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My own valuation moment: When I started 'Antiques Roads

My own valuation moment: When I started ‘Antiques Roadshow,’ John Benjamin looked at my engagement ring, which is Victorian. I sat there as a visitor would and he dated it, talked me through the stone, which is an opal, and which mine it would have been from.
Fiona Bruce
Put simply, my vision for AOL is to build the largest and most sophisticated global advertising network while we grow the size and engagement of our worldwide audience.
Randy Falco
The only purpose of an engagement ring is to show you ‘belong’ to someone, and your man makes bank.
Jessica Valenti
As chief business affairs and legal officer, I am responsible for driving Airbnb’s engagement strategy and civic partnership efforts as well as overseeing the company’s global public policy, community mobilization, legal, communications, compliance, social initiatives, and philanthropy efforts.
Belinda Johnson
I wanted something that was really ‘us,’ but not typical engagement photos in any way. We’re not a fancy couple. More jeans and T-shirts.
Jedediah Bila
At Warby Parker, we use the survey platform Culture Amp to take employee engagement surveys that help us become ultra-responsive to the needs of our teams.
Neil Blumenthal
The tone of good web writing grows out of email. It’s more direct, personal, colloquial, urgent, witty, efficient. It doesn’t waste your time. It reflects that engagement, responsiveness, and haste of web surfers, as opposed to the more general passivity of print readers.
Jacob Weisberg
Norway will be recognized as an open democracy with the rule of law, with the universal human rights, and with the broad international engagement on the international scene taking upon ourselves responsibilities, because we are a privileged country.
Jonas Gahr Store
I honestly do not see any difference sharing the screen with Yash post our engagement. We started our career together, and it has been a wonderful experience working with him as a co-actor.
Radhika Pandit
Ronald Reagan, when he was campaigning for President, said that he would break relations with Communist China and re-establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan. But when he got into office, he pursued a very different policy of engagement with China and of increasing trade and business ties with China.
Rebecca MacKinnon
During the Clinton administration, engagement, backed by the threat of force, convinced Pyongyang to freeze its dangerous nuclear program and put a moratorium on the production of long-range missiles.
Antony Blinken
Government tends to stifle innovation, and it abhors improvisation. Any good military strategist will tell you that a battle plan rarely survives past the first engagement. After that, you have to improvise to survive and to win.
Betsy DeVos
To Catholic, Orthodox, and some Protestant Christians, communion involves partaking of the physical real presence of God in the bread and wine of the Eucharist. By contrast, the Torah draws the Jew into engagement with God’s infinite mind. Torah learning is the definitive Jewish mode of communion with God.
Meir Soloveichik
Engagement is always better then disengagement. If we don’t talk, somebody else will.
Miroslav Lajcak
If I didn’t have a recruiting engagement, I was going to be here. I did everything possible to change the recruiting thing. I’m a very small part of this night, but I did want to be a part of it.
Rick Pitino
In 2012, I see the potential for people to come together, huge moments of political and social engagement where elections are part of the strategy for change, but not the end goal and not the only thing that matters.
Olivia Wilde
Over time, diversity has come to be acknowledged as an essential enhancer of corporate productivity, performance, and talent engagement.
Alain Dehaze
As part of KPMG, Cynergy’s people and processes can help clients leverage digital and mobile technologies to transform existing customer engagement and employee mobile enablement into seamless experiences for end users across multiple platforms and devices.
Lynne Doughtie
I think that being raised the way I was, where everything was so uncompromising, where, you know, we’re prepared to fight to the death for the soil that you believed belonged to you – that kind of extreme engagement is very difficult to flush out of your system – or your belief system, anyway.
Alexandra Fuller
I do have to travel a lot for speaking engagements.
P. J. O’Rourke
As has been pointed out with Libya, the debate over Libya, sometimes we allow diplomatic relations with imperfect regimes because progress can best be made through engagement instead of isolation.
Earl Blumenauer
Cancer reminds me of a very bad but tenacious performer who, although no one wants to see, insists on doing an encore, having a return engagement, making a comeback and, worst of all, going on tour.
