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I believe the biggest challenge is just getting the cou

I believe the biggest challenge is just getting the courage to try something different or new. Try to forget the stereotype in your mind. Yoga is for everyone – children, athletes, moms, dads, accountants, truck drivers, even country stars.
Kristian Bush
Moms are as versatile as dads.
Kate Gosselin
Working moms, and increasingly working dads, don’t want a government handout, but they do need a hand up.
Madeleine M. Kunin
I think my dad is a lot cooler than other dads. He still acts like he’s still 17.
Miley Cyrus
There are so many single moms and dads out there, and we are all just trying to pick up the pieces together. It’s hard.
Kate Gosselin
Once upon a time, the homemaker was just Mom, but now we’ve evolved and come to a place where we’re celebrating grandmas, grandpas, moms, dads – all the people that keep it safe and clean for our kids – and the overall health for ourselves so we can continue to function and do the variety of things we all do.
Christina Milian
The dads across the soccer field looked at me as a dad just like them. And I was very grateful.
Garth Brooks
One thing I’ve been happy as peach pie about – because I’m all about the children and the happiness of a woman because that makes the happiness of the home – is that nannies, day cares and babysitters are all collapsing, which is forcing moms and dads to raise their children at home.
Laura Schlessinger
It’s important that dads take the opportunity to develop relationships with their children.
Carey Price
Young people know how important it is for dads to be involved in their lives. As I travel the country and talk with students, some of them tell me that their lives would be totally different if their father was around.
Arne Duncan
Because the designers at Baby Gap and Crew Cuts have determined it would be cute if kids dressed like their dads, seemingly every American male between 2 and 52 dresses identically.
Rumaan Alam
A lot of new dads don’t realise that you can’t take your 5-year-old along to see something like ‘The Avengers.’ Modern superhero films are too violent, and the dialogue is far too convoluted for a child.
Rhys Darby
I’m in awe of people like Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard; they’re great musicians and people. But I’m most starstruck by people in the small town where I live. Especially single dads, like me, who are working five times as hard to raise their kids.
Kid Rock
Dads have been increasingly hands-on for quite a while. And yet, we still insist on portraying dads as bumbling idiots.
S.E. Cupp
Kids used to come round to my house, and I’d force them to do a play in the bay windows of my house and get all the mums and dads to sit and watch. I’d write the programme, write the play and be the star.
James Norton
Our public portrayal of fathers has shifted during my life. TV fathers have ‘evolved’ from real people like Sheriff Andy Taylor, Beaver’s dad Ward Cleaver and Heathcliff ‘Cliff’ Huxtable, to cartoon dads like Homer Simpson and Seth MacFarlane’s caricatures in ‘American Dad!’ and ‘Family Guy.’
Donna Brazile
It’s only after the first six months that it really becomes fun for dads.
Tom Fletcher
I think once I fail enough as a dad, I’ll be looking for help wherever I can get it. I just need enough time to screw things up and then I’ll start looking to TV dads for advice.
Ty Burrell
Like many dads I know, I’ve long been motivated in all aspects of my life by my love for my children – and my desire to make the world better a better place for them, my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren.
Tom Carper
When you have kids, you instantly feel that you do not want to do them wrong. Those dads that go off to Florida and start a new life, I couldn’t imagine that: seeing my kid once every Christmas, every three years. If I’m gone for six days it feels like too much.
Adam Carolla
With so many forty- and fifty something mums and dads in Converse stalking the streets, I can see why there’s a slew of books about the menopause and middle age, the most recent addition being David Bainbridge’s plucky, glass-half-full meditation or, as he calls it, ‘natural history.’
Rachel Johnson
Women work as much as men now, if not more. There’s a resurgence of dads in the home and moms working.
Morena Baccarin
All young men can relate to that moment where they have to – or, rather, attempt to – stand up to their dads with their own ideas of what they want for their own lives.
Jovan Adepo
For Christian faith not to be idle in the world, the work of doctors and garbage collectors, business executives and artists, stay-at-home moms or dads and scientists needs to be inserted into God’s story with the world. That story needs to provide the most basic rules by which the game in all these spheres is played.
Miroslav Volf
Active dads make a positive contribution: they are good for children and they are good for mothers.
David Lammy
Two dads have sent me letters that said my books changed their daughters’ lives. I send them packages with T-shirts and posters because, come on… that’s the coolest.
Simone Elkeles
Dad played with me a great deal, as dads should do, and our chief sport was baseball. He bought me a hardball when I was three years old, and he used to sit in a rocker on the front porch while I sat on the grass in the yard, and we’d play catch by the hour.
Mordecai Brown
I married the man I love when the state of California said I could. We made a family through adoption, as New York State said we could. From the outside, our family – two dads, two sons via adoption – seems like an experiment, but what family isn’t an experiment?
Rumaan Alam
I feel like dads should come more into their feminine side.
Michael Beasley
Millennials are always on their phones and it’s running their lives, but you know who is also on their phones? Moms and Dads and also some dogs… everyone is on their phone all the time.
Adam Conover
Normally I play dads, good guys, and little animals.
