Top 144 Interior Quotes

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Nothing is so discouraging to an actor than to have to

Nothing is so discouraging to an actor than to have to work for long hours upon hours in brightly lighted interior sets.
John Wayne
When you tell your kids they can be anything, you’ve got to be careful. I told my kids that, and I ended up with a music producer and an interior designer. But they’re doing it.
Chris Gardner
Prose is architecture, not interior decoration, and the Baroque is over.
Ernest Hemingway
Interior decoration partly thrives on being social.
Nicholas Haslam
Houses are one of my passions. I probably should have been an interior decorator.
Gene Tierney
With ‘Stones is His Pockets’ you have effectively a bare stage with two actors and yet a whole world in rural Ireland is created. There’s the countryside, the bar interior, the dressing room and the star’s bedroom.
Ian McElhinney
At school, if I was ever bored in class, I would draw maps of islands or detailed interior of boats or lists of provisions and equipment I would need when I went camping in the summer.
Michelle Magorian
A great interior designer is able to capture who someone is and adapt to who they are.
Jeremiah Brent
Red, of course, is the colour of the interior of our bodies. In a way it’s inside out, red.
Anish Kapoor
I enjoy trying to inspire myself. I enjoy the artistic side of everything. Music, art, fashion, everything. I just like to be on the cutting edge of it. I’m into designing houses and interior design. I like change. I like creating things out of nothing.
Chris Kirkpatrick
Most architects think in drawings, or did think in drawings; today, they think on the computer monitor. I always tried to think three dimensionally. The interior eye of the brain should be not flat but three dimensional so that everything is an object in space. We are not living in a two-dimensional world.
Frei Otto
I like interiors as much as exteriors but ‘interior designer’ just sounds naff as a job.
Konnie Huq
I could write songs on the beach, but the interior darkness, we have it all. We have it.
Tarja Turunen
An armchair Jungian would say the whole thing is about my own ongoing spiritual search. My interior life has always been one of trying to find a spiritual link, maybe because I’m from a family of separate religious philosophies: Protestant and Catholic.
David Bowie
My secret desire is to be an interior designer. I’d love to make houses for rich clients who can afford to do things right.
Luca Guadagnino
But my view is that you need a system at the border. You need some fencing but you need technology. You need boots on the ground. And then you need to have interior enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws inside the country. And that means dealing with the employers who still consistently hire illegal labor.
Janet Napolitano
I am into the candle business, have a home store, The White Window, and interior designing is my primary occupation, though writing now seems to have become better known.
Twinkle Khanna
Novels are so interior and idiosyncratic and such a solitary process.
Megan Abbott
I’m not an interior designer – I’m a normal working mum who wants her house to look good and doesn’t need a man to do it for her.
Andrea McLean
I despise stereotypes. A gay man can be a macho athlete, or he can be an interior designer or any career in between.
Lori Foster
My mom loves interior design.
Camila Morrone
I love to paint. And I have another profession – an interior design business.
Mary Steenburgen
There’s a very important aspect to all my work, now more than ever, which is tying the interior design and architecture with the art.
Peter Marino
Interior decor is my guilty pleasure. If I’m going to splurge on something, it’s more for my home than for clothes.
Kourtney Kardashian
Studying Sol’s interior by looking for analogous patterns on its incandescent face is known as helioseismology, an active – if largely unpronounceable – research area that uses sound as a probe of our home star.
Seth Shostak
To attract men, I wear a perfume called ‘New Car Interior.’
Rita Rudner
They have just succeeded in raising the two thousand pounds here, by subscription, that was wanted towards an exploration fund, for fitting out an expedition, that will probably start for the interior of our continent next March.
William John Wills
I always told my family, to me interior design and how my house feels is like their music.
Tish Cyrus
Everyone’s so interior now, they’re not really looking around them. They’re on their phones.
Kim Gordon
The pleasure that I take in writing gets me interested in writing a poem. It’s not a statement about what I think anybody else should be doing. For me, it’s an interesting tension between interior and exterior.
Marilyn Hacker
I’ve been fascinated with interior design for as long as I can remember.
Matthew Williamson
We have an integrated picture of the threat from outsid

