Top 175 Covering Quotes

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The dirty little secret the media doesn't want to admit

The dirty little secret the media doesn’t want to admit is that Trump generates such good content that they can’t help covering him even when they hate him.
Milo Yiannopoulos
Covering Richard Nixon’s triumphant run in 1968 turned out to be my last major assignment as a general correspondent for CBS News. In September of that year, ’60 Minutes’ made its debut and I began the best, the most fulfilling job a reporter could imagine.
Mike Wallace
I’m not covering up. I don’t need a t-shirt on to go wrestle.
Bobby Lashley
But I spent just two calendar years at Cornell University, though it was covering more than three years of work, and then went to medical school and did become interested in psychiatry, and even helped form a kind of psychiatry club in medical school.
Robert Jay Lifton
I never intended to become a data head. I could never have predicted it would play such an important role in my life. Yet here we are: My Institute on Gender in Media has sponsored the largest amount of research ever done on gender depictions in media, covering a 20-year-plus span.
Geena Davis
When a big event happens, people turn on to CNN, not only because they know there will be people there covering an event on the ground, but because they know we’re going to cover it in a way that’s non-partisan, that’s not left or right.
Anderson Cooper
And at that point, I think my experience in covering the subject helped me. I think editors felt comfortable with the idea of me telling this story because I had demonstrated that I know this business pretty well.
Laura Hillenbrand
I used to always buy clothes too big, but I should have showed off instead of covering up.
Carey Lowell
With years of experience doing whatever it takes to get to the bottom of each story, I am looking forward to covering the stories in the human dimension and impart the passion and visceral reactions the audience seeks.
Geraldo Rivera
Our covering ministry is Challenge for Christ ministries, and Travel the Road was solely our mission arm, designed to expose people to what missions are, then connect them with agencies that send people out.
Michael Scott
I generally don’t follow domestic news that much aside from how it relates to the stories I’m covering abroad, like what Americans think of the War in Afghanistan.
Lynsey Addario
I only use one side of the Physicians Formula Twin Cream Concealer Opens a New Window – the yellower side. It’s great for covering up red spots.
Camilla Luddington
In the past, I’ve done some covering. My first show in New York, I covered three guys in ‘Jersey Boys.’ I think it was always something that was helpful for keeping my head on straight.
Colin Donnell
The Earth has been lawned with life for something over 3.5 billion years. That’s a span of time great enough to encompass some honest-to-goodness catastrophe. For example, 700 million years ago, Earth underwent a planet-wide deep freeze, with ice covering the oceans from the poles to the equator.
Seth Shostak
Historians and scholars have access to every issue of every newspaper and journal written during the civil rights struggle of the 1960s but can access only a comparative handful of papers covering the election of Barack Obama.
Jeffrey Zeldman
I’m not wedded to covering the markets. I’m intrigued by the markets. If I can connect Main Street with Wall Street, then I’ve succeeded.
Neil Cavuto
I was unknown because I came to Washington from the West. I started covering Watergate. Immodestly, I’d say I did it pretty well, in part because it was hard to go wrong.
Tom Brokaw
The White House used to belong to the American people. At least that’s what I learned from history books and from covering every president starting with John F. Kennedy.
Helen Thomas
My 2016 was basically spent covering Donald Trump and falling madly in love with James Fletcher.
Brooke Baldwin
Even if your bosoms are your best asset, deep round-neck or scoop-neck Ts can be too revealing. Offset this flash of gorgeousness by covering up your arms with a little cardi that has sleeves to the elbow.
Covering the NBA is about covering people. I think that’s why it’s sometimes compared to a reality show – because you actually get the chance to know the characters, not just the teams.
Malika Andrews
When I was first assigned to cover the Republican presidential race in 2007, that meant covering John McCain. He was the next in line, and at that point that mattered in the GOP.
Dana Bash
Most Muslim women know it is fear and curiosity that cause people to stare. They know it is ignorance and stereotypes that cause people to suppose that a piece of material covering the hair strips a woman of the ability to speak English, pursue a career, work a remote control.
Randa Abdel-Fattah
Maybe that’s the whole teen oeuvre, you know covering people in disgusting bodily fluids and whatnot.
Rider Strong
I’ve been covering North Korea nuclear issues since I was a young reporter in the Tokyo bureau of ‘The Times’ and wrote some of the first pieces about the existence of the program at Yongbyon.
David E. Sanger
The best thing that you can do to break down any of the barriers that women face in sports is to be over prepared – know your value, but also know the subject matter that you’re covering.
Maria Taylor
I think that the press has a duty and an obligation to report on local government, state government, federal government – to be aggressive, to do its job. And its job is to report on whatever it’s covering.
Mark McKinnon
I was on the campaign trail, covering Donald Trump for two years – and it’s really hard to do anything for yourself with a schedule like that. I didn’t have time to answer text messages from my friends or go to the gym, let alone get my nails done.
Katy Tur
I feel like I’ve been playing, coaching and covering basketball my entire life.
Doris Burke
I feel like covering my children’s eyes when they watch television. It’s better that they spend their time doing something constructive.
I made video art for quite a long time, and I made this video covering myself in burgers and dancing to Major Lazer and doing covers of Britney Spears songs… I can’t remember how I got there, but my teacher said he’d have to fail me because it had mild nudity.
Charli XCX
The Trump administration, to its credit, has initiative

