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Words matter. These are the best Devote Quotes from famous people such as Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Simon Baron-Cohen, Ellen Key, Elvis Mitchell, Adriano Zumbo, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

If you don't have 30 years to devote to social policy,

If you don’t have 30 years to devote to social policy, don’t get involved.
Daniel Patrick Moynihan
It may be true in the case of autism that if you start off with a deficit in terms of empathy or mind reading, you’ve just got more time to devote to understanding the world by systemizing.
Simon Baron-Cohen
It is not sufficient for the young to devote their enthusiasm, their courage, their ambition, their self-sacrifice to the great ideas of the time; the young must not only preserve but increase their powers if they are to be really equal to their eternal task: that of drawing the age in advance.
Ellen Key
It’s true that as Mr. Chan makes more American movies – and gets older – we will never again see the kind of fistfight choreography that the star would devote four months to shoot.
Elvis Mitchell
High tea is fun. It’s elegant and social and a great way not to have to devote yourself to a big meal but still have a drink and a relaxed time.
Adriano Zumbo
The demand that I make of my reader is that he should devote his whole Life to reading my works.
James Joyce
I am keen on doing the regular Hindi film, but I want strong, meaningful roles in my repertoire, which I get down South. I can devote equal time and attention to both, so I don’t see the clash.
From the time I left the Marine Corps after serving as an infantry platoon and company commander in Vietnam, I decided that I would focus on immediate goals that inspired me to devote all of my energy to them, rather than putting together the more cautious and traditional building blocks of a predictable career.
Jim Webb
Trust me, never devote 100 per cent of your time and space to a man.
Koena Mitra
If you read Victorian manuals, they’re crazy – the amount of attention they devote to the perfect making of the bed, the cleanliness of the bed, the hygiene of the bed.
Lucy Worsley
The average person puts only 25% of his energy and ability into his work. The world takes off its hat to those who put in more than 50% of their capacity, and stands on its head for those few and far between souls who devote 100%.
Andrew Carnegie
The attempt to devote oneself to literature alone is a most deceptive thing, and often, paradoxically, it is literature that suffers for it.
Vaclav Havel
I decided that my means were sufficient to enable me to devote myself to botany, a determination which I never, during the long period of my subsequent career, had on any occasion any reason to repent of.
George Bentham
Seven and half years ago I began my own journey. For me and my family it was a time of adversity. But during that adversity I derived a deeper faith. And born out of that adversity was a commitment to devote myself to those people and to those issues that truly matter to me.
Paul Tsongas
If the Pope wants to devote his life to fighting climate change, then he can do so in his personal time. But to promote questionable science as Catholic dogma is ridiculous.
Paul Gosar
Above all be of single aim; have a legitimate and useful purpose, and devote yourself unreservedly to it.
James Allen
If high-quality content can be effectively delivered via technology, teachers can devote more time to creating innovative experiences, leading Socratic dialogs, or coaching students one-on-one in more targeted and focused interventions.
Sal Khan
I got busy with films and found it difficult to devote time to theatre.
I always wanted to devote a certain part of my life to dance – my true being is to be a dancer.
Nita Ambani
Hockey is my first love, and I devote most of my time to hockey only. But if I get time, I won’t mind working in films, too.
Sandeep Singh
Out of all the things I could imagine spending my time doing, I figure if I was going to devote myself to a mission or dedicate my life to a cause, it should be an enjoyable one. And partying was the most fun thing I could think of and also that other people could relate to.
Andrew W.K.
I’ve worked on a variety of campaigns and fought for a variety of conservative causes for a long time. But it wasn’t until I came back from my military service that I realized I needed to devote myself to others.
George P. Bush
Let me make a solemn pledge before all of you, before the whole world and before God, that I will devote all my energy and all I possess in my power to serve the people of Nigeria and humanity.
Olusegun Obasanjo
One has to devote oneself to a particular pursuit. To be successful at anything, you have to make a total commitment to it.
Donald Johanson
The time that I devote to painting is not a lot of time, but I do it 100 percent while I am working, and then there’s nothing else that counts.
Margrethe II of Denmark
I will be what I will be – and I am now what I am. Here is where I will devote my energy.
Hugh Prather
As more technology professionals devote more time to mentoring, they will sow the seeds of a future workforce capable of using Internet connections to change the world.
Tae Yoo
I have to devote my time and thoughts to training and playing.
Gerard Pique
I create work, and I devote myself to the creative process, and I try to, you know, stay pure in that process and be worthy of the messages that I receive.
John Zorn
My joy knows no bounds… I will devote all my energy and all the powers available to me to the service of Nigeria and humanity.
Olusegun Obasanjo
Of great importance to my outlook on life is the opportunuty I get to meet people on various appearances. I suppose I could devote every weekend to appearances and i do try to make as many as I can.
Lorne Greene
Conscious of our many problems, I seek today to lay a f