We have an integrated picture of the threat from outside and from within that is provided not only to our foreign ministers but also to our justice and interior ministers.
Gijs de Vries
I never studied interior design, but I’m a creative person. And what we surround ourselves with is very important – what makes you feel happy, what makes your senses feel good.
Lynn Whitfield
Professionals use ‘Strictly’ as a relaunch of flagging careers. In my year Kara Tointon won. She had been talking about giving up acting in favour of interior design, but the glitter ball led to a role as Eliza Doolittle in the West End.
Ann Widdecombe
I feel my writing comes from a desire to… well, it’s motivated by many things, but it’s inherently a contradiction in that I’m writing for myself, and it’s a very interior journey. On the other hand, I feel that writers do make that interior journey out of a desire to connect.
Jhumpa Lahiri
Fashion and interior design are one and the same.
Iris Apfel
I’m not an interior decorator; I’m a designer, and that includes the architecture. The package must be strong and controlled, the rooms aligned, and the windows positioned to make sense with the furniture. Fluff it up, and you’ve got big trouble.
Anouska Hempel
My mum used to be an interior designer in those days. I was 5 years old when I used to go with her on sites and I fell in love with the world of color and design.
Sussanne Khan
Soon after Donald Trump was inaugurated, I got a letter from France’s interior ministry informing me that I was now French. By the time it arrived, I’d been French for nearly two weeks without even knowing it.
Pamela Druckerman
I recognized that the passion I have and feel for interior and design and furniture was not organically there for styling. The fuel that drives you when doing something you truly love… wasn’t there.
Jeremiah Brent
With screenplays, it’s all about being as concise as possible. If you have a scene that’s set in a bar, you just have to write, ‘Interior: Bar.’
David Benioff
I distrust thought. The interior life is highly overrated. I don’t like the wispy and the vague… or inductive logic in any kind of writing. I’m impatient with writers who make too much sense. The better things that I’ve done have come to me by instinct.
Barry Hannah
Poetry is the revelation of a feeling that the poet believes to be interior and personal which the reader recognizes as his own.
Salvatore Quasimodo
Why do we say ‘Have a great weekend?’ That’s just a spell. You’re just going – I have no control over your weekend. But words matter. They change our interior world. Have a great weekend.
Pete Holmes
Voyager found Saturn to be a planet with a complex interior, atmosphere, and magnetosphere. In its rings – a vast, gleaming disk of icy rubble – the mission recorded signs of the same physical mechanisms that were key in configuring the early solar system and similar disks of material around other stars.
Carolyn Porco
Unprecedented financial pressures, and an ever-increasingly aggressive public culture, along with social, moral and spiritual fragmentation, are leading to lives being overwhelmed by stress, intolerable interior isolation and even quiet despair.
Sean Brady
I think there’s a terrible price to be paid when your exterior life is not an honest reflection of your interior life.
Gene Robinson
In the following pages I have endeavoured to describe all that appeared to me most important and interesting among the events and the scenes that came under my notice during my sojourn in the interior of Africa.
John Hanning Speke
A great novel is concerned primarily with the interior lives of its characters as they respond to the inconvenient narratives that fate imposes on them. Movie adaptations of these monumental fictions often fail because they become mere exercises in interior decoration.
Richard Schickel
I only ever worked on interiors, and an interior is an interior. I don’t know what they did about exteriors.
Christopher Eccleston
My sister is an artist and an interior designer. She went to high school for art. I went to high school for music.
Maira Kalman
My dad worked for the Fish and Wildlife Service, and he worked for the Department of Interior, you know, like the federal government. And consequently, I was outdoors a lot in my lifetime.
Sam Elliott
However far back I go into my childhood, nothing seems to me more characteristic of, or more familiar in, my interior economy than the appetite or irresistible demand for some ‘Unique all-sufficing and necessary reality.’
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
My father, Ralph Fernandes, was a model before he became an interior designer. He was very supportive of my decision to become a model and then an actress.
Erica Fernandes
Now it is evident that a little insight into the customs of every people is necessary to insure a kindly communication; this, joined with patience and kindness, will seldom fail with the natives of the interior.
Charles Sturt
Fun can happen on the interior. Nobody knows about it, but there are fireworks going on inside your spirit when you hear a great orchestra playing great music.
David Ogden Stiers