political left telling people to sit down and shut up.
Andrew Breitbart
The fact that I am a writer comes from the experience of being cut away from my roots and living in Venezuela, where I couldn’t find a place for myself, for years and years.
Isabel Allende
Look at me – I was the boo boy for years and years. Did I ever think I would end up in Hollywood or the FA Cup final? No, I didn’t.
Vinnie Jones
I am not very responsible economically. I have a history working on films for years and years, and by the time I was starting the next film, I was starting from zero again.
James Spader
Let’s get a couple of things straight. It hasn’t been years and years since I made a movie. I’m not coming back from the dead – I’ve just had two kids! I have no intention of retiring, but I do think it’s impossible to do movie after movie, because there aren’t that many good films made.
Julia Roberts
My first show was called ‘I Know I’ve Been Changed’ in ’92. I tried to do this show for years and years. It kept failing over and over and over again. Every time I went out to do the show, nobody showed up. I was like, ‘What is this about?’
Tyler Perry
I want to do a collaboration or some kind of side thing or some soundtrack work. Because I’ve been doing this for years and years. I’d like to just step out and try something different.
Jon Crosby
Some people are happy to work in a particular domain or some field of computer science for years, and years. I personally like to kind of move around every few years, just to learn about new areas.
Jeff Dean
The packaging of Led Zeppelin’s IV doesn’t have the name of the band, doesn’t have the name of the album: It’s got a guy on the cover with a load of sticks on his back. This record didn’t quite get to No. 1 in the United States – it went to No. 2 – but stayed on the charts for years and years and years.
David Hepworth
The electronic media introduced this idea to the larger audience very, very quickly. We spent years and years and years meeting with activists all over Europe to lay the groundwork for a political response, as we did here.
Jeremy Rifkin
I photographed rocks and trees and tide pools and nudes and all that stuff for years and years. Until 20 years ago when I found that I could do it in the studio and never have to travel.
Kim Weston
I don’t feel pride when I look at a magazine spread I did for Vogue, but writing is really satisfying to me. I can go so deep into people’s interior lives, slowly and with complexity, over years and years sometimes. That’s very rewarding, in a way that modelling never was.
Christine Leunens
I think a lot of guys have their favorite shirt that they wear for years and years.
Adam F. Goldberg
You’re living with these characters for years and years, you need to have a lock on who they are as people, what they like, what they don’t like, what they experience, and what they go through.
Aldis Hodge
Key! is the greatest rapper alive. I honestly, truly believe that no one is as effortless, weird, and creative, and themselves as he has been for years and years.
Kenny Beats
I was so hooked by the fight for freedom that nothing mattered to us so long as we fulfilled the dream of years and years of our people being liberated. I thought normal life would come the day after.
Winnie Madikizela-Mandela
You can have small moments of happiness in life. You certainly can’t expect years and years of it.
Donatella Versace
Years and years ago, I said I did not want to write academic books. I want to write books that are in the language of the common person so that Joe, who didn’t even go to college, can sit down and read my book and get it and apply it to his life.
Gary Chapman
What saddens me is seeing patients who have been going to therapy for years and years with no change, but they keep going to the same therapist. To me, that’s not right.
David D. Burns
I love the ‘Delilah’ show. I’ve been listening to it for years and years. It’s incredible. She’s always got a song for the right occasion. Many people call in, maybe their spirit it a little down, and she lifts them up. She is really somebody special. She’s a lifeline to a lot of people.
Ronnie Milsap
Women who give up their children for adoption are years and years later talking about how painful it was, much more than women who have abortions.
Katha Pollitt
I know that everyone has their own ideas about what the good life is, and hip hop has especially strong ideas about it. It’s been the same old thing for years and years: a bunch of females around you, nice cars and money. I wanted people to know what the good life actually is and challenge a lot of the lies that we’re told.
Trip Lee
There are times when I’m super-overwhelmed, and everything feels like it’s hitting me in the face at once, but I think what’s keeping me calm, and who I am by staying true to myself, is my whole family being so supportive and keeping me grounded. They treat me the exact same way they treated me years and years ago.
Shawn Mendes
I don’t think it’s blowing my own horn to say the show is not as good. There was chemistry there that took years and years to build and now that’s gone. The commentary is lacking.
