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Windows Mobile enables our industry partners to customi

Windows Mobile enables our industry partners to customize devices according to their customers’ needs while including productivity features such as access to e-mail, contacts, calendar, and other critical business information for mobile workers on the go.
Suzan DelBene
‘Indigo Prophecy’ already brought a lot of new features to the traditional adventure genre, including the Action system, MultiView, Bending Stories, etc. ‘Heavy Rain’ will include features like advanced physics and AI, realistic characters and living environments.
David Cage
Well, in features, and in writing especially, it’s often the style of the writer comes in.
Kurt Loder
So Chuck and I looked at that and we hacked on em for a while, and eventually we ripped the stuff out of em and put some of it into what was then called en, which was really ed with some em features.
Bill Joy
I think the commercial world is a lateral step from features. Some people see it as a step down, but I’ve never understood that.
Theodore Melfi
The cost of adding a feature isn’t just the time it takes to code it. The cost also includes the addition of an obstacle to future expansion. The trick is to pick the features that don’t fight each other.
John Carmack
All I will say is that there are particular features of the American constitutional system that renders a third party futile – at best.
Todd Gitlin
Well, I have since seen you at Tinkle. It’s a comedy show started by David Cross, me and Jon Benjamin. It features a wide variety of acts for all tastes and seasons.
Todd Barry
Fortunately… ‘With Fi and Jane’ features BBC veterans Fi Glover and Jane Garvey sitting in the BBC cafe, nattering about whatever interests them.
David Hepworth
There aren’t a lot of Portuguese models, so everyone always expects me to be Brazilian because of my features, sometimes even American, as I have a slight American accent when I speak English.
Sara Sampaio
What’s different is with every successive year, as we launch a thousand plus features and services, we just have the capabilities to make it easier for the rest of the market to use us.
Andy Jassy
I started in TV movies and then had success in my move to features with ‘Night Shift’ and ‘Splash’.
Brian Grazer
Robotic toys can be very interesting, but it is important that the toy not ‘dictate’ how the child should play with it. Rather, it should take its cues from the child and enhance, teach, and enrich the play experience. We incorporated some of these features into a robotic baby doll we built for Hasbro in 1999.
Colin Angle
I’m just looking to explore every medium to express my talent, but I think mostly it’s going to be a focus on features.
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
I love monochrome looks and I think an entire skin color one really brings out one’s features and is immensely sexy.
Nandita Mahtani
Flickr was designed partly to market itself. There are a lot features, in place early on, that let people take their photo, upload it to Flickr and post them elsewhere, on their own Web site or their blog, which meant a lot of incoming links.
Stewart Butterfield
We’re not performers, we’re not models – it would not be enjoyable for humanity to see our features, but the robots are exciting to people.
Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
What features in a midfielder am I after? Players who have the mindset to win every game – then we can start to talk about the technical quality.
Rafael Benitez
Plumage features constitute a major component of courtship signals.
Peter R. Grant
‘The Lucky One’ features a young concentration camp survivor named Peter Rashkin – who’s about the age my dad was when he started at CBS – working at the Oyster Bar, trying to acclimate to his new country and outrun the memories of the daily he left behind.
Jenna Blum
Somebody with Debbie Reynolds’ features doesn’t get cast as the Wicked Witch.
Alan Rickman
Always feeling secondary and just being a voice rather than known as the song writer and artist… it’s been a challenge to even get music videos of most of the features I’m on, so I’m pleased people are starting to recognise me as an artist in my own right.
Becky Hill
My features are completely ethnic.
Naomi Campbell
I don’t think I have any bad features.
Stacy Keibler
Disney features, especially the early ones, were horror movies with cute critters: Greek tragedies with a hummable chorus. Forcing children to confront the loss of home, parent, friends and fondest pets, these films imposed shock therapy on four-year-olds.
Richard Corliss
One of the album’s songs features Mary J. Blige, but I don’t want to talk too much about it yet. I think you will hear the music that’s been playing in my head when it comes out.
Chaka Khan
I do not know Rep. Weiner. But I do know he seems to have the features of a narcissist. Narcissists feel empty. Narcissists feel invincible. But their emotional landscape is barren.
Drew Pinsky
No face is ‘correct,’ but when you figure out how to emphasize and celebrate your own features with makeup, it will show.