Frank Welker
My kids don't go back and forth; none of this 50/50 tim

My kids don’t go back and forth; none of this 50/50 time with the mums and dads. My children live with me; that is it.
Kate Winslet
We knew what mums, dads, and children would understand and enjoy without resentment. I don’t see the requirement to upset people. You’re there to entertain and please.
Ronnie Corbett
Teachers are expected to be teachers, psychiatrists, nurses, sociologists, psychologists, surrogate moms or dads, as the case may be.
John Kennedy
I was an at-home father, taking care of them for seven years when they were babies. I was one of those new-age, at-home dads.
David Means
Deep down, I feel ‘Doll & Em’ is a love letter to our dads, because we adored them.
Dolly Wells
Having lost my own father at such a young age, I have a soft spot for dads in general, but especially for Guy Glanville. He is a really good man inside who loves his family but may not always be capable of showing that.
Yolanda Hadid
American politics are rich with characters and stereotypes – Joe the Plumber, Harry and Louise, Nascar dads and hockey moms, to name a few. But one persistent type hasn’t gotten much attention: the Republican football coach.
Steve Kornacki
I don’t have children that I’ve lost in a bitter custody dispute. But I see an enormous wound in kids due to a lack of their dads.
Warren Farrell
Dads are the best.
Noah Cyrus
I love stay-at-home dads. I think that is so brilliant. If I knew in my 20s you could… meet someone and have kids and he would be happy to be the one the bringing up the children maybe I would have done it.
Kathy Burke
Most moms and dads, they want to be good moms and dads. But it’s an incredibly hard job when you are stressed out, when you are poor, when your life is in chaos. And giving them some of the tools to be better parents, to whittle away at that parenting gap, gives those kids a much better starting point in life.
Nicholas Kristof
As a kid, I know that most of my parents’ friends were because my mom made friends with them, and my dad went along. I know a lot of dads who do that. I think it just starts to happen with guys. In the case of my father, he was probably just too busy reading books about Titanic.
Paul Rudd
Many of us were raised without a father, and the subject of deadbeat dads hits home in a lot of areas. Most of all, doing a song about being a father to your daughter flies straight in the face of the argument that says hip-hop is misogynistic.
I was thinking, mothers show their love for their sons so much greater than dads do.
Terry Bradshaw
Young men are obsessed with their dads, and they remain obsessed if the dad is not around. Remember that there was a lot of discussion about how George W. Bush might have invaded Iraq to atone for the failures of his dad.
Dinesh D’Souza
I love the fact that Facebook offers equal leave for moms and dads. Consider that for your company.
Christine Tsai
Films are deprived of the conventional elderly figures now. They are more into yo moms and dads.
Alok Nath
I want mums and dads to get up together and train with the kids, exercise, have fun together and connect through fitness.
Joe Wicks
Mums ask me how to get their husbands off the couch as well as asking me to marry them. But kids ask me to get their mums and dads to play with them more as well.
Magnus Scheving
Dads are not a risk to be managed, but a resource to be used for the benefit of the whole family.
David Lammy
I have six brothers and sisters. My mother has six kids from two different marriages. And we would just sit around making fun of each other’s dad, and all our dads had real problems.
Michael Che
Shared parental leave is good for dads. Looking after their newborn on their own is a unique learning experience.
Jo Swinson
Of the many horrors of divorce, the most egregious is that it robs a kid of the best of both worlds. Dads can do many things that even the best moms can’t, and vice versa.
Rob Lowe
I told my parents I wanted to be an actress years before I wrapped my head around what my dad did for a living. It’s not easy to explain the job of the television journalist, especially when a lot of my friends’ dads had jobs that were a lot easier to explain, like a lawyer, a banker or a doctor.
Allison Williams
But there’s no substitute for a full-time dad. Dads who are fully engaged with their kids overwhelmingly tend to produce children who believe in themselves and live full lives.
Tony Dungy
Most people, when they lose their dads, they go through a period of mourning and grieving, and time begins to heal their sadness. But we don’t have the opportunity to heal. I know my brother and sister feel the same. The man was probably one of the most photographed people who ever lived.
Nancy Sinatra
As far as children out there that hate their moms and dads, just get over it, because you get one dad and one mom. You know, suck it up. Learn something.
Most of the people I know in the film business here in New York, the moms and the dads, just take different turns working. So everybody’s a working parent, and nobody bats an eyelash at it.
Reed Morano
My mom had did a wonderful job of giving me two great dads: I had a biological and non-biological dad.
Killer Mike
It seems in this day and age our teens are going to the Internet to learn all the things we would ask our dads. How to tie a tie, how to shave, all those little things.
Philip Rivers
Harry Enfield and ‘Chums’ is very family-orientated, but ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’ isn’t for mums and dads.
Kathy Burke
I would love to be a dad. There are plenty of comedians

I would love to be a dad. There are plenty of comedians who have kids. But they’re dads. Being a dad is so different from being a mom.
Michelle Wolf
I’m good friends with Robbie Williams because we both grew up in Stoke and our dads went to the same pubs. His dad, Pete, is like my second dad, I can talk to him about anything and I see him most weeks. And Rob is brilliant, a really generous, lovely bloke.
