Top 205 Bird Quotes

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Some newspapers are fit only to line the bottom of bird

Some newspapers are fit only to line the bottom of bird cages.
Spiro T. Agnew
I’m the smallest man in show business, and I’ve got the smallest bird in Britain nesting in my garden.
Kenny Baker
I was compared to a bird that was too fat to lift itself off the ground.
Katelyn Ohashi
The Ritz Hotel has never yet provided game of such wondrous flavor as the bird plucked and half-cooked over the small boys’ camp fire.
Herbert Hoover
Everyone likes birds. What wild creature is more accessible to our eyes and ears, as close to us and everyone in the world, as universal as a bird?
David Attenborough
My father used to call me ‘bird bones’ and, well, the name fits.
Chuck Palahniuk
I remember one time watching a bird snatch a dragonfly out of midair and thinking, ‘Gee, life can come to an end – crunch! – just like that.’
Gary Larson
In software systems it is often the early bird that makes the worm.
Alan Perlis
Quite likely the twentieth century is destined to see the natural forces which will enable us to fly from continent to continent with a speed far exceeding that of a bird.
Simon Newcomb
You have tours that go to certain parts of the world to see a specific type of bird, and then you come back to Hollywood, and you see tour vans that go around in hopes of catching a glimpse of Halle Berry going out to get a newspaper.
Ian Harding
I am not an early bird. I go to bed normally between midnight and 1 o’clock, so it is understandable that I cannot be an early bird. I wake up around 9 o’clock.
Dieter Rams
I’m an early bird, partly because I like to have some quiet time and partly because by 9am emails begin arriving, the phone starts ringing and I have dragons to kill of one sort or another.
Andrew Motion
I don’t, for the record, have a Tweety Bird fetish.
Brian Lamb
The ‘Bird’s Nest’ National Stadium, which I helped to conceive, is designed to embody the Olympic spirit of ‘fair competition.’ It tells people that freedom is possible but needs fairness, courage and strength.
Ai Weiwei
For my own part, I wish the bald eagle had not been chosen the representative of our country. He is a bird of bad moral character. He does not get his living honestly.
Benjamin Franklin
I don’t mind being 65, but nobody is gonna tell me to come in at 5:30 to have the early bird special.
Alan King
Seasonally ploughing and harvesting crops will mash up a few moles, slice through a burrow of field mice and crush any ground-nesting bird chicks. Far more significant, however, is the creation of the field in the first place: an act that replaces entire ecosystems, along with all their animal inhabitants.
Tristram Stuart
I can’t understand why the front pages of newspapers can cover bird flu and swine flu and everybody is up in arms about that and we still haven’t really woken up to the fact that so many women in sub-Saharan Africa – 60 percent of people in – infected with HIV are women.
Annie Lennox
Girdles and wire stays should have never been invented. No man wants to hug a padded bird cage.
Marilyn Monroe
Perfect as the wing of a bird may be, it will never enable the bird to fly if unsupported by the air. Facts are the air of science. Without them a man of science can never rise.
Ivan Pavlov
You can’t be suspicious of a tree, or accuse a bird or a squirrel of subversion or challenge the ideology of a violet.
Hal Borland
I know I don’t own Big Bird, but I own his soul, I feel.
Caroll Spinney
Becoming a bird ecologist was just luck! I had the chance to be a field assistant for a scientist working in the Galapagos Islands, and while I was there, I saw a particular problem in behavioral biology that I wanted to solve and, in the process, made myself into a bird ecologist.
David J. Anderson
Big Bird went through his very human kind of struggles as a child. No other children’s character has been that complete and detailed.
Caroll Spinney
I must’ve been a bird in some previous lifetime. I feel like I’m called to flying – the convenience and the beauty of it. That feeling of soaring would be empowering.
Rachel Keller
My mother was known as the ‘bird lady’ of the neighborhood. Anything injured, or any unusual creature somebody found, they would always come to our doorstep.
Sylvia Earle
‘Winnie the Pooh’s Grand Adventure’ – the movie where Rabbit adopts a baby bird and raises her, and then the bird grows up and flies away and leaves him – I cried.
Noelle Stevenson
Every time I see a cardinal, I know my grandmother is with me. This regal, red bird was Grandma’s favorite.
Kris Carr
If you direct your attention to the position of a bird with regard to the wave surface, it will speedily be noticed to be nearly always on the rising side or face of the wave and moving apparently at right angles to the wave’s course, but really diagonal to it.
Lawrence Hargrave
Boredom is the dream bird that hatches the egg of experience. A rustling in the leaves drives him away.
Walter Benjamin
I gravitated back to theatre again, and when I heard about this little independent movie called ‘Lady Bird,’ I thought, ‘This will be a project where I can dip my toe back into the water.’
Laurie Metcalf
Whenever I meet someone new, I always extend a hand and

