Top 15 Current State Quotes

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In a way, the American side descended to Saddam's level

In a way, the American side descended to Saddam’s level, which happens often in these types of circumstances. That is why the people in Iraq do not accept the current state of affairs.
Dario Fo
Daniel Masters is a master of the commodities markets with over 30 years experience. His bitcoin strategy is based on the parallels he sees from the oil industry in 1999 to the current state of bitcoin.
Perianne Boring
A good scientist can understand the current state of a field, pick interesting questions where a success will actually lead to useful new knowledge, and push that field further through their work.
Hilary Mason
My contention is that most students get distracted by music and social media because our current state of education is not sufficiently engaging to command their full attention.
Thomas Frey
She is Cuba. If you want to love her, you have to be with her, but you can’t be with her in her current state. It’s the point of view of all exiles – you have to leave the thing you cherish most.
Andy Garcia
Given the current state of publishing, I think it helps to have a brand name on the cover of your book. Comedians are proven commodities with built-in audiences. They may not have the writing chops of a Dave Eggers, but they’re salacious and funny and self-reflective.
Michael Showalter
Just as the lunar landings inspired many young people to consider careers in space and related fields, the solution of the challenging instrumentation problems presented in space science can inspire young people to push beyond the current state of the art.
Nancy Roman
Under many current state laws, minors who have been victims of trafficking are charged as criminals and go to juvenile detention as offenders.
Bill Flores
The current state of knowledge is a moment in history, changing just as rapidly as the state of knowledge in the past has ever changed and, in many instances, more rapidly.
Jean Piaget
We often take for granted that our lights will come on when we flip the light switch, but the reality is that our reliability standards and the current state of the transmission grid leave us all vulnerable to blackouts.
Richard Burr
I have never had a current state of mind. My mind changes a great deal. I am very affected by any sorrow or sad thing, and I am very affected by joy and beauty.
Luise Rainer
I think wearables in general have, as their best calling, to better understand our current state and needs and to express those back to the world.
Astro Teller
To understand the current state of mind of both Sara Paretsky and her private detective alter ego, one must first roll back the clock to 1982, when Victoria Iphegenia Warshawski took her first investigative bow in ‘Indemnity Only.’
Sarah Weinman
There’s power in turning to the past to illuminate the current state of things.
Wesley Morris
Reputation runs behind the current state of affairs.
Mason Cooley