So, Mexico, Brazil, they wanted their national culture to be ‘blackish’ – really brown, a beautiful brown blend. And finally, I discovered that in each of these societies the people at the bottom are the darkest skinned with the most African features.
Henry Louis Gates
Seeing sites and features in places where we never looked or never thought things might exist is causing archaeologists across the world to think deeper about their sites or entire cultures.
Sarah Parcak
Beauty is not about good skin, features and figure, but about your nature and habits.
Dia Mirza
In the U.S., PC-makers have no incentive to lower price

In the U.S., PC-makers have no incentive to lower prices because it kills their profit margins. They keep adding new features like high-end retina displays and faster processors to justify their high prices.
Vivek Wadhwa
I do believe that enduring geological features are important, though I don’t think I can be clear about exactly why.
Tracy Kidder
Instant dashi is to dashi what a bouillon cube is to chicken broth. While dashi is subtle and subdued, instant dashi is a cartoon drawing with all the features enhanced and hyper-expressive.
Sohla El-Waylly
The institution of chivalry forms one of the most remarkable features in the history of the Middle Ages.
Horatio Alger
Far more thought and care go into the composition of any prominent ad in a newspaper or magazine than go into the writing of their features and editorials.
Marshall McLuhan
We emphasise the features on satellite maps by adding colours to farmland, urban structures, archaeological sites, vegetation and water.
Sarah Parcak
We’re learning that, when it comes to enterprise users or otherwise, privacy is very important. Some features might work well for enterprise customers and may not work for consumers. You’ve got to have balance.
Eric Yuan
‘Proximity’ features four legends and four rising stars who each bring their own athleticism, thoughts, and experiences in this behind-the-scenes look at modern surfing.
Taylor Steele
The particular features of the photographic method of detecting atomic particles enabled us to establish the existence of transient forms of matter which had escaped recognition by other methods.
Cecil Frank Powell
About that time, stronger features became fashionable on the screen.
Marie Windsor
I deeply admire the American Presidency as a political and constitutional institution. I believe it is, one of the great, and remarkable innovations in our Constitution, and has been one of the most successful features of the Constitution in protecting the liberties of the American people.
William Barr
Baseball grew rapidly in favor; the field was ripe. America needed a live outdoor sport, and this game exactly suited the national temperament. It required all the manly qualities of activity, endurance, pluck, and skill peculiar to cricket, and was immeasurably superior to that game in exciting features.
John Montgomery Ward
The best seat in the house often depends on the ballet. For instance, much of the first act of ‘The Nutcracker’ is domestic and small scale, so it’s great to sit up close. But the second act features elaborate scenery and choreography, which are better to observe from a distance.
Robert Gottlieb
What to do with a leading business that’s challenged by a new technology wave without hurting an existing profit stream? The single greatest example of recent memory is Apple’s willingness to decimate iPod sales by incorporating all the category-defining product’s features into a new gizmo, the iPhone.
Adam Lashinsky
Government doesn’t have to come up with new killer features on its own. It has to step aside and let others come up with them.
Gavin Newsom
Facial recognition software is already quite accurate in measuring unchanging and unique ratios between facial features that identify you as you. It’s like a fingerprint.
Jan Chipchase
Trump is most fun to draw – just a great mash of caricature-able features, from bouffant to eyebrows and scowl, to the high cheekbones and the regal pride.
Jake Tapper
Facebook collects a lot of data from people and admits it. And it also collects data which isn’t admitted. And Google does too. As for Microsoft, I don’t know. But I do know that Windows has features that send data about the user.
Richard Stallman
One of the earliest requested features was to do premium filters where a brand could sponsor a filter. It’s just not in our wheelhouse. It doesn’t feel ‘Instagram’-my in the way that the high-quality brand ads do.
Kevin Systrom
I call my design style rustically modern. I like to take traditional or rustic features and fuse it into a more modern design.
Drew Scott
What I was concerned with was life: what are the major features that are common to all living organisms that subtly define life. So I looked at the whole problem as a chemist, as a biochemist, and as a molecular biologist.
Christian de Duve
I try to learn from both, from features and documentaries. In both cases you have to find a way to make the camera as discreet as possible, and flexible enough to be able to capture the moment when it happens. I know from documentary how to not have a preconceived idea of what the scene could be.
Michel Gondry
I’ve repeatedly seen unscrupulous lenders use every con in the book to charm and lie to homeowners. Lenders actually paid brokers a premium to put people in higher-priced loans with toxic features, such as adjustable rates and prepayment penalties.