Jerry Lawler
Seasonal flu is now a pandemic that lasts for years and years because you’ve got so many people that it’s jumping back between northern and southern hemispheres and moving itself around the world. By the time it gets back to where it started, it’s changed sufficiently so that people are no longer immune.
Nathan Wolfe
The Republican Party, I really believe, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from years and years of bullying and taunting. The Republican Party is Jonathan Martin. The Democrat Party and the media are Richie Incognito.
Rush Limbaugh
I started off in England and very few people knew I was Australian. I mean, the clues were in the poems, but they didn’t read them very carefully, and so for years and years I was considered completely part of the English poetry scene.
Peter Porter
Years and years ago, I sang at a blues bar with a band

Years and years ago, I sang at a blues bar with a band behind me. It was with my friend, my guitar teacher at the time. I took some sporadic lessons.
Josh Holloway
Theorists have wonderful ideas which take years and years to be verified.
David Gross
The thing with USADA’s technology is that it’s so good that it can allow them to trace things to years and years back, things you consumed unknowingly.
Rachael Ostovich
Most of my acting jobs have resulted in a series of mortifying revelations spread over years and years following the shoot.
Casey Affleck
I learned that despite having years and years of experience in math and computer science and so on, I didn’t really know how to code until I formed a company.
Balaji Srinivasan
Certainly since then many people have taken a lot of those ideas and ridden them for years and years and made careers out of them. Part of that is willingness to do the kind of work that I wasn’t willing to do. Get into a van and cover the country.
Arto Lindsay
I studied homeopathy for years and years. Herbs and all kinds of acupuncture, acupressure, alternative medicine. I think it’s just better to treat the whole person.
Sissy Spacek
You’ve got to continue to be patient and get all your ducks in a row in order to make a success within this business. It’s not an easy thing to get into. It takes years and years and years.
Scott Storch
It’s always this grand search in the industry to find good material. Whenever there is good material, they all jump on it, and it’s like a food fight to get it made. That’s why so many things take years and years to develop because it all shows up on screen.
Leonardo DiCaprio
What made Guantanamo such a travesty – and what still makes it such – is that it is a system of indefinite detention whereby human beings are put in cages for years and years without ever being charged with a crime.
Glenn Greenwald
My father built a small business from scratch with years and years of sweat equity and many, many weeks away from home. He employed about 50 people, and by the end of his working years, the business was highly successful. He became a millionaire.
Stephen Moore
My own way of thinking is to ponder long and I hope deeply on problems and for a long time which I keep away for years and years and I never really let them go.
Roger Penrose
I always use the same guitar; I got this guitar years and years ago for nine pounds. It’s still got the same strings on it.
Brian Eno
I haven’t got years and years left so I want to compete against the best.
Kell Brook
I haven’t killed anyone on television in years and years. Must have been twenty something years.
Gavin MacLeod
I’ve played heavies for years and years and years. I was bald. I came to Hollywood. I did a play about junk. I was a pusher, so I played pushers for years and years and years. I did war movies and things like that.
Gavin MacLeod
The thing with me is, about that – about rock and all that – years and years of crate-digging, listening to old music, you kind of start to connect the dots. And I was seeing the thread that was connecting everything together, which is pretty much the blues. And everything soul or funk kind of starts with that.
I’ve held the title for years and years.
Urijah Faber
If I tried to describe my personality, I’d start to gush about living by the ocean half my life and being brought up on ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and believing in magic for years and years.
Sylvia Plath
When you’re young and you first come onto the scene, you’re fearless. You just go for your shots and don’t really think about the consequences. But as you play on through years and years, you get punished for those misses, and gradually, that leaves scars. It dents your confidence a bit.
Stephen Hendry
I’ve been a vegetarian for years and years. I’m not judgemental about others who aren’t, I just feel I cannot eat or wear living creatures.
Drew Barrymore
Everything on ‘Broad City’ that my character has drawn is my stuff from years and years ago.
Abbi Jacobson
I swore I would never do a reality show. I’ve been offered them for years and years because our family life is a little crazy – I will admit to that. Definitely not the conventional mom or family – or anything, for that matter.
