Top 95 Judaism Quotes

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The Lord God, the creator of Judaism and the God of Jud

The Lord God, the creator of Judaism and the God of Judaism and Christianity, empowered our minds and gave us the ability to question.
Michael Novak
I grew up in a reform Jewish family in St. Louis. Our idea of Judaism was no bar mitzvahs and a Christmas tree that had a skirt at the bottom embroidered with the names of my grandparents.
Danny Meyer
I sometimes wonder why I talk about Judaism so much in my act, and the reason is that it’s such a huge part of who I am, and I only make fun of stuff that I care about.
Moshe Kasher
Indeed if we Christians so tell our story that Judaism is silenced, then we have not spoken rightly of Christ.
Timothy Radcliffe
I wear the Jewish star, but I’m not – I haven’t converted to Judaism, and I’m not – I’m not – I’m not Jewish in the conventional sense because the Kaballah is a belief system that predates religion and predates Judaism as an organized religion.
Madonna Ciccone
Archaeologists have made discoveries that challenge fundamental traditions of Judaism as well as those of Christianity and Islam.
Stephen Kinzer
Judaism is a way of thinking, more than anything else, that I think is entirely distinct, and the more you know of it, the more you can enter into that kind of thinking.
Ezra Furman
It therefore become essential for the future of Judaism itself that its advancement should be correlated with a similar effort to advance the cause of religion generally.
Louis Finkelstein
Judaism to me, as badly as I practiced it, what I’ve always loved about it was its total embrace of complexity, its admission of unknowability.
Ben Marcus
I think you can’t really escape any kind of spiritual education as a child, whether it’s New Age or Judaism or Buddhism or whatever it is. You can’t escape it, even if you completely disagree with it, you still have it as a foundation that you base things off of.
Jack White
I believe in Judaism, I was raised a Jew, I’m happy to be one – or proud to be one.
Michael Bloomberg
Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity – I admire wise men. Some of my favorite forms of history are religious history, what the sages say from the top of the mountain and how they view life.
Keith Thurman
I never paid much attention to being Jewish when I was a kid. In fact, I’d say my religion was more surfing than Judaism – that’s what I spent most of my time doing.
Julian Schnabel
I searched for answers to life’s meaning and, though I was raised a Presbyterian, I converted to Judaism around 1983.
Nell Carter
Judaism is the best basis for democracy. The debate between the House of Hillel and the House of Shammai, the constant debate, has been a tradition of ours for thousands of years.
Benny Gantz
We realize that Judaism as a faith can survive only in an atmosphere of general faith.
Louis Finkelstein
What has bothered and angered radical Muslims is that I’m a non-Muslim writing anything at all about Islam. But this is fiction, and I don’t think Islam is above criticism or fictionalization any more so than Judaism, Christianity, Mormonism or Hinduism is.
Brad Thor
The key to Judaism’s survival is the emotional attachment to the religion.
Gil Marks
Judaism is a big part of my background, obviously, and my reality.
Moshe Kasher
Jewish history turns out not to be an either/or story – as in, either pure Judaism detached from its surroundings or else assimilation – but rather, for the vast majority, the adventure of living in between.
Simon Schama
First of all, the Jewish religion has a great deal in common with the Christian religion because, as Rabbi Gillman points out in the show, Christianity is based on Judaism. Christ was Jewish.
Barbara Walters
Again, I was influenced by my father, who was very much an atheist and took pride in combating the traditional or orthodox forms of Judaism, which his parents and which my mother’s parents were very steeped in.
Robert Jay Lifton
The major religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, they deny somehow that God has a feminine face. However, if you go to the holy texts, you see there is this feminine presence.
Paulo Coelho
A Jew without Jews, without Judaism, without Zionism, without Jewishness, without a temple or an army or even a pistol, a Jew clearly without a home, just the object itself, like a glass or an apple.
Philip Roth
In certain strains of Judaism, there’s a profound passion for the ineffable. Contemplation of God is meant to be forever elusive, because, you know, our tiny minds can’t possibly comprehend Him. If we find ourselves comprehending Him, then we can be sure we’re off track.
Ben Marcus
Judaism doesn’t recognize gay marriage, just as we don’t recognize milk and meat together as kosher, and nothing will change it… I’m not a hypocrite; I state my positions.
Naftali Bennett
When Jews left Judaism, they didn’t stop being religious. They simply swapped God-based Judaism for godless secular humanism and leftism. For left-wing Jews, Judaism is their ethnicity; leftism is their religion.
Dennis Prager
As a practicing Jew, I have studied with Christian teachers whom I respect for who they are and what they are, including their positive concern with Jews and Judaism.
David Novak
The relation between Judaism, Zionism, and Messianism is one that is often hard for Jews to get straight. Needless to say, it is even harder for non-Jews.
David Novak
Abraham is such a fascinating figure. Three world religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – all claim him as a patriarch. He was raised in a religious home. And yet he rejected religion in order to pursue a personal relationship with God.
Anne Graham Lotz
So much of Judaism is about suffering, survival, and pathos.
Bryan Fogel
I don't hide my being Israeli. I say it in every interv