Lisa Madigan
There are features that African Americans have that are similar! There are features that white people have that are similar! Features that Hispanic people have that are similar!
Don Lemon
There’s a lot of people in Hollywood who don’t look like me or don’t have similar features like me.
Cameron Boyce
Two things you almost always see when ‘MTV Cribs’ features a black superstar: a poster of Tony Montana and a poster of the Godfather. Montana and Michael Corleone, though fictional, are considered heroes by young black men everywhere.
Jemele Hill
No matter how beautiful you are you, if you don’t know how to handle yourself, it will just show… You don’t have to have perfect features… It’s really just your disposition.
Heart Evangelista
Every time a Hollywood director shoots a film about Africa that features a Western protagonist, I shake my head – because Africans, real people though we may be, are used as props in the West’s fantasy of itself.
Uzodinma Iweala
I wish to present myself in front of the camera, each time under the features of a different woman. I would like to live and apprehend the problems, the conflicts, the feelings and the impulses of women radically different from me.
Romy Schneider
Rafa is hilarious. He’s my fun one. Leo is my real sensitive one; he’s so sensitive and so sweet and wants to take care of everybody. Romeo is Mr. Independent – he’s so independent. He looks the most like me, I think, because he’s got my coloring and, I think, my features a little bit more.
Hilaria Baldwin
Makeup is a very delicate thing for me – I’ve got sort of defined features, so I don’t like to do too much contour, as it can be a bit severe.
Andreja Pejic
So long as procreation stems from parents of the same r

So long as procreation stems from parents of the same race, appearance and lineage are typically congruent. Interracial unions give rise to added complexity. Interracial amalgamation will produce some individuals whose features diverge from those commonly ascribed to the races of their ancestors.
Randall Kennedy
The Lilac Rose Collection isn’t just about purple. It features dusty pinks and heather grays, which are more natural shades of purple and are perfect for creating a feminine smoky eye.
Bobbi Brown
In features, we’re languid: we shoot one or two scenes over, like, three days. In TV, the pace is so different. You’re shooting ten scenes a day, going way into the future or way back into the past. It’s complete madness, and I’m just trying to keep up with this really electric pace.
Priyanka Chopra
In the ‘365 Fresh’ MV, the story ends with us falling to the ground. Meanwhile, the ‘Retro Future’ MV features us falling onto a car in the beginning. The car that appears in both music videos is the same kind.
I got plenty of grief for ‘Blackwater,’ because in the books, there’s this huge chain across the harbor that features prominently in the battle. And we simply weren’t able to do it with our budget and do it any justice, so we had to lose it.
Neil Marshall
In psychology and behavioral economics, people have shown that if you just describe options in a certain way, or make some features of a situation salient, you can get people to do and even see what you want. You don’t have to be a Jedi to manipulate people’s attention.
Cass Sunstein
There are a couple of ideas for features that I would love to do. They happen to be comedies.
David Simon
On mobile, make sure Facebook’s app can know where you are. That not only makes features like Nearby Friends possible but also makes your feed have a few items from your location.
Robert Scoble
I’m not good at finding ‘encouraging’ features in American culture. I doubt that aesthetic literacy has much of a future here.
Philip Roth
Brows more or less can sculpt the face and minimize features you find less flattering.
Anastasia Soare
Turn on all security features like two-factor authentication. People who do that generally don’t get hacked. Don’t care? You will when you get hacked. Do the same for your email and other social services, too.
Robert Scoble
I’ve been writing full-time since about 1984 – mostly magazine features and columns.
Mary Roach
One of the extraordinary features of the Blair government has been its slavish support for the central tenets of Bush’s foreign policy – above all, the war in Iraq. During the Cold War, the Wilson government resisted the suggestion that it should send troops to Vietnam.
Martin Jacques
A novel that features real people is complicated, but in the end, that extra challenge is all for the good.
Rick Bass
Sixteen years as a freelance features journalist taught me that neither the absence of ‘the Muse’ nor the presence of ‘the block’ should be allowed to hinder the orderly progress of a book.
Jim Crace
Street football features all the basics of football: you get a lot of touches on the ball, it is fast, teaches you to think quickly and to be creative.
Edgar Davids
Although skin color is undoubtedly the most salient signal of racial identity in America, other actual or imagined bodily features have also been seen as distinctive markers of Negritude. These include the shapes of heads, feet, lips, and noses as well as the texture of hair.
