Top 19 Uninterested Quotes

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If you create something that is asking for people to re

If you create something that is asking for people to respond as they’re going to respond, you have to allow them to respond as they’re going to respond. Some of the people are going to be uninterested and some people are going to be mad for some reason, which is their business. That’s just the way the world is.
Charlie Kaufman
I was embarrassed by my parents. I thought they had nothing of interest to say or contribute to anything. My real crime was not understanding that they were interesting, and I have been trying to make it up to them for being so indescribably blase, so genuinely uninterested and dismissive.
Linda Grant
Not to like ice cream is to show oneself uninterested in food.
Joseph Epstein
What was exciting to me in talking to Kogonada was I was just very convinced that he was a very real and pure artist. He was so uninterested in the commercial game.
John Cho
Bureaucrats want you to think that the system is too complex because they want you to be stupid about it and uninterested in it. They work very hard to create as many levels as possible away from the simplistic government our Founding Fathers formed for one simple reason: they don’t want you to know what they are doing.
Dana Loesch
I never represented glam. That’s the thing, you’ll never see me in the front row of a fashion show. I’m uninterested in it. I find it trivial and banal and boring.
Jamie Lee Curtis
I don’t think that people are disinterested or uninterested in politics. I think very often they are disengaged from the formal political process. To some extent they are suspicious or even despairing of formal politics as a means to give expression and effect to what they want.
John Bercow
I’m uninterested in superheroes. I am only interested in real stories, real people, real connection.
Jamie Lee Curtis
Identity for me is something that has to be played with and explored, and not become complacent about or uninterested in.
I have a tendency to run after people who are completely unattainable and uninterested and make a complete fool of myself.
Martha Wainwright
Sometimes, when you have someone behind the counter who’s supposed to assist you and help you out, just being completely bored and uninterested – sometimes it’s a little bit frustrating, you know?
Caroline Dhavernas
Being onstage and communicating with an audience was part of my life since I was very little, but I was never pushed into singing. My parents were so uninterested in me making music.
I’ve always been so uninterested in playing any kind of archetype of some pure, innocent, virginal woman. I just don’t believe it.
Vanessa Kirby
By giving professors jobs for life, universities create a feeling of unanswerable power among too many. Tenured professors who are uninterested in serving the student body are less likely to respond favorably to criticism, and are more likely to feel the freedom to intimidate or harass those with opposing viewpoints.
Ben Shapiro
I was kind of the black sheep with the Disney kids. I was uninterested in making friends with most of them. I didn’t really fall into ‘the Disney mold.’ I was more or less the kid hanging out with the crew members and got along with them far better.
Adam Lamberg
Capitalists seem uninterested in capitalism, even as eager entrepreneurs can’t get financing. Businesses and investors sound like the Ancient Mariner, who complained, ‘Water, water everywhere – nor any drop to drink.’
Clayton M. Christensen
For the longest time, I was uninterested in dealing with EMI Records.
Steve Miller
I’ve always been really uninterested in politicians and the acts of the Houses of Parliament, or government as an idea. But I’m interested in politics in that I’m a member of the world, and I have strong feelings of right and wrong, but I can’t get into the ins and outs of it.
Ewan McGregor
I never could read science fiction. I was just uninterested in it. And you know, I don’t like to read novels where the hero just goes beyond what I think could exist. And it doesn’t interest me because I’m not learning anything about something I’ll actually have to deal with.
James D. Watson