Top 20 Detectives Quotes

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When I first started writing the books in the 1980s, al

When I first started writing the books in the 1980s, all of the female detectives were flawed in some way because they were based on noir characters.
Kerry Greenwood
Personally I had the opportunity to go on several ride alongs with the LA County Sheriff’s Department with some amazing detectives, who were invaluable to me.
Nancy McKeon
I think all scientists are like detectives. We are most happy when we find something that doesn’t fit our expectations.
Heidi Hammel
It’s a very, very fascinating story for me, cause it’s about a man who’s been doing bad; bad things. And he’s a father of four children in parochial school, he’s a lieutenant of detectives, but he’s in conflict with himself and with trying to do what’s right.
Harvey Keitel
My family are police officers, detectives. My brother Mitch is FBI. Mitch is like that – a stern enforcer.
Bernie Mac
My strongest hope is for a cameo as a band playing in a club visited by the detectives on ‘Law & Order: SVU’ during the course of an investigation, maybe during sound check, or something, so they can force us to stop playing while they question the sound guy.
John Darnielle
Not all detectives are the same – some play bad cop, some are awkward, some are funny.
Juliette Lewis
Yes, and many times it’s frustrating, because I’m simply part of the show, and I’m not in the creative end of it, who goes out with detectives and tries to find these things out.
Robert Stack
When I was a kid, what captivated me about detective fiction were the puzzles more than the detectives or their enemies. And as I’ve gotten older, I see a lot of merit in setting your investigative sights higher than figuring out how someone stole Encyclopedia Brown’s bicycle.
Mark Waid
The world domination plan goal is that I would love Veronica Mars to become a brand like Sherlock Holmes is a brand, like Nancy Drew, in a way, is a brand. When people start listing who are the great fictional detectives, I want Veronica Mars to make that list. That would be the dream scenario.
Rob Thomas
You’re right on the money with that. We’re all like detectives in life. There’s something at the end of the trail that we’re all looking for.
David Lynch
I remember when I was 12, talking with my friends about what we wanted to do with our lives, astronauts, forensic detectives, all these different jobs. And the only thing I could think was an actor.
Tony Revolori
I know when I was here prosecuting homicides in the District of Columbia, one of the most effective units here was the cold case squad, which had on it FBI agents, as well as Metropolitan Police Department homicide detectives working together.
Robert Mueller
My novels are never directly based on a true crime incident, but I want to get the details right. I want to know how homicide detectives think, what a SWAT team might do to prepare.
Marcus Sakey
Over and over, nature shows that it’s a really tough adversary. That’s why it’s important that we invest in laboratories, disease detectives, research, mosquito control, the public health system around the world to find, stop, track, prevent health threats.
Tom Frieden
In the 1970s, there was a trend for all detectives on TV to have some quirk or gimmick, and this was often physical.
Mark Billingham
The righting of historic wrongs has chimed with something fundamental in me since I was a young reader. I love the forensic skills, the psychological insights, and the sheer bloody-mindedness of various detectives – professional or accidental – inching toward the truth of a long-buried secret.
Fiona Barton
I’m a nut for these ‘crime reality’ shows. Things like ‘Forensic Files,’ ‘Forensic Detectives.’
David Harewood
I think TV has been a little bit irresponsible in how they portray these people because homicide detectives are not brooding, tortured souls who are stained with the stink of the city and who have blood on their hands. They are real, live people that are incredibly entertaining.
Nathan Fillion
I’ve played lots of law enforcement agents, and I do have friends that are in the bureau, in the DEA, and who are detectives and captains.
Malik Yoba