I don’t hide my being Israeli. I say it in every interview. I put out a record with songs in Hebrew. The people who signed me have no connection to Judaism or Israel.
Yael Naim
My belief is that I wasn’t born into Judaism by accident, and so I needed to find ways to honor that.
Ram Dass
Steve Bannon is a friend of Israel and he is a friend of Judaism.
Lee Zeldin
We have to protect and do our utmost to fortify the walls of Judaism in the land of Israel through legislation that will guard the unique Jewish character of the state of Israel.
Eli Yishai
I super strongly identify with marginalized communities. I’m not at all religious, but I feel super, super Jewish. I can’t even describe the feeling, but it actually feels really similar to being gay, the kind of kinship that you feel with the LGBTQ people. That same sense of community is there with Judaism.
Troye Sivan
In Judaism, there are a lot of rules – everything from which fingernail you cut first to which side you sleep on in bed, to the way you get dressed in the morning, to actual ideas, like ideas about being chosen people or ideas about female/male and how to interact with people from the opposite sex.
We have to find a way to try and reconcile our beliefs – and Islam, like Judaism and Christianity, has traditionally seen homosexuality as a sin – with the reality of life in modern, pluralistic, secular societies in which gay people cannot be wished away or banished from sight.
Mehdi Hasan
Judaism is my home. Judaism is super important to me, in death and in life.
Sheryl Sandberg
Judaism, I would argue, does demand love for our fellow human beings, but only to an extent. ‘Hate’ is not always synonymous with the terribly sinful.
Meir Soloveichik
Although most Christian churches advocate some sort of mission to non-Christians, no Jewish group advocates a mission to non-Jews. Proselytization seems to be foreign to Judaism.
David Novak
Zionism was originally a rebellion against religious Judaism and the PLO Charter was essentially secularist. But because the conflict was allowed to fester without a resolution, religion got sucked into the escalating cycle of violence and became part of the problem.
Karen Armstrong
I think that Judaism has been, throughout its history since A.D. 70, a diaspora culture that’s all about being a minority. In fact, being a small minority. When I’m in Israel, I cannot get used to the notion that we’re all Jewish. It doesn’t seem to me that we’re supposed to all be Jewish.
Mark Kurlansky
Judaism is in all my books.
Bernard Werber
The Orthodox believe in Jewish literacy, and most of the rest of us couldn’t care less. Rabbis and other creatures have a monopoly on Judaism. This is a turnoff in a world that is increasingly secular and that has turned away from religion. Jews are simply turning away from Judaism.
Michael Steinhardt
Judaism is not, per se, a religion in the sense most Americans think of. Even if you don’t adhere to the various precepts, you’re still a Jew.
Gil Marks
When my, British-Church of England mother married my, Canadian-Jewish Father, the deal was that she would embrace Judaism, but wouldn’t give up her Christmas tree. So, I grew up with Christmas every year. I loved it then and I love it now.
Hilary Farr
Christianity and Judaism have gone through the laundromat of humanism and enlightenment, but that is not the case with Islam.
Pim Fortuyn
I really believe in the way the energy can consolidate in certain geographical spots. You can find it in a lot of different places, beautiful natural spots, or if you look at Islam or Judaism or Christianity, these ideas of holy places.
Conor Oberst
While there are corporal descriptions of what the afterlife is like in Christianity, Islam and Judaism, what’s going on there is the finite trying to describe the infinite. If God knows everything, started everything and is the only one who knows how it’s going to end, how can any human know what God wants?
Keith Ellison
My two most fervent interests are pop music and traditional Judaism. Hell of a pair of fervent interests.
Ezra Furman
Christians must be Jews. The truth of what we believe depends on the truth of Judaism, depends on the first covenant.
Michael Novak