Top 101 Vague Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Vague Quotes from famous people such as George Ade, Pamela Sargent, S. S. Rajamouli, Arnaud Desplechin, John Lahr, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

For parlor use, the vague generality is a life saver.

For parlor use, the vague generality is a life saver.
George Ade
People who know very little about ancient Egypt are most likely, if they know anything at all, to have at least a vague idea about the Pharaoh Akhenaten and be able to recognize the face of his beautiful wife, Nefertiti.
Pamela Sargent
I keep my options open about my next story, there will always be those vague discussions at home.
S. S. Rajamouli
Usually in France we prefer to say bad things about the Nouvelle Vague, but I’m always impressed with its freedom and the fact of not making a film to give your opinion but just as a piece of art, which to me means the Nouvelle Vague.
Arnaud Desplechin
Theatre is a game of hide-and-seek. For both the hiders and the seekers, the thrill is in the discovery. When the rules of the game are too vague or too complicated, however, the audience can lose its urge to play; the prize no longer seems quite worth the hunt.
John Lahr
The only guaranteed way to make something not very funny is to make it vague.
Thomas Lennon
I tend to learn things physically – I guess it’s my dance training. I never want to make too many choices too soon – so, while I am thinking about the character and thinking about her history, which is very vague in terms of what is given in the text, I am starting to have ideas about what her home is.
Sharon Lawrence
I want my stories to be understood and enjoyed by anyone, so I need ‘beta-readers’ who will tell me when the plot is working or not working, and when my writing is concise or vague.
Tony DiTerlizzi
‘Nimona’ was originally a vague idea I had when I was in high school, when I was just getting into shapeshifting characters. It was a straightforward superhero story at the time. Nimona was named Nightshade, and she had an eyepatch for some reason. There was nothing really special about it, though.
Noelle Stevenson
Crises like the Mirai botnet can’t be prevented by vague calls to protect our cybernetworks or platitudes about working with private industry. We need to be able to force recalls on consumer devices with massive security vulnerabilities.
Brianna Wu
I’m congenitally vague.
Jean Kerr
I’m mostly into buying art from friends. I like to keep it vague – just whatever I find intriguing.
Virgil Abloh
Hesitation is often like procrastination. One may have vague doubts and feel a need to mull things over; meanwhile, other issues intrude on thought, and no decision is taken. Ask people why they procrastinate, and you probably won’t get a crisp answer.
Robert J. Shiller
When I make a movie, I have both a specific and vague, amorphous dream idea of what the movie is going to be. Of course, I don’t actually know what it’s going to be, but I’m still striving to get to some place with it.
Noah Baumbach
I love thinking of music of this way to access some kind of illogical realm filled with all kinds of aberrations and weird stuff. It’s not implicit in music to have a story, so it creates this incredible potential for vague stories.
Oneohtrix Point Never
You really need to have that discipline. It’s not even discipline. I just put down these rules. It’s not like a vague, ‘Motivate yourself!’ and do something. It’s specific hours set aside every day for certain things.
Kumail Nanjiani
What is modern art but the attempt to pinpoint vague, incorporeal, inexpressible sensations? What is modern art, I would add, but the most solemn pile of nonsense that ever appeared on Earth?
Italo Calvino
We have vague memories of the Eighties. But we were still pre-Internet and pre-cell phone for most of our childhood.
Ross Duffer
Sadly, I have very vague memories of Burma. The family was forced to leave when the generals took over.
Dick Strawbridge
The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?
Edgar Allan Poe
For though we often need to be restored to the small, concrete, limited, and certain, we as often need to be reminded of the large, vague, unlimited, unknown.
A. R. Ammons
So that a famine price is vague, and the plan subject to all the inconvenience now experienced.
Joseph Hume
My intention to lecture is as vague as my intention is to go on the stage. I will never consider an offer to lecture, not because I despise the vocation, but because I have no desire to appear on the public rostrum.
Mary MacLane
I always loved Japanese movies. And they had an enormous impact in France – the Nouvelle Vague took so much from them. It taught us how the camera was placed in the centre of the action.
Jacques Perrin
The very first law in advertising is to avoid the concrete promise and cultivate the delightfully vague.
Stuart Chase
With my somewhat vague aspiring mind, to be imprisoned in the rude details of a most material life was often irksome.
Edward Carpenter
In Washington, there are jobs that have official titles: chief of staff, campaign manager, director of communications. Then there are all these vague and murky headings over people who are just special consultants or advisers. We really don’t know what their gig is.
Gary Cole
I don’t have goals when writing books, apart from getting to the end. I have rather vague ideas about how I want things to feel, I’m big on ambience. I have a title, a beginning and a probable ending and go from there.
Kate Atkinson
I always feel like a vague failure in L.A. – it always makes me feel like I should somehow be different than I am. And I don’t know why.
Greta Gerwig
The characters are that vague TV high school age, but they’ll be in high school as long as we need them to be.
Josh Schwartz
When I explain to people what was the situation in North Korea, they think, how can such a country exist? They know North Korea is bad in some vague way, not clearly. But when we explain it, they then wonder how can a whole country be modern-day slaves?
Lee Hyeon-seo
I guess I could say that I pursue questions that intere