Valerie Harper
I think we should all be accountable to our parties, but I also think that accountability should be a process of engagement: that MPs do engage with their constituency parties, do engage with their constituents, and MPs do change their minds on things because of local opinion.
Jeremy Corbyn
When you have an engagement, at least in my world, the world that I create for myself, an engagement doesn’t begin when you hit the stage and end when you leave the stage. It begins when you hit the city limits, and it ends when you leave the city limits.
Utah Phillips
I’ve become one of those women who thrusts her engagement finger out all the time.
Katherine Parkinson
Since graduation, I have measured time in 4-by-5-inch pieces of paper, four days on the left and three on the right. Every social engagement, interview, reading, flight, doctor’s appointment, birthday and dry-cleaning reminder has been handwritten between metal loops.
Sloane Crosley
As you know, I did not support the United States’ engagement in Iraq and have long had concerns about Afghanistan… But I obviously have always been 100 percent supportive of our military.
Kyrsten Sinema
We have not been a normal country when it comes to engagement in the world.
Ivo Daalder
I don’t want to express alienation. It isn’t what I feel. I’m interested in various kinds of passionate engagement. All my work says be serious, be passionate, wake up.
Susan Sontag
The real damper on employee engagement is the soggy, cold blanket of centralized authority. In most companies, power cascades downwards from the CEO. Not only are employees disenfranchised from most policy decisions, they lack even the power to rebel against egocentric and tyrannical supervisors.
Gary Hamel
After President Mutharika was declared a winner, there was life after State House. For those Malawians that know me, I am an international public speaker. So I went back to my speaking engagements.
Joyce Banda
One of the great things about being a writer/journalist

One of the great things about being a writer/journalist is that my boss loves me to go out and do features on being someone else. I did a feature on Kate Middleton, where I went to an incredible fancy state home in the countryside, put on a wedding dress and posed for engagement pictures with a fake Prince William.
Caitlin Moran
It’s always great to have a purpose of a meeting and an ending for it, but it’s even more important to be present and have an engagement on the topic you’re doing, to create an environment and energy around that meeting, so everybody goes from there, ‘That’s great; we can take it forward!’
Hans Vestberg
I love suits for formal engagements. But I also like to wear jeans and button-ups.
Jermaine O’Neal
Knowledge and engagement are a powerful antidote to forces that often work against our kids being healthy.
Dean Ornish
Engagement is not appeasement. Engagement is not surrender.
Chuck Hagel
During my teen years, I just really started to get anxiety. I would get stage fright when I would do certain speaking engagements and I always would get through them, but it was a really nerve-racking and hard thing to do.
Skai Jackson
I don’t think I’ll get married again. I’m not looking for it. What I can say about my divorce and my failed engagement is that I learned where my bar is.
Jill Scott
We’ve not given any attention to the people in their 50s and 60s, who need attention, education and engagement, in terms of the society and in terms of their identity as human beings.
Pankaj Kapur
P is positive emotion, E is engagement, R is relationships, M is meaning and A is accomplishment. Those are the five elements of what free people chose to do. Pretty much everything else is in service of one of or more of these goals. That’s the human dashboard.
Martin Seligman
And, perhaps most importantly, regional conflicts will again and again confront us with a cruel choice between costly engagement and costly indifference.
Lord Robertson
It was in 1976, I think. I was in South Africa on military engagement when someone left a magazine on my bed with the picture of a beautiful woman on the cover. I read that her name was Parveen Babi and I thought, I must go to Bombay and meet her.
Bob Christo
The Philippines-U.S. Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement takes our security cooperation to a higher level of engagement, reaffirms our country’s commitment to mutual defense and security, and promotes regional peace and stability.
Benigno Aquino III
Agriculture changes the landscape more than anything else we do. It alters the composition of species. We don’t realize it when we sit down to eat, but that is our most profound engagement with the rest of nature.
Michael Pollan
The antidote to the malaise and distrust that led to the rise of Trump is total civic engagement: working together from the grass roots, block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood, to implement progressive policies that build a fairer city for all.
Michelle Wu
I love the way Indian weddings are hosted. We have kept everything traditional – except our engagement ceremony.
Neil Nitin Mukesh