Randall Kennedy
‘Line of Duty’ is a social realist drama, so it’s set in a world that has the recognisable features of the authentic world we see around us.
Jed Mercurio
We’re all getting plastic surgery. Come on, this is the game here, and HDTV exaggerates all the features. Yeah, I’m proud of it, because we’re all doing it. Nobody’s talking about it.
Patti Stanger
When we contemplate the heroes of Christianity, and compare our feeble efforts with their astonishing performance and self devotion, we should fall into despair, were there not a few softening features, by which they are brought back to the ranks of humanity.
John Strachan
We had never before seen a place where European influence had not contributed to smooth and soften the rough features of uncultivated nature. The prospect of Rangoon, as we approached, was quite disheartening.
Adoniram Judson
Relying on the face might be human nature – even babies prefer to look at attractive people. But, of course, judging someone based on the geometry of his features is, from a moral and legal standpoint, no better than judging him based on the color of his skin.
Paul Bloom
I think that, as a black girl, you grow up internalizing all these messages that say you shouldn’t accept your hair or your skin tone or your natural features or that you shouldn’t have a voice or that you aren’t smart.
Amandla Stenberg
These days, you can do a TV series for five years and all of a sudden be on top of the business. Features don’t even run in theaters very long anymore before going right to television.
Tom Berenger
Canada evolved within the British Empire: it inherited the Parliamentary system, the Cabinet system and all the other features of the British constitutional system which had been in place, for the most part, for several centuries before Canada was even thought of.
Stockwell Day
My older brother took me to Woody Allen double features when I was still teething.
Doug Liman
I have always liked the contrast between being blonde and having dark features.
Rita Ora
Hip hop scholarship must strive to reflect the form it interrogates, offering the same features as the best hip hop: seductive rhythms, throbbing beats, intelligent lyrics, soulful samples, and a sense of joy that is never exhausted in one sitting.
Michael Eric Dyson
I really love Beyonce. I like to look to her because we look similar; we have similar features about ourselves. So whenever I see that she’s using a new product, or a new hair color, I like to look at her. because I know that if it looks good on her, it’s something that I could try.
Amber Stevens
The Florida sound would probably be best defined as heavy bass with high energy dance records. There’s a strong Caribbean heritage in Florida which features a lot of uptempo music, and the music accents the sexy, body-oriented sound.
Flo Rida
I think people in electronic music are trying to get these big features: ‘Oh my gosh, I’m gonna get the biggest pop star to feature on my track.’
We found we were able to create better, customer-centri

We found we were able to create better, customer-centric product features more quickly with a more diverse product team.
Gillian Tans
No amount of data will tell you if a feature should be in the product, because it doesn’t exist. You need to have a very clear leader with a clear point of view… otherwise, you get a mishmash of features and stuff that doesn’t make a lot of sense.
Tony Fadell
‘Smash Bros.’ features a slew of modes as well, but we didn’t create them all under the idea that we want gamers to try every single one of them. I think it’s just fine if gamers enjoy the aspects of the game they like. It’s kind of a buffet-style approach.
Masahiro Sakurai
I have crazy eyebrows, so it’s crucial to tame them. Just like your hair, they set off your features.
Natalie Morales
There used to be lots of legitimate independent distributors: Fox Searchlight, Miramax, Lionsgate, Warner Independent, Focus Features, Paramount Vantage, Picturehouse and Fine Line. Most of them have closed.
Jay Chandrasekhar
The wonders of the Grand Canyon cannot be adequately represented in symbols of speech, nor by speech itself. The resources of the graphic art are taxed beyond their powers in attempting to portray its features. Language and illustration combined must fail.
John Wesley Powell
Some people have strong opinions about women with short hair. They find it very masculine and severe. Others think it’s soft and feminine and makes your features stand out. It can be an Audrey Hepburn kind of thing.
Morena Baccarin
I’ve been sort of traveling around the country for ten years talking about independent features.
Brian De Palma
To put it bluntly, there isn’t one economic theory that can single-handedly explain Singapore’s success; its economy combines extreme features of capitalism and socialism. All theories are partial; reality is complex.
Ha-Joon Chang
I’m trying to make really flawed characters that have got redeeming features so people can say, ‘I don’t really like that character, but I can understand a bit where they’ve come from.’