Phil Taylor
Family policy is not a zero-sum game: any gain for dads need not come at the expense of mums.
David Lammy
I’m as lame as all dads are.
Tim Matheson
I ask for a lot of advice from different fathers – all kinds of dads.
Hank Azaria
There are ways we can go do a better job of educating young moms and dads about the vital role they have as the child’s first teacher. I think there are ways in which we can partner with local school districts and states to do a better job to provide nutrition options at school.
Tom Vilsack
I came in the Dawson’s Creek era; it was all about tiny guys who looked like teenagers, and I haven’t looked like a teenager ever. So I was, like, auditioning to be their dads. At 25.
Jon Hamm
I think dads let babies take more of a risk, maybe bounce off a bed more or jump off a couch or do more risk-taking things.
Al Roker
Society, they look down on teenage moms and dads, but I think those people are just jealous because they’ll never know what it’s like to be raised by someone who’s still being raised.
Jermaine Fowler
I think some men like to be hands-on dads. It’s up to individuals. We did it the way that suited us.
Tana Ramsay
When I first knew I was having children, I thought I wanted boys, but then I thought I’d be better with girls. I’m quite sensitive, and you get more cuddles with girls. And they like their dads.
Kelly Jones
Great pressure is put on kids who don’t have dads to get out and make money, and make life easier for everybody. It was always, ‘Hurry up, grow up, make money, there’s no man to do it for us.’
Tracey Ullman
Kids seem to get me when I play colleges – they like it because I go after them. They’ll come up after and say I am like their dads, only funny.
Lewis Black
I’ve seen women who don’t have great relationships with their dads, and it all comes down to this: You have to tell girls you love them every day.
Chris Rock
Mums and dads, if you’ve bought something that needs putting together, do it before Christmas. When the kids have gone to bed, do a little bit every night. Then on Christmas morning, they can actually play, rather than standing over your shoulder, saying: ‘Is it done yet?’
Phillip Schofield
More of him came from my step-dad, who is now passed away. The initial creators of the show kind of based the character on their dads and then I added my dad.
Kurtwood Smith
My dad would talk to players like Claude Lemieux and Stephane Richer and tell them one day his son was going to play in the NHL. How many dads say the same thing? But, gee, he was right.
Martin Brodeur
I know this is a weird niche, but a lot of my female friends have these strange stories where there their dads have seen the small successes of their daughters and have decided that they are creative as well.
Casey Wilson
When new moms and dads can better support their families and give our youngest Americans the healthiest, most loving start to life, we all benefit.
Michelle Wu
I personally always find something really scary about watching little girls learning to manipulate their dads by baby talking. Then they grow up and use the same technique on their boyfriends or husbands. That scares me because it’s just so sick on so many levels.
Megan Fox
If we want a Parliament that understands people’s lives when it takes decisions, it needs to be representative of society, which includes having MPs who are parents of small children – both mums and dads.
Jo Swinson
I’ll have everyone from 90-year-old ladies wanting to come up and kiss me on the cheek and say they love the show to dads bringing their newborns over wearing onesies.
Richard Rawlings
It was my Dads dream for me to play for India. It was my dream to win a World Cup.
Harrdy Sandhu
One of the greatest challenges in collecting child support is that deadbeat dads move from job to job and state to state. it’s hard to keep track of them.
Rod Blagojevich
Most of my friends – when I was five, six, seven years old – their dads were working in an auto plant in Detroit until 5:30, and then they were sat in rush hour. They weren’t around as much. My dad finished at three o’clock, so he was just around more.
J. K. Simmons
All my life I have faced this awkwardness, as I almost sound like a guy. In fact, whenever I would call my friends, their dads would say, ‘Hold on son.’
Swara Bhaskar
I look at the progressive policies that have marginalized black dads. They push them to the side and say, ‘You’re not needed.’ Uncle Sam is going to be the dad: he’s going to provide for the kids; he’s going to feed the kids.
David A. Clarke, Jr.
I also turn down what’s probably a good amount of coinage to be made out of playing dads, an incredible number of obnoxious dad.
Bill Pullman
Did you know that nearly one in three children live apart from their biological dads? Those kids are two to three times more likely to grow up in poverty, to suffer in school, and to have health and behavioral problems.
Tony Dungy
In every movie and every TV show, the dads are morons. And dads tend to react by doing what dads do best: They check out. They say, ‘Ask your mother.’
Steve Schirripa
My dad was known as a mean guy. He never smiled, and he had ‘Mr. Mean’ put on his license plate. But he was one of the neighborhood dads who looked out for everyone. He would take kids in and help them out.
Gary Payton
It began to really eat away with me that in the '60s th

It began to really eat away with me that in the ’60s the federal government, desiring to help poor moms who were dealing with deadbeat dads, decided, ‘We’ll help: we’ll give a check for every child you can have out of wedlock.’
Louie Gohmert
I never saw my dad cry. My son saw me cry. My dad never told me he loved me, and consequently I told Scott I loved him every other minute. The point is, I’ll make less mistakes than my dad, my sons hopefully will make less mistakes than me, and their sons will make less mistakes than their dads.
James Caan