Whenever I meet someone new, I always extend a hand and say, ‘Hi I’m Lana Condor… Condor like the ugly endangered bird.’ I like to see how people react to that and if they laugh and, indeed, know what a condor is… chances are we’re going to get along just fine!
Lana Condor
My first favourite book was ‘Are You My Mother?’ A picture book about a lost bird. After that my favourites changed almost yearly. I loved everything by Roald Dahl, but my favourite was probably ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ A librarian gave me a first edition of that book, which I treasure.
Rick Yancey
I’m not really into the fame thing. I’ve met so many celebrities now, and everybody’s just the same. I’m a bit of a family bird.
Lee Pearson
Only in my 40s did I become a person whose heart lifts whenever he hears a grosbeak singing or a towhee calling, and who hurries out to see a golden plover that’s been reported in the neighbourhood, just because it’s a beautiful bird, with truly golden plumage, and has flown all the way from Alaska.
Jonathan Franzen
I’ve learned to say, ‘I’m a friend of Big Bird. He even taught me how to sound like him.’
Caroll Spinney
When I was younger, most people thought my lips looked like Tweety Bird’s – there were always comments like that from family and neighbors.
Lindsey Wixson
Few things grace a plate as dramatically as a whole plucked upland bird, however it’s cooked.
Jonathan Miles
I share my name with an aerobatic bird that can whiz across a whole summer sky in seconds. A swift is so equipped for speed that it can scarcely cope with being stationary.
Graham Swift
When I think about filming ‘Lady Bird,’ I think about, dancing, eating, and laughing, which are three of my favorite things, so it’s great.
Beanie Feldstein
I have been blessed with friends who do things rather than buy things: friends who will change books at the library, take a bag of your old clothes to a thrift store, bring you cuttings and plant them in a window box, fill the bird feeder in your garden when you can’t get out.
Maeve Binchy
Whenever I heard the song of a bird and the answering call of its mate, I could visualize the notes in scale, all built up within my consciousness as a natural symphony.
William Christopher Handy
We just try to write about things that are close to our hearts. We don’t sit around trying to write another ‘Free Bird’ or ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’
Rickey Medlocke
If you cannot catch a bird of paradise, better take a wet hen.
Nikita Khrushchev
When I was twelve, I went hunting with my father and we shot a bird. He was laying there and something struck me. Why do we call this fun to kill this creature who was as happy as I was when I woke up this morning.
Marv Levy
I get great pleasure from stuffed foods, from an apple strudel to a vegetable samosa, from a whole roasted bird with a sweet and savoury stuffing to a vine leaf filled with rice and spices.
Yotam Ottolenghi
A leaf fluttered in through the window this morning, as if supported by the rays of the sun, a bird settled on the fire escape, joy in the task of coffee, joy accompanied me as I walked.
Anais Nin
The greatest set shooter ever? Larry Joe Bird. Period. The best coming off screen? Reginald Miller. And the best off the dribble? Steph Curry.
Jalen Rose
Time sometimes flies like a bird, sometimes crawls like a snail; but a man is happiest when he does not even notice whether it passes swiftly or slowly.
Ivan Turgenev
Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.
Langston Hughes
I love taking the boat to the Farne Islands, a few miles offshore. It has a National Trust bird sanctuary with seals and every sort of seabird you can imagine.
Kevin Whately
For people who think of chicken as the meat choice of those-who-don’t-really-like-meat, brining a bird will be a revelation.
Yotam Ottolenghi
If one bird foraging in a flock on the ground suddenly takes off, all other birds will take off immediately after, before they even know what’s going on. The one who stays behind may be prey.
Frans de Waal
As a novelist, you have to pick your battles. You are tired. You have begun to experience the first ominous tinglings of carpal tunnel syndrome. You wake up in the middle of the night with both hands lying across your chest like a couple of plucked bird carcasses, dead of all sensation.
Lynn Coady
Big Bird is based on what I learned as a child.
Caroll Spinney
Michael Jordan broke the mold of the Magic Johnson/Larry Bird era – he came in and he had a gold chain, he wore longer shorts and his sneakers were a different style.
Since I had my gastric bypass surgery in 1998, I eat like a bird. Unfortunately, that bird is a California condor.
Roseanne Barr
I could never be homophobic in any kind of way, dude. I’m such a free bird.
CeeLo Green