Irvine Welsh
I act probably a lot more than you see. I happen to choose movies that don’t have much of a life, or I choose movies that are shown on cable instead of as features.
Holly Hunter
I have certain physical features that I favor over others. We all have our areas.
Christina Aguilera
Some of the top grossing movies now are children’s animated features, they’re making more money than action movies. And you’d never find a Hollywood A-lister years ago doing voice-overs for those films and they do now. You know why? Because everybody’s got a price.
Ted DiBiase Sr.
Journalists are always calling my features Edwardian or Victorian, whatever that means. I am small, and people were smaller in those times. I’m pale and sickly-looking. I look fragile-like a doll. But sometimes I just wish I had less of a particular look, one that was more versatile.
Helena Bonham Carter
In fact, the history of North America has been perhaps more profoundly influenced by man’s inheritance from his past homes than by the physical features of his present home.
Ellsworth Huntington
Authoritarians have always been here. But the features of a given moment make that way of thinking more or less appealing. Germany in the 1920s, when people are starving, suddenly makes ‘populist’ answers and scapegoating different groups as the source of the problem much more appealing.
Robert Sapolsky
Casting directors said that I look like an urban girl with sharp features. Maybe that is true, but we are living at a time where a lot of advanced make-up techniques are available.
Nushrat Bharucha
Right now, I’d like to just continue on a series where I am doing good work with a balance of comedy and drama. That and do occasional features and movies.
Mario Lopez
Some Google employees have their self-driving vehicles take them to work. These car robots don’t look like something from ‘The Jetsons’; the driverless features on these cars are a bunch of sensors, wires, and software. This technology ‘works.’
Tyler Cowen
There’s a lot of movies, and I’ve made some of them that could be categorized this way, but there’s definitely been a trend in animated features of all types to be a little bit cynical, if you will, to have a little bit of ‘knowing’ humor to them, kind of a wink to the audience.
Kelly Asbury
I am not the kind to hide the fact that I have used artificial means to hide or correct my features.
Pooja Bedi
Designers and advertisers like the idea of my breasts, waist line, long legs, and long neck – but have literally made gagging noises at my facial features.
Rain Dove
Perhaps, like the way these leaves spread out and the way they curl in many directions and how they have many features, I think that’s how my road has been.
Juan Felipe Herrera
If you look at a great city, one of its amazing features is that you’re going to find all sorts of things that you might not specifically have chosen in advance. And they will change your day. Maybe your month. Maybe your whole life.
Cass Sunstein
Television, cable, features are always out there.
Kyle Chandler
A lot of consumers actively enjoy advertising, especially fashion print ads and clever TV commercials. The nostalgic cable channel TVLand features not only vintage shows but also vintage commercials.
Virginia Postrel
Personality is less a finished product than a transitive process. While it has some stable features, it is at the same time continually undergoing change.
Gordon W. Allport
Virtually all of Darfur’s six million residents are Muslim, and, because of decades of intermarriage, almost everyone has dark skin and African features.
Samantha Power
Founders, presuming they know their customers, assume they know all the features customers need.
Steve Blank
Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga’ was huge for me. Seeing how all the creatures were made, looking inside Jabba The Hut, all of the maquettes lined up, building the world… ‘This is a job?!’ I was always avidly watching special features and behind the scenes stuff.
Robert Eggers
One of the noxious features of Obamacare was its forced march into a single, federally designed package of health benefits.
Scott Gottlieb
Allowing a handful of broadband carriers to determine w

Allowing a handful of broadband carriers to determine what people see and do online would fundamentally undermine the features that have made the Internet such a success, and could permanently compromise the Internet as a platform for the free exchange of information, commerce, and ideas.
Vint Cerf
In ‘Demon’s Souls,’ we tried to implement some features in a kind of experimental way, not being sure whether or not it would be popular, but we did it anyway so that we could see how people reacted.
Hidetaka Miyazaki
I find my earliest memories covering the anachronistic features of a previous incarnation. Clear recollections came to me of a distant life, a yogi amidst the Himalayan snows. These glimpses of the past, by some dimensionless link, also afforded me a glimpse of the future.
Paramahansa Yogananda
The thrill of doing television versus features is, in television, you get to focus more on the characters.
Lauren Shuler Donner
Search for beauty without features, something deeper than any signs.
Francesca da Rimini
When a man understands the art of seeing, he can trace the spirit of an age and the features of a king even in the knocker on a door.