Drea De Matteo
Years and years ago, when everyone knew that Pierce was going to be doing the job, they started selecting new people. I had this bizarre thing when I hadn’t done many movies, and of going on for an interview.
Jeremy Northam
Years and years of therapy taught me to speak up because speaking up is what gets things done and gets your story and your voice heard.
Michelle Visage
Zombie purists don’t even call our zombies zombies, because to be a zombie you have to be undead. That’s something zombie purists can fight about for years and years to come.
Ruben Fleischer
I don’t think what people realize is I’ve been through years and years and years of training – piano, dance, vocal lessons.
Brooke Hogan
‘99.9%’ is the end product of years and years of me going through multiple styles and interests.
I find it baffling that for years and years I got tremendous stick for the amount of money I earned.
Angus Deayton
I was tormented with guilt for years and years. In fact, it was so bad that if I didn’t feel wrong, I didn’t feel right!
Joyce Meyer
I have a recurring dream where I’m on the run for a horrible thing I did years and years ago. Like, in the dream… because the thing I did was so long ago that it’s just a faint memory in my dream, so I’m sort of remembering it as I’m on the run from the police. And I’m totally guilty of it.
Adam Scott
A lot of people like me, who've been around for years a

A lot of people like me, who’ve been around for years and years and years, only really lose it in their forties and fifties.
George Michael
My standup is years and years of me working things out on the road. I’m really proud of it! A lot of it is about, well… I don’t know why I feel this way, but I feel like every special or show I do is some variation on how I feel like I’m not a girl, not yet a woman.
Nikki Glaser
Years and years ago, I did a game based on ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’ with a company called Infocom, which was a great company. They were doing witty, intelligent, literate games based on text.
Douglas Adams
Years and years ago, Jon Jones was untouchable. You couldn’t win a round against him.
Ryan Bader
Something my mum taught me years and years and years ago, is life’s just too short to carry around a great bucket-load of anger and resentment and bitterness and hatreds and all that sort of stuff.
Kevin Rudd
I lied for years and years. And the thing about lies and secrets is that they eat you alive from the inside. I would not wish that pain on anyone.
Tyler Hamilton
Few changes are allowed in Palm Beach, making it an anachronistic little village where everything looks almost the same as it did years and years ago.
Tinsley Mortimer
I love Chicago, but in a lot of ways it’s a disappointment. You can work there for years and years, and because you’re in Chicago, you don’t get the recognition. It has some of the best theater in the country, but when they shoot a movie there, they bring in all their actors.
John Malkovich
For years and years, I was beset with snide remarks by certain members of the press, where they would turn John Oates into a joke, or they would trivialize what I do, which never really bothered me all that much.
Daryl Hall
People send me fanmail in the post, and I keep every letter, and I always say I will read every single one. It might take me years and years, but I’ll do it. Your audience are what makes you, so you have give as much back as you can.
Zoe Sugg
For years and years, I would sit in my studio, and I wouldn’t have any inspiration. I’d write one or two songs a year.
Leon Russell
Cricket makes no sense to me. I find it beautiful to watch and I like that they break for tea. That is very cool, but I don’t understand. My friends from The Clash tried to explain it years and years ago, but I didn’t understand what they were talking about.
Jim Jarmusch
I am really chained to my computer these days so I work in my bedroom, which is a room I have worked in for years and years. It is just as much an office as a bedroom, and during the day, my bed is rather like an extension of my desk.
Margaret Mahy
I write poetry anyway and have for years and years. For me, putting fiction and poetry together is like the best of both worlds.
Ellen Hopkins
I’m a free-market economist from years and years back, and I’ve never veered from that.
Alan Greenspan
The notion of overnight stardom is really dangerous. For almost every person who has success in this business, there are years and years of hard work to get there. To have longevity, you really have to train, and you really have to work.
Caitlin Fitzgerald
Well, my life hasn’t really changed… I’ve been homeschooled for a long time. So that helped a lot because of shooting and stuff. But, I have had friends who I’ve been friends with for years and years and they are my true friends, you know?
Willow Shields
Empowering innovations require long-term investments, which tie up capital for years and years. So companies are using capital to create more capital, and consequently, the world is awash in capital, but the innovations we need to advance aren’t there.
Clayton M. Christensen