The Trump administration, to its credit, has initiatives on housing. It has initiatives on child care. It does not have true initiatives in terms of making health care more affordable and covering the remaining millions of Americans who do not have insurance coverage.
Annie Lowrey
I’m sorry to say I’m very lizard-like. My skin is dry, so covering my face in greasy antioxidants is a better alternative.
Sally Phillips
Covering two presidential campaigns for CNN was great fun, especially because of remarkable friends throughout the entire political unit, especially Mark Preston.
Ed Henry
I am not covering stories as a transgender reporter. I’m a reporter who is transgender. Otherwise, it would be like having a black reporter only cover stories about blacks or a Hispanic reporter covering stories about Hispanics.
Zoey Tur
The other guys and myself have agreed that Billy Sherwood will do an excellent job of covering my parts, and the show as a whole will deliver the same Yes experience that our fans have come to expect over the years.
Chris Squire
If with open mind one reads and observes industriously and long; if in so doing one covers a wide field and so covering reflects in terms of realism, he is likely, soon or late, to be brought to a sudden consciousness that Man is an unknown quantity and his existence unsuspected.
Louis Sullivan
When I’m covering a story, it’s not just about gathering facts, but it’s gathering the human element as well.
Brooke Baldwin
I love myself the way I am, but people will always message me about other people with vitiligo who cover their skin. ‘Winnie Harlow, you need to tell them that they need to love themselves the way they are and stop covering their skin!’ No! If that’s what makes them comfortable and what makes them happy, let them be.
Winnie Harlow
I’ve been covering all four corners of the country in connection with promoting sustainable and responsible tourism. So not only am I just travelling, I am travelling responsibly.
Shenaz Treasury
On a daily basis I’m covering things that are leaking out of the White House and leaking out what should be closed-door meetings on the Hill. That is not integrity.
Harris Faulkner
In Twenty20, because of the pace of the game, everyone is constantly involved in the field, you have to work as a team covering each other, there’s no time to take your eye off the ball.
Isa Guha
I’d never played a cop before, and this particular role with what she is going thru, especially during the first season, covering her alcoholism to her on the job performance, was a great opportunity for me as an actress.
Nancy McKeon
One of the unique things about covering politics in America is that I’ve gotten to see a lot of corners of this country that I never would’ve gotten to see. It turns out that there are a lot of really beautiful places in corners of America you wouldn’t necessarily expect.
Kasie Hunt
Last year, when we were in Mobile, Al., covering Hurricane Ivan, we heard the stories of poor people, many of them black stranded downtown because they had no way out.
Al Roker
Hell, covering all with its gloomy vapors, has cast shadows on even the holiest eyes.
Jean Racine
Supramolecular chemistry is the chemistry of the intermolecular bond, covering the structures and functions of the entities formed by association of two or more chemical species.
Jean-Marie Lehn
When pop and rock were taking over from jazz, and Sinatra was covering a Beatles song, it was all very new. I get to come at it from a different direction.
Michael Buble
I know better than to ever attempt to get a reporter removed from covering any topic. That would never be an option.
Stephanie Grisham