I guess I could say that I pursue questions that interest me in ways that interest me on the page, but that’s awfully vague.
Eula Biss
All living languages are promiscuous. We promiscuous speakers shamelessly shoplift words, plucking bons mots and phrases from any tempting language. We wear these words when we wish to be more formal, more elegant, more mysterious, worldly, precise, vague.
Rabih Alameddine
To put meaning in one’s life may end in madness, But life without meaning is the torture Of restlessness and vague desire-It is a boat longing for the sea and yet afraid.
Edgar Lee Masters
If we ask a vague question, such as, ‘What is poetry?’ we expect a vague answer, such as, ‘Poetry is the music of words,’ or ‘Poetry is the linguistic correction of disorder.’
A. R. Ammons
Traditional broadcast media seems old-fashioned and vague to me. When I watch television news, I’m aware of what skilled journalists they are, but I find it hard because of the corny way they present it.
Ira Glass
When we put the pen to paper, we articulate things in our life that we may have felt vague about. Before you write about something, somebody says, ‘How do you feel?’ and you say, ‘Oh, I feel okay.’ Then you write about it, and you discover you don’t feel okay.
Julia Cameron
My love of South Africa is not gray; it’s not vague. It’s very specific. It’s in keeping with our Constitution – ‘Unity in diversity.’
Jacob Zuma
Legally speaking, the term ‘public rights’ is as vague and indefinite as are the terms ‘public health,’ ‘public good,’ ‘public welfare,’ and the like. It has no legal meaning, except when used to describe the separate, private, individual rights of a greater or less number of individuals.
Lysander Spooner
So I was in America and I thought I’ll stick around while I’m here and just see what happens. The next film I did was High Art, so I guess it started with a sort of vague idea but really just a fantasy.
Radha Mitchell
I think some people have a vague idea, but the general public has no clue what the actual behind-the-scenes of filmmaking is and what this profession is.
Freddie Wong
Although it may be true that the notion of teaching virtues such as honesty or integrity arouses little controversy, it is also true that vague consensus on the goodness of these virtues conceals a great deal of actual disagreement over their definitions.
Lawrence Kohlberg
Some people are always critical of vague statements. I tend rather to be critical of precise statements; they are the only ones which can correctly be labeled ‘wrong’.
Raymond Smullyan
That in the beginning when the world was young there were a great many thoughts but no such thing as truth. Man made the truths himself and each truth was a composite of a great many vague thoughts. All about in the world were truths and they were all beautiful.
Sherwood Anderson
In a vague way, I always knew neurosurgery was different – more delicate, more difficult, more demanding. After all, we say things like, ‘I’m no brain surgeon,’ for a reason.
Sam Kean
I knew who Jackie Kennedy was in terms of being the wife of JFK and being a clothes horse, and I knew that she later married Onassis, but I had a very, very vague idea of who he was.
Lydia Leonard
Mother believed that I should have an enormous amount of sleep, and so I was never really tired when I went to bed. This was the best time of day, when I could lie in the vague twilight, drifting off to sleep, making up dreams inside my head the way they should go.
Sylvia Plath
Always prefer the plain direct word to the long, vague one. Don’t implement promises, but keep them.
C. S. Lewis
I seldom think about my limitations, and they never make me sad. Perhaps there is just a touch of yearning at times; but it is vague, like a breeze among flowers.
Helen Keller
I don’t know about you, but I find it exhilarating to see how vague psychological notions evaporate and give rise to a physical, mechanistic understanding of the mind, even if it’s the mind of the fly.
Gero Miesenbock