Victor Hugo
There was a time when ‘Batman’ really kept me from getting some pretty good roles, and I was asked to do what I figured were important features. However, Batman was there, and very few people would take a chance on me walking onto the screen. And they’d be taking people away from the story.
Adam West
My concern is the really great concepts that are features, not companies. There isn’t enough advertising to support all those features, and in compression times, advertisers tend to flock to safe names and sites that have real traction.
Ross Levinsohn
Sometimes I’m attracted to more odd girls with stronger faces and features or a softer beauty with a lot of character.
Francois Nars
It’s always been about making the best Mac we know how. Among the many benefits are making it easy to use and affordable, with great features.
Phil Schiller
I love doing features, but it’s a very different ballgame. Sometimes I yearn for short films again, working with a small team, getting my hands on the clay.
Nick Park
Unless something real cool comes along, I will probably be doing features, so long as I can make a living doing that. Otherwise, I will do another show.
Danny Masterson
One of the most distinctive evolutionary features of human beings is our unusually long, protected childhood.
Alison Gopnik
In ‘Fable 1,’ the number of features was more important to me than what the features did. And as a games designer I’ve come to realize that it’s not the number of features you have, it’s the way that those features interact.
Peter Molyneux
Something like ‘Dr. Thirteen,’ which features no big characters, was probably the most fun thing I’ve worked on because the story was so great, and it was written so well.
Cliff Chiang
At TwitchTV, we think of ourselves as a technology product company, so when we set out to innovate, most often we’re trying to improve or build better features for the platform that will improve things for the ecosystem.
Justin Kan
As a DP who mostly does features, I’m normally in a director’s pocket, 24/7.
Greig Fraser
In our quest to define and describe the world, we have crisscrossed the oceans and continents, compiling exhaustive knowledge about its life forms and features, and extended our physical reach through technology, which provides us instantaneous and pervasive access to information about seemingly everything.
Alan Huffman
Now that I’ve established myself in a drama, I’m plugging away, trying to get the attention of people who do the independent movies and the features.
Shemar Moore
As an East Asian looking at America, I find attractive and unattractive features. I like, for example, the free, easy and open relations between people regardless of social status, ethnicity or religion.
Lee Kuan Yew
When I was producing ‘Formula Vol. 2,’ I knew I needed to come hard with the features and do something I hadn’t done with Aventura. Collaborating with Drake was definitely one of those big steps that helped bachata go to the next level.
Romeo Santos
Arab society features apartheid of women, apartheid of homosexuals, and apartheid of Christians, Jews, and democracy.
Yair Lapid
Cars are now saying, ‘I need special features because I’m going to rely on the network for mission critical things, safety, transportation efficiency.’
Steve Mollenkopf
One of the very first fashion features where I appeared without my prosthetic legs was in ELLE magazine’s publication, ‘Gold Rush.’
Jessica Long
Digital technology has several features that can make it much easier for teachers to pay special attention to all their students.
Bill Gates
Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.
Pablo Picasso
Maybe some of today’s papers have too many ‘feel-good’ features, but there is a lot of good news out there.
Ben Bradlee
I will give 100 per cent and play with my life in every game. That’s one of my main features as a player.
Diego Godin
Over at Marvel, I have a five-part series coming out very soon. The books or chapters will appear weekly. It’s called ‘5 Ronin’ and features some iconic Marvel heroes as you’ve never seen them.
Peter Milligan
The ‘Love Undercover’ series features two cops, a street rat, and a construction worker as the lead heroes.
Lori Foster
Yeah, I was going to have no features on ‘Bulletproof.’ But I ended up putting Gucci Mane on it. That’s just my partner. He’s just one of my personal friends. It ain’t no different for him from my homeboys in Memphis. I just have a real personal relationship. I met Gucci Mane through my partner Drumma Boy, the producer.
Young Dolph
I'm really tall - almost six feet - and my features ten

I’m really tall – almost six feet – and my features tend to be extreme, especially on TV.
Missi Pyle
I’ll never forget the day when a woman came up to me and said, ‘No, you could never be on a magazine cover. Your face features don’t work; your eyes are small, you have a small face but a big nose.’ I was only 14 and I had never noticed any of that stuff, you know?
Gisele Bundchen
I did a movie called ‘Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day,’ which had Frances McDormand and Amy Adams in it. It was Focus Features, an American company, and I used that as my ticket into America.
