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Personally, I take every match seriously and give off m

Personally, I take every match seriously and give off my best… My aim is to win and there’s no time to relax.
Ajinkya Rahane
A big man has no time really to do anything but just sit and be big.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
When my first film ‘Paruthiveeran’ released, I had no time to get excited. It was a worrying time for me. I was anxious to know how it would be accepted.
I think, as a chef and restaurateur, that you have to take care of your business. Otherwise, you’re only as good as your last meal. You have to watch if your food costs are too high, or you could be out of business in no time.
Jean-Georges Vongerichten
The busy have no time for tears.
Lord Byron
My parents had job jars because my father would say, ‘Kids today have too much time, too much money and no responsibility. You’re going to have no time, no money and a lot of responsibility.’
Denise Morrison
In the summer we shoot ‘Murdoch’ and it’s 12 hours days or longer for the light. When I get home it’s eat and sleep. There’s no time for a workout, though maybe I can squeeze in a ride on the weekend.
Yannick Bisson
I enjoyed the opportunities, but there was no time to think.
Namie Amuro
Mahesh has no time to do anything apart from shooting for his films. And any free time he has is family time. He doesn’t even step out to meet friends.
Namrata Shirodkar
When I throw a softball, there’s no time to think about the motion of my arm. I just look at the first baseman’s glove and react.
Keegan Bradley
Hell, if I’d jumped on all the dames I’m supposed to have jumped on, I’d have had no time to go fishing.
Clark Gable
Those who are trying to remain healthy with HIV/AIDS are in the most vulnerable period of their lives; that’s no time to leave them without access to care.
David Mixner
It is my contention that Aesop was writing for the tortoise market. hares have no time to read.
Anita Brookner
Embrace good smells. No cost, no calories, no energy, no time – a quick hit of pleasure.
Gretchen Rubin
I’ve never seen ‘The Goonies.’ I’ve never seen ‘Indiana Jones.’ I watched ‘UHF’ over and over again when I was little, and that was it. I had no time for any other movies. I watched ‘Naked Gun,’ ‘UHF,’ and ‘Airplane!’ over and over.
Eric Andre
That’s one thing I never had to do on a Mike Bay set is sit around and pontificate about the next scene; there’s no time for it. You’re already in the next scene.
Shia LaBeouf
Compared to TV, ‘Palookaville’ was restriction-free, except we had no money and no time.
Alan Taylor
The work pressure in a daily is much. There is no time to etch out characters.
Supriya Pathak
I have no time for it at all, when women just don’t like women. I don’t get it.
Victoria Beckham
The 1930s was a funny time. People knew they might not live for another six months, so if they were attracted to one another, there was no time to dawdle.
Alan Furst
Small nations have no time for small goals – they have to think big in order to become contributors.
Kersti Kaljulaid
The biggest influence on my books was the fact that I had worked in a newspaper for so long. In a daily paper, you learn to write very quickly; there is no time to sit and brood about what you are going to say.
Maeve Binchy
There’s no time for boys in my life right now.
Karlie Kloss
I haven’t had an easy life, but at some point, you have to take responsibility for yourself and shape who it is that you want to be. I have no time for moaners. I like to chase my dreams and surround myself with other people who are chasing their dreams, too.
Aimee Mullins
I have no time for political hacks who say things they don’t believe because they get paid to.
Tucker Carlson
Barry Hearn has said there’s no time for playboys, but I’m not a playboy.
Judd Trump
The unflattering reviews are painful for short periods of time; the badly written ones are deeply, deeply insulting. That reviewer took no time to really read the book.
Toni Morrison
I feel best when I get to go running or hit the gym, but sometimes I just have no time.
Angela Yee
I’ve always been known for speeding up the tempo. To me, that’s just the way you play the game – aggressive. There’s no time to rest. You rest on the sidelines.
Andrew Whitworth
The experience I don’t want to see repeated occurred in ‘Bush v. Gore.’ The Court divided five to four. There were four separate dissents, and that confused the press. In fact, some of the reporters announced that the decision was seven-two. There was no time to get together.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
That’s what really bothered me about high school: There was just no time to do anything other than school.
Andrew W.K.
I am a firm believer in open justice, and an opponent o

I am a firm believer in open justice, and an opponent of closed justice in any normal circumstances. But I am also an opponent of legal purism, and have no time for institutionalised mythmaking – whether from the authoritarian right or the liberal left.