Conscious of our many problems, I seek today to lay a foundation to our public policy. My fundamental purpose is to devote my term of office to raising the standard of public service in New Jersey.
Charles Edison
A man may devote himself to death and destruction to save a nation; but no nation will devote itself to death and destruction to save mankind.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
My legislators devote most of their time to attend to people’s problems. I want the people to devote more time and contribute to the development of the state.
N. Chandrababu Naidu
In a sense, I am achieving what I set out to do – to devote myself to Stephen, to give him the chance of fulfilling his genius. But what have I become in the process? Who am I? What is there left of me? I am beginning to doubt my own identity.
Jane Hawking
I tend to end relationships, so she can find somebody better than me. Because I want to be fair to people. I cannot devote enough energy and time and devotion to her. I think that is fair, no?
Nicolas Berggruen
I never stopped making pictures. There were times when more of my income was coming from other sources, and I had to devote more time to television and movies and records.
Martin Mull
A man’s face is not a rich person’s lawn; you are wasting resources if you devote that much energy to trimming your beard, sideburns, or mustache just so. Nor is a man’s face the woods; there need not be the tangled weeds, shrubbery, and wildlife/eggs benedict that get ensnared in them.
Ellie Kemper
Try to devote the percentage of time for each club that you’re going to be using on the golf course. I like to have two or three different clubs that I practice with, not four or five.
Zach Johnson
When you objectively observe the most spiritual area to which modern people devote themselves, the religions, ask yourself if the basis of modern culture, particularly in religion, is not human self-interest. It is typical of modern sermons that the preacher criticizes people for their selfishness.
Rudolf Steiner
The fact that there are still mainstream print media outlets willing to devote precious pages to book coverage at all is a triumph we should all be celebrating.
Camille Perri
Notably, the Trump tax cuts also doubled the child tax credit, reducing the tax burden on working families so that they have more resources to devote to their children.
Lara Trump
Older fatherhood isn’t all bad: testosterone rates drop about 1% per year as men age, making them less reactive and more patient, and a professionally established middle-aged man is likely to have more time and money to devote to his kids than a twenty-something who’s just getting started.
Jeffrey Kluger
The state government should devote special attention to safeguard their rights. The rights of the Dalits in Vedaranyam, Karur and other parts of Tamil Nadu should be protected by the state government.
Tamilisai Soundararajan
I’d never devote a whole record to heartbreak.
Katy Perry
I never hanker after the past – I prefer to devote myself to new tasks.
Steffi Graf
One does not devote one’s life in art to shock an audience.
Richard Foreman
In the case of the classic Western helicopter parent, it starts with Baby Einstein and reward charts for toilet training, and it never really ends, which is why colleges have to devote so many resources to teaching parents how to leave their kids alone.
Nancy Gibbs
Well, by the end of the millennium, five, six months from now, we hope to somehow manage to move into a new location where we have the whole building, so we can devote space to all our activities.
Joseph Jarman
The important thing about a sport is the people who devote their lives to it.
Robert Redford
A lot of people devote their lives to me and what I do. It means the most to be able to repay that faith.
Santan Dave
I’ve always been fascinated by activists, people who will devote their life to a cause, people who go to India and to Africa and put their life in jeopardy to do what they believe is right.
Rachel Weisz
I agree with the Speaker and have concluded that my other activities do not permit me to devote the time that membership of the Lords properly requires.
Michael Ashcroft
We devote our entire lives to becoming good ball players. We take batting practice until our hands bleed.
Willie Stargell
Medical physicists work in cooperation with doctors. A few medical physicists devote their time to research and teaching. A few get involved with administrative duties.
John Cameron
Shun no toil to make yourself remarkable by some talent or other; yet do not devote yourself to one branch exclusively. Strive to get clear notions about all. Give up no science entirely; for science is but one.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Look, taste is clearly the crudest of our senses: this is scientifically, objectively factual. It is less nuanced. Eyesight is extraordinary – hearing, touch. I find people who devote their whole lives to taste a little strange.
Jonathan Safran Foer
I am one of those scientists who feels that it is no longer enough just to get on and do science. We have to devote a significant proportion of our time and resources to defending it from deliberate attack from organised ignorance.
Richard Dawkins
Scientifically, happiness is a choice. It is a choice about where your single processor brain will devote its finite resources as you process the world.
Shawn Achor
If you’re a baboon on the Serengeti, and you’re miserable, it’s almost certainly because some other baboon has had the free time and energy to devote to making you miserable.
Robert Sapolsky
I definitely devote so much more time to acting, but since it only takes a day or two to shoot and get pictures out – whereas for acting, you do an audition, or loads, and you might not get any of them – so I did the modeling stuff because, obviously, if I have the opportunity, I’m going to take it.
Hero Fiennes-Tiffin
Selecting about 100 judges of the higher judiciary every year in a rational and fair manner is an onerous task requiring a full-time and not an ex-officio body. An ex-officio body of sitting judges and ministers cannot devote the kind of time required for this job.
Prashant Bhushan
Modern conveniences grant us more free time to focus on