Tom Payne
Most of the fans have ideas about their perfect phone. But many of them can’t do it because building a phone is tough. So they would give us feedback about the features that they think should be included in our next model. And if we incorporated that in our new phone, they will share the good news with their friends.
Lei Jun
Religion features more now in my life than it did when I was a kid – my dad rejected the Catholic church as a young man. I had no religious upbringing, but certainly, Dad was a kind of secular humanist. I don’t know if he was an atheist or agnostic. I regret I didn’t talk to him about it.
Paul Giamatti
Radical multicultural types will, in the end, destroy the things they claim to like, because they don’t understand that liberty and reasonable equality are features of stable, free, conservative societies based on Christian ideas, which guard their borders and are proud of their civilisation.
Peter Hitchens
We designed a number of features from the ground up, like custom display and optics technology with very high refresh rates and pixel density. We added integrated 3-D audio, a built-in microphone so you can speak to friends inside virtual worlds, and precise mechanical adjustment systems.
Brendan Iribe
My features I take from my father, but my spirit, my industry and perseverance I get from my Indian mother.
Edmonia Lewis
Empathy has some unfortunate features – it is parochial, narrow-minded, and innumerate. We’re often at our best when we’re smart enough not to rely on it.
Paul Bloom
As the number of people who work at Basecamp has grown, I’ve noticed places where we could use more features, like management, structure, and guidelines. I’ve also noticed places where we’ve overengineered ourselves and should pull back.
Jason Fried
Sure, Google’s and Apple’s ecosystems look a little different, but they are meant to do pretty much the same thing. For the two companies, innovation on mobile essentially means catching up to the other’s growing list of features.
Om Malik
Whatever we, as prospective participants unaware of our specific features, would desire society to be like is what, morally speaking, we ought to institute.
Thomas Pogge
It cannot be so very surprising that I adopted a Communist viewpoint in the 1930s; so many of my contemporaries made the same choice. But many of those who made that choice in those days changed sides when some of the worst features of Stalinism became apparent. I stayed the course.
Kim Philby
Do I enjoy features? Yeah, I really do. Would I like to do some more features before I head to the barn? Yeah, probably. But I also love television. I love doing television because it’s fast, and that I like a lot.
G. W. Bailey
The white audiences thought I was white, my features being what they are, and at every performance I’d have to take off my gloves to prove I was a spade.
Ethel Waters
If I scroll down my Instagram replies, the tenth one down features a racist emoji – which is not unusual. So I follow the protocol, which is to block the user and report the message under the category of ‘hate speech and symbols.’ Then I am told that an emoji with a monkey and a banana is not considered racist.
Troy Deeney
The Germanic invasions destroyed neither the Mediterranean unity of the ancient world, nor what may be regarded as the truly essential features of the Roman culture as it still existed in the 5th century, at a time when there was no longer an Emperor in the West.
Henri Pirenne
It turns out that if you optimize the performance of a car and of an airplane, they are very far away in terms of mechanical features. So you can make a flying car. But they are not very good planes, and they are not very good cars.
Gregory Benford
I am very benign-looking. I’m somewhat like a golden retriever: It’s not hard to look at me. I’m perfectly fine. It’s not like things jut out and make you nervous. But the lovely thing about being so pale and having such pasty features is that I can look like pretty much anything, which is nice.
Elizabeth Mitchell
When I was a student and rushing to finish a project, my gut instinct was usually to keep adding all kinds of features. It’s a way of papering over the fact that you haven’t quite nailed your concept yet.
Mike Krieger
As a director on ‘The Office,’ there’s a tremendous weight that comes with directing features. I was being asked to direct a show that had already won an Emmy for Best Comedy. Steve Carell and the cast had already won the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards.
Harold Ramis
‘The Levanter’ features some of the strongest action scenes to be found in Ambler – who can, in some of his fiction, stay in one place for a whole novel.
Alan Furst
I’m manic-depressive, technically bi-polar II with many borderline features.
Kate Braverman
The reality is, the movies that were most impactful to me growing up, when I decided I wanted to make movies, I was going to see Woody Allen double features with my brother, back when they had double features.
Doug Liman
Air America has tanked because it features a bunch of talentless, angry demagogues who wouldn’t know how to entertain a radio audience if their lives depended on it.
