Top 20 Political History Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Political History Quotes from famous people such as Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lucy Worsley, Jeff Miller, Subramanian Swamy, Steve Schmidt, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Should any political party attempt to abolish social se

Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
I am interested in constitutional history, political history, the history of foreign affairs, but I think you can get at those subjects through the details of daily life.
Lucy Worsley
The 2004 Election marks the first time in modern political history that Republican voter turnout matched Democratic turnout in a presidential election year.
Jeff Miller
Madurai is a city with a long political history. It was at the centre of the anti-Brahmin movement, the anti-Hindi movement, the Dravidian movement, and was a pro-LTTE city. Yet, this city has elected me, the very antithesis of all these movements.
Subramanian Swamy
What destroyed the Republican Party isn’t Trump. It’s the obedience to Trump from servile leaders like McConnell and Ryan who could have put a check on him. They have gotten their place in political history. They’ll be remembered as vile.
Steve Schmidt
It is a remarkable fact in the political history of man that there is scarcely an instance of a free constitutional government which has been the work exclusively of foresight and wisdom. They have all been the result of a fortunate combination of circumstances.
John C. Calhoun
Nixon has enough to overcome in terms of his legacy and his political history. Now he has to overcome the in-fighting between his daughters. It’s so sad. There’s another obstacle for him to clear.
Monica Crowley
If you want to study the social and political history of modern nations, study hell.
Thomas Merton
Fashion is not just about trends. It’s about political history. You can trace it from the ancient Romans to probably until the ’80s, and you can see defining moments that were due either to revolutions or changes in politics.
Daphne Guinness
It’s unbelievable, there’s a book out attacking Gore, when he’s the most unfortunate loser in political history.
Vincent Bugliosi
People didn’t vote left or right in the election. They voted for putting an end to all the primitive political history.
Fatos Nano
The first phase of American political history was characterized by the conflict between the Federalists and the Republicans, and it resulted in the complete triumph of the latter.
Herbert Croly
The way I work: I pick a country. I learn the political history – I mean I really learn it; I read until it sinks in. Once I read the political history, I can project and find the clandestine history. And then I people it with the characters.
Alan Furst
Every single administration in American political history has put cronies and pals and donors into political positions. But normally those people become the ambassador to Liechtenstein or the deputy undersecretary of commerce.
Irwin Redlener
For long, history was mainly political history, and historical narrative was confined to an account of the most important crises in political life, or to an account of wars and great generals.
Michael Rostovtzeff
Given political history in Chile, it seemed to me that there was a critical task of consolidating a democracy and creating healthy civic-military and political-military relationships.
Michelle Bachelet
Christopher Hitchens’s autobiography, ‘Hitch 22’, is a poignant read and very interesting because I have a very poor knowledge of recent political history – or, for that matter, distant political history.
Tim Minchin
Self-proclaimed saviors and other outliers come and go throughout our political history. Occasionally, they’re successful; most times, they’re not. But the system has rebalanced toward the basic principles of tolerance, freedom and democracy that were set forth by the Founders.
David Ignatius
It is ironic that the United States should have been founded by intellectuals, for throughout most of our political history, the intellectual has been for the most part either an outsider, a servant or a scapegoat.
Richard Hofstadter
Clinton was super attuned to other people to the point where he talks about feeling other people’s pain. Clinton is probably the most buoyant, resilient person in American political history.
Daniel H. Pink