Modern conveniences grant us more free time to focus on spiritual needs and devote more time to personal service. But the basic element which should never change in the lives of righteous young women is giving service to others.
James E. Faust
If I’m with someone, I want them to be perfectly happy all the time. That, for me, would be the reason you would devote yourself to one person.
Jon Richardson
I do not think about being beautiful. What I devote most of my time to is being healthy.
Ann Bancroft
My overwhelming concern will always be the well-being of the athletes. In Olympic sport, it is rare for competitors not to devote half their young life to this. Their families will have given up all sorts of things to allow them to do that.
Sebastian Coe
I choose roles where I do not have to devote a lot of time.
Abhinav Shukla
My elder brothers were all put apprentices to different trades. I was put to the grammar-school at eight years of age, my father intending to devote me, as the tithe of his sons, to the service of the Church.
Benjamin Franklin
In my early 20s, I studied history and politics, and I really thought that perhaps I would devote my life to that.
Wallace Shawn
It is very necessary to devote unconditional attention to your child so that he doesn’t feel neglected.
Divya Khosla Kumar
Of my mental cycles, I devote maybe ten percent to business thinking. Business isn’t that complicated. I wouldn’t want to put it on my business card.
Bill Gates
I devote my whole life to my family, and that’s the least I could do, because there’s only one me and 14 of them. I have to give all my energy and all of me to my kids.
Nadya Suleman
I don’t have children, and I’m not in a relationship, so I have the time to devote to myself.
Marie Helvin
I favor a system where students in publicly funded institutions make a commitment: if they do well in the private sector, they will revert a certain percentage of their income to the education sector; and if they devote some years to public service, their debt will be forgiven.
Howard Gardner
Normally, people give up parliament because they want to do more business or spend more time with family. My wife said ‘why don’t you say you’re giving up to devote more time to politics?’. And it is what I have done.
Tony Benn
Acquiring a repertoire in these days, when the vocal literature is so immense, so overwhelming, that the student with sense will devote all his energies to work and not imagine himself a martyr to art.
Alma Gluck
Well, it was one of my most gratifying experiences because I could devote my knowledge and my talent for the good for the City of Washington, and all the Federal projects where the Fine Arts Commission had jurisdiction, and it was a tremendous experience.
Felix de Weldon
You can’t just release double albums and expect people to sit there and devote their time to it.
Daron Malakian
I’m going to devote myself full time to securing and then winning a referendum on leaving the E.U.
Daniel Hannan
I just feel like bands always need to work harder than the hardest working band. You need to constantly be one-upping yourself and surprising yourself at how hard that you’ll work and devote yourself to your craft.
Hayley Williams
I have tried to devote my life – with all my husband failures, father failures, pastor failures, friend failures, any other possible failures I’m sure I’ve done them – to the God-centeredness of God and my aspiring, yearning to join Him in that activity. God is passionate about hallowing the name of God.
John Piper
In an effort to devote more time, energy and focus to fewer projects, I’ve had to make some tough decisions, and one such decision was ‘retiring’ from ‘Speakeasy.’
Paul F. Tompkins
I didn’t devote my life to acting. I give a lot to my work, but my life has always been more important.
Catherine Deneuve
I feel like I could devote myself to far more important things than writing novels.
Sally Rooney
I bade adieu to mechanical inventions, determined to devote the rest of my life to the study of the inventions of God.
John Muir
People are awake about 16 hours a day, so to devote 30 minutes to keeping your weight down, keeping your body healthy, is not a lot of time.
Denise Austin
Do I want more women elected to Parliament? Absolutely. I devote significant amounts of time to getting more women in that situation.
Jo Swinson
Over the years, I’ve become accustomed to the quiet of that morning meal, a time when I devote myself completely to my faith.
Enes Kanter
You should live in a manner that should enable you to devote time to writing and contemplation. As is often said, the writer is at work even when he is simply looking out the window.
F. Sionil Jose
And so, I will be probably, since I am not involved in all the activity, I will have some spare time to devote to document all this busy part of the flight.
Umberto Guidoni
Certainly, I devote my energy to both telling my personal life story and seeking self- obliteration. However, I will not destroy myself through art.
Yayoi Kusama
When I was around ten, I decided I would devote myself and my life to music.
I’ve finished 12th standard from Poddar International and enrolled for B.A. in political science in Cambridge University, London. It’s a correspondence course, and I’ll go to London for my exams once a year. That way, I can devote more time to films.
Hansika Motwani
Human beings are social animals; we devote a significan

Human beings are social animals; we devote a significant portion of our brain just to dealing with interactions with other humans.
Jamais Cascio
In my mid-20s, I was directing episodes of ‘Alfred Hitchcock’ and ‘Peter Gunn.’ I was pretty much on course and – as I sometimes joke – was prepared to devote my life to become the second best film director in my family.
George Stevens, Jr.
Opera requires an enormous commitment. You must devote your whole life to producing that extraordinary sound.
Roger Allam
I try to devote my afternoons to making music in my home studio, but it’s a lot more fun hanging out with musicians and friends, and trying subtly to influence a band than making your own stuff.
David Byrne
I have a responsibility to devote my energy to my country and my people.
Chen Guangbiao
Every orchid or rose or lizard or snake is the work of a dedicated and skilled breeder. There are thousands of people, amateurs and professionals, who devote their lives to this business. Now imagine what will happen when the tools of genetic engineering become accessible to these people.
Freeman Dyson