Mike Gallagher
Perfect isn’t normal, nor is it interesting. I have no features without makeup. I am pale. I have blond lashes. You could just paint my face – it’s like a blank canvas. It can be great for what I do.
Amy Adams
When the ‘greats of all-time’ put out their first albums, it wasn’t a thousand features on it. And I’m one of the greats in my eyes.
Tory Lanez
I’ve had the opportunity to work on some really great indie features. One of them being ‘Little Savages,’ which is a super fun family film.
Katherine McNamara
Written and directed by French showman Georges Melies, ‘Le Voyage’ features one of the most indelible images in cinema history: the wounded Man in the Moon bleeding like a particularly runny Brie, grimacing in pain with a space capsule protruding from his right eye.
Kage Baker
I don’t listen to anything when I’m writing. I need total quiet, which is astounding, given that I spent years working for a newspaper and having to write features surrounded by ringing phones and people shouting.
Jane Green
It is inconceivable that ministers of the Israeli government choose a car whose features are unnecessary luxuries in addition to being produced in Germany.
Eli Yishai
The methods of theoretical physics should be applicable

The methods of theoretical physics should be applicable to all those branches of thought in which the essential features are expressible with numbers.
Paul Dirac
I’m continuing to write and love ‘Hellblazer.’ Also, I’m writing a ‘Flashpoint’ mini-series ‘ with art by George Perez – which features Shade the Changing Man and Enchantress.
Peter Milligan
Inside the world of ‘Devil May Cry,’ we’re not changing gameplay very much. We’re making it more beautiful, more action-packed, and giving you a few more features, but the gameplay itself is the pretty much the same.
Hideaki Itsuno
Every time you jump to another format in the ‘picture business,’ meaning film, television, commercials, the people in the other format go, ‘Ah, yeah, you made a lot of features, but you don’t know how to do TV’ or the commercial people go, ‘Oh, you can’t do 30 seconds.’
Jay Chandrasekhar
The name ‘Seventh-day Adventist’ carries the true features of our faith in front and will convict the inquiring mind. Like an arrow from the Lord’s quiver, it will wound the transgressors of God’s law, and will lead to repentance toward God, and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.
Ellen G. White
‘Adrift With Geoff Lloyd and Annabel Port’ features Absolute Radio escapee Geoff and erstwhile colleague Annabel doing something similar. All are appealing individuals with plenty to say, tentatively getting used to their new freedom to talk about anything.
David Hepworth
You’ve got to do features with the right artists that you can take some of their fans, and their fans start doing their homework and see what you’re doing, if they like what you’re doing.
That’s always at the heart and soul of Disney’s features, the feeling of a family values.
Tia Carrere
Don’t define the game by the list of the features. Define it by the experience you want to have.
Todd Howard
That’s one reason I really love ‘Supergirl.’ It’s a great show for people to watch with their children – sons and daughters alike. It features strong female characters which is always something to appreciate.
Eve Torres
Our Windows 10 experience is super polished, and it integrates all the community features seamlessly with the game experience.
David Baszucki
In science, we take large numbers of disparate facts and reduce them to see patterns. We use the patterns to reduce the amount of information. It’s the reason we name species and genera and families in biology. It’s also the reason we have names for certain types of geological features and so on in other fields.
Alan Stern
I’ve seen animation features just languish until the right combination of things come along to keep it alive.
Kelly Asbury
I really do like the independent way of working. You don’t get much studio intrusion compared to when you’re working on a big Hollywood film where there tends to always be loads of people interfering. The only problem, though, with independent features is that they are hard to sell.
Steven Bauer
Only by moving away from the comforts of your conference room to truly engage with and listen to your customers can you learn in depth about their problems, produce features to solve those problems, and learn what drives customers to recommend, approve, and purchase products.
Steve Blank
Usually in features, I’m the lead. I consider the director the captain, but I consider myself the first mate, and it’s up to me to keep in contact with the heart of the crew.
Eddie Albert
The AW14 collection is inspired by Film Noir. Elements of masculinity and femininity were reflected in the fabric, tailoring, and features.
Emilia Wickstead
I’m not looking to step in and make ‘big, bold changes’ – I think reddit is great, and the team has a lot of good features already in the pipeline to improve functionality for users and mods, help with subreddit discovery, improve the API, and help bring reddit to more people.
Yishan Wong
My father was Bolivian, which makes me half-Bolivian. It’s where I got some of my exotic features and certainly my skin tone.
Raquel Welch