Kenneth Clarke
When it comes to tackling your financial goals, whatever they might be, there’s no time like the present.
Suze Orman
Globalization has created this interlocking fragility. At no time in the history of the universe has the cancellation of a Christmas order in New York meant layoffs in China.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
In fashion, there’s huge pressure to produce results in no time. But you cannot guarantee numbers, because fashion gravitates around desire.
Marco Zanini
As a species, taking all in all, we are still too young, too juvenile, to be trusted. We have spread across the face of the earth in just a few thousand years, no time at all as evolution clocks time, covering all livable parts of the planet, endangering other forms of life, and now threatening ourselves.
Lewis Thomas
My focus is totally on films and I have no time for a love life.
Sometimes when you’re constantly playing volleyball there is no time to decompress mentally and physically.
Jordan Larson
There’s no time to waste. Every day, there needs to be movement on something.
Desiree Rogers
I love ‘Teach Yourself’ books. I bought an old weaving loom and had no time for classes, but one ‘Teach Yourself’ later, and my bobbin is flying.
Sandi Toksvig
I have no boyfriend. No time. None send me over the moon, so I just kind of do my thing.
Christina Grimmie
We are producing something people can live without. But we need to keep thinking what would make our products a priority purchase even if they are not a necessity. If we stop doing that, no matter how successful Nintendo is at the moment, things will start going wrong in no time.
Satoru Iwata
Growing old is no more than a bad habit which a busy person has no time to form.
Andre Maurois
I always tell the fans, ‘Screw it! Like what you like. Listen to what you want.’ Insisting that one type of music is better than the next is snobbery, and I have no time for that. Check out all the music that’s out there. There’s great stuff you’re probably missing.
Corey Taylor
Throughout the day no time for memorandums now. Go ahead! Liberty and independence forever.
Davy Crockett
In general, the mass media tell us that black people are not loving, that our lives are so fraught with violence and aggression that we have no time to love.
bell hooks
I find that doing of the will of God leaves me no time for disputing about His plans.
George MacDonald
If you go to Real Madrid, there’s no time to improve as a manager. You don’t have a chance to be a better manager, you already have to be the best.
Julian Nagelsmann
Huge open source organizations like Red Hat and Mozilla manage the collaboration of hundreds of people who don’t know one another and have spent no time hanging around the water cooler.
Margaret Heffernan
There is no time you should shut the doors, as there is always love out there for you.
Rachel Riley
I feel like I’m close to all the ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Goonies’ people, but I’m kind of sequestered with my wife and kids. But as soon as there’s some reason for all of us to be together, it’s like no time has passed, lots of hugs.
Sean Astin
For my part, I confess I seldom listen to the players: one has so much to do, in looking about and finding out one’s acquaintance, that, really, one has no time to mind the stage. One merely comes to meet one’s friends, and show that one’s alive.
Frances Burney
Every composer knows the anguish and despair occasioned by forgetting ideas which one had no time to write down.
Hector Berlioz
For years, I had no time for exploratory travel.
Renee Fleming
In real life, it is the hare who wins. Every time. Look around you. And in any case it is my contention that Aesop was writing for the tortoise market. Hares have no time to read. They are too busy winning the game.
Anita Brookner
They were so exhausted and seasick and all they could do was crawl up those beaches. And thousands of them lay dead in no time at all. It’s unthinkable.
Barry Pepper
What qualified me to write about Israel was that I wanted to; it took no time to convince myself. The only reservation I had was about eaven: I wanted to write about the Jewish heaven but did not feel qualified because I did not and do not believe in ‘it,’ though I should.
Joshua Cohen
I have too many responsibilities and principles. There’s no time for ‘guilty’ pleasures.
A. R. Rahman
No pen, no ink, no table, no room, no time, no quiet, no inclination.
James Joyce
Drill instructors worked seven days a week, fifteen to seventeen hours a day in many cases, with no time off in between platoons.
R. Lee Ermey
At no time during the period intervening between the ratification of the Constitution and the inauguration of the new government were the leaders in Federalism certain that the agrarian party, which had opposed the Constitution, might not render the instrument ineffectual by securing possession of Congress.
Charles A. Beard
Fortunes made in no time are like shirts made in no time; it’s ten to one if they hang long together.
Douglas William Jerrold