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After my first film, I was having trouble finding a sec

After my first film, I was having trouble finding a second film. I had a lot of attempts that failed.
Susanna Fogel
With colleagues in the work environment, we fail to see the source of their envy or the reason for their manipulations; our attempts at influencing them are based on the assumptions that they want the same things as ourselves.
Robert Greene
It was 1978 when Superman came out, and I kept thinking, Why don’t they do something about it? They’ve done all these crappy attempts at comic book film adaptations. What can we do different? Why don’t we just re-release this thing?
Richard Donner
All attempts to appease the Nazis between 1934 and 1939 through various agreements and pacts were morally unacceptable and politically senseless, harmful and dangerous.
Vladimir Putin
Some of us live a Christian life as if we’re always under the stern, watchful eye of our Father and he is very impossible to please… No, God delights even in our heartfelt attempts at obedience.
Kevin DeYoung
Poetry had great powers over me from my childhood, and today the poems live in my memory which I read at the age of 7 or 8 years and which drove me to desperate attempts at imitation.
Bayard Taylor
I am, it is safe to say, not a practical man. The few attempts I’ve made to hammer in a nail have ended in broken thumbs, burst pipes, and water spraying everywhere with the house on fire.
John Niven
Yes, I’m a complete itinerant. I keep making attempts not to be, but then circumstances make me uproot and go somewhere else again. It’s not the worst thing in the world at all; I love it. In fact, I’m probably horribly addicted to it.
Rebecca Hall
Pocahontas was the reason the Virginia colony didn’t disappear, unlike some earlier attempts.
Brooks Robinson
Niaqornat particularly seemed to offer a heightened version of a story being played out across the world about traditional communities’ struggle for survival and their attempts to renegotiate their identity in the face of modern life.
Sarah Gavron
Attempts by one ethnic group to exercise sovereignty over another are not fair. It doesn’t matter if that ethnicity is Kurdish, Turkish, Arabic, Chaldean or whatever.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan
We have adopted a multi-pronged strategy against the attempts to radicalise the youth of the country. On the one hand, we have successfully de-radicalised our youth, and on the other hand, our security agencies have also taken action against certain individuals for their links and association with terror organisations.
Rajnath Singh
Around us, we do see attempts to delegitimize Israel, a sort of secret, hidden anti-Semitism growing in many countries, often on the right but also on the left.
Simon Sebag Montefiore
Hillary Clinton’s radical attempts at so-called reform of the nation’s health care system would have been more destructive than even Obamacare has been.
Asa Hutchinson
There’s no particular formula for ‘Lost.’ I mean, I think there were a few attempts to follow it and copy it, but it’s a one-off, you know?
Terry O’Quinn
I had 14 failed attempts at having kids.
Kashmira Shah
We’ve seen unscrupulous legal firms racking up legal aid bills for fabricated accusations. And we’ve seen attempts by them to pursue cases that stand no chance of a conviction, putting those accused through hell.
Penny Mordaunt
As far as the Congress is concerned, we condemn any attempts to oppress the Dalits in strongest terms. If there are parties trying to fan the OBC-Dalit divide in Tamil Nadu, we need to collectively condemn them.
P. Chidambaram
Long after this wonderful event in the Earth’s history, when the human species was spread over a good deal of Asia, Europe, and Africa, migration to the American continents began in attempts to find new feeding grounds and unoccupied areas for hunting and fishing.
Harry Johnston
On the one hand, we had great filmic spectacles that brought in big audiences, adults as well as primary and secondary school students. On the other hand, there were attempts to create contemporary Polish film.
Andrzej Wajda
Many attempts to communicate are nullified by saying too much.
Robert K. Greenleaf
Attempts to minimize the deep racial wounds in our history only set our society as a whole back.
Wayne Messam
I’m a reader of Chinese literature, I like their films, but also: I’ve had great difficulty getting my work published in China; very little of it has been published there. The first two attempts to have all of my work published, for instance, were refused without any reason ever being given.
Salman Rushdie
Starting with the lyrics, ‘Only scared of myself and the truth in the stars/I’m a king, I’m the dirt, God within me shine,’ the first half of ‘6 Weeks’ delves into my attempts to balance the notion that I have an existential purpose with the realization that I am nothing against the vastness of the universe.
Sid Sriram