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It's been difficult for me to get my head around Diana'

It’s been difficult for me to get my head around Diana’s death or talk about it. After she died, things were difficult, very difficult. We all have our own traumas and get on with it. But when it’s there in your face year in, year out, it’s hard.
Hasnat Khan
There’s no recreating what Michael Jackson and Diana Ross did in ‘The Wiz’. We’re trying to figure out who these characters are in 2015. How would these times change their motives, change the things they would say and do?
Diana and I had a very good relationship with no personal problems. The only problem we did have was with the media, and the only place we could have any real privacy was at Kensington Palace, as they could not get to us there.
Hasnat Khan
I think I popped out of the womb singing Diana Ross.
Lisa Stansfield
I really think that it’s disgusting that Paris is the only place where it is illegal for paps to follow you around. It actually took someone losing their life – Diana, an inspirational woman – and then it changed, but they still won’t change it in London! It’s horrible!
Cara Delevingne
I was first to break the news about the death of Lady Diana. The CNN team couldn’t get into makeup fast enough.
Matt Drudge
I feel I’ve got to know Diana like you would a friend. I know that sounds really weird, but I get a great sense of companionship from her.
Emma Corrin
I think I was trying to choose a name for him, and my flatmate was like, ‘Oh, you should call him Diana.’ I was like, ‘Yeah. Very funny.’ I think someone then said ‘Diana Spencer,’ and I’d always wanted to call my dog quite like an old person name, like Janet or something like that. ‘Spencer’ weirdly fit that bill.
Emma Corrin
I’ve always idolized Diana Ross’s hair. Why not have fun, big curls? You see the same sleek waves everywhere.
Jillian Hervey
Dodi got a lot of criticism when he began dating Princess Diana. No one seemed to think he was good enough for her.
Lorna Luft
I think Princess Diana enjoyed it here in Pakistan immensely. She had a good time. But she never came to my family home. She came to my home in Lahore instead.
Hasnat Khan
My mum used to listen to Motown. Diana Ross was my first singing teacher, really. I’d just sing along all the time.
Lisa Stansfield
Back in the 1980s, the ‘News of the World’ had specialised in digging into the privacy of criminals. In the 1990s, enriched by the excavation of Princess Diana’s volatile life, they had widened their work to mine the activities of any celebrity, any public figure.
Nick Davies
I hope that tomorrow we can all, wherever we are, join in expressing our grief at Diana’s loss, and gratitude for her all-too-short life. It is a chance to show to the whole world the British nation united in grief and respect.
Queen Elizabeth II
No matter what Diana is saying, it kind of goes down at the end. It’s like a sadness.
Emma Corrin
The thing I know about Diana Trout is that she’s the hardest-working person. She even says it in season one – that nobody works harder than she does. I believe that’s always been true about her. That is why she has high expectations of everyone around her.
Miriam Shor
Steve Binder did the Elvis comeback special in 1968, you know. He did the Diana Ross special. He has won Emmy Awards. I think he’s the premier, variety special man in America.
Eddie Rabbitt
I would’ve loved to dress Diana Vreeland. I just loved her work as a creative woman and as a business woman – unpredictable, exciting, fun, and very, very clever.
Emilia Wickstead
My father Philip was an actor and appeared in everything from ‘The Onedin Line’ to ‘Hedda Gabler’ with Dame Diana Rigg.
Samantha Bond
Diana introduced me to Princes William and Harry. Diana just wanted her sons to know what was happening in her life.
Hasnat Khan
Just because I’ve played this character doesn’t mean I have any understanding of what Diana was like, at all. Although I’d want to say she was incredible, I understand I also have no authority to say that.
Emma Corrin
There’s always a sense of tragedy with icons. It happened to both the Princess of Wales and Diana Dors. A lot of people had grown up with them, and everybody loved them. Then, when they had at last found happiness, they were taken in the most dreadful way.
Keeley Hawes
I think Princess Diana probably had the most famous haircut, or Farrah Fawcett or Jennifer Aniston.
Dorothy Hamill
Girls like Diana Spencer, armed with nothing more than a guinea-pig-rearing certificate, proud to say in that old Sloane way that she was ‘as thick as two short planks,’ became the exception as girls from Benenden and Downe House started to fast-track towards the City and law, consultancy, media and the arts.
Peter York
Id been wanting to do dramatic work for awhile, and Ive been studying with a really wonderful acting teacher, Diana Castle.
Kim Wayans
The most frequent thing people said to me about Princess Diana when I was conducting interviews for my biography was that she could create a circle of intimacy in the middle of a crowd.
Tina Brown