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Given the international nature of the tanker industry,

Given the international nature of the tanker industry, it is important that global regimes are applied consistently and universally, not local or regional rules that do not recognise the total commercial and operating backdrop.
Helmut Sohmen
In ‘Open City,’ there is a passage that any reader of Joyce will immediately recognise as a very close, formal analogue of one the stories in ‘Dubliners.’ That is because a novel is also a literary conversation.
Teju Cole
Those of us referred to food banks are the lucky ones with a good doctor or health visitor who knows us well enough to recognise that something has gone seriously wrong.
Jack Monroe
It is one of the aims of linguistics to define itself, to recognise what belongs within its domain. In those cases where it relies upon psychology, it will do so indirectly, remaining independent.
Ferdinand de Saussure
It’s important to recognise every player is different in their own characteristics, personality, and what they respond to.
Gareth Southgate
I recognise that fishing is perhaps not the most high-employment industry in this country, but it’s a symbol of what we lost when we entered the E.U.: control over national resources that, if we retained them, we could have husbanded in our interest and, indeed, in the interest of others.
Michael Gove
Trawl through the world of blogs and tweets, and you will find readers complaining when they stumble upon a word they don’t recognise, an attitude that doesn’t accord with their own, a passage of thought they find hard work, a joke they don’t get or of which they don’t approve.
Howard Jacobson
It gives me the creeps when I see a frame for a building going up and recognise the architect. You shouldn’t know who a project is by.
Thomas Heatherwick
It seems to me that the Swedish Academy of Science may be qualifying for the Nobel Peace Prize. It recognises no nationality; it discourages unworthy national feeling and prejudice.
Charles Glover Barkla
I don’t really miss the life around EastEnders because it’s so intense. It’s so well-watched that… it’s quite a lot… a lot of people recognise you. It kind of takes over your life.
Emer Kenny
We recognise that, with time, every human being will cease being, will only have been. And so we seek to resist time. We rebel against it. We are drawn like lovers to the unreachable past, to imagined memories, to nostalgia.
Mohsin Hamid
My mum was critical in getting me to recognise very early on that although what I was doing was pretty serious, quite selfish, and probably to most people pretty obsessive, there actually was more to life than running quickly twice round a track.
Sebastian Coe
I recognise that Socialism has ended its purely theoretical course, and that the hour to construct has come.
John Burns
I’m perhaps not the most tribal of politicians. Working in a mature and adult way where you recognise what your shared goal is and you manage to work towards that… that is not something which I think would be particularly more difficult with Labour than it is with the Conservatives.
Jo Swinson
Everyone at home is so supportive. People recognise me, say how proud they are of me. It’s awesome to hear, it’s amazing to know I can touch so many people in a positive way.
Kirsty Coventry
A lot of people recognise me now, especially the younger generations, definitely. But it’s not that common.
Fran Kirby
It’s difficult to tell whether people are looking at you because they recognise you from your work or just because you’re 6 ft. 3 in. and have the eyebrows of Satan. It’s difficult to distinguish between the two.
Will Poulter
We have to recognise there are very few countries you will take the Games to where somebody doesn’t have issues on foreign or domestic policy.
Sebastian Coe
I want the fans to be able to recognise I am doing something good for the club, but at the same time, I want to work hard for the team and make sure we win games.
Victor Moses
People recognise me when I’m holiday on the beach.
Joanne Froggatt
Sometimes a poem appeals to me technically, just because of the way a line feels on my lips. Sometimes it is because it says something I have felt, or sometimes something that I suddenly recognise. Other times it can change the way I see something.
Frank Skinner
I get messages from people telling me all the time through Twitter or Instagram about how my path has inspired their path. It’s good for them, for people who have a certain amount of mental problems, suffering from depression or anxiety, being able to have someone who recognises them and helps them.
Aleister Black
The doctor part of me recognises the light and shade of medical life, but the writer in me is more attracted by the darkness, perhaps because it is the road less travelled.
Jed Mercurio
What do we value more: an economic system which privileges profit above all other considerations, or the continued existence of human civilisation as we recognise it? A reckoning is coming.
Owen Jones
My business is creating fame and celebrity, and I’m one of the best in the world. I know it to the finest detail. I reflect what’s out there, and if there’s a demand for something, I recognise it. I don’t think I’m crass. I stand by everything I do.
Simon Fuller
Knowing that the teams in front of us are sometimes better than you, you have to recognise that and be humble. It’s part of the game.
Nuno Espirito Santo
There is something special about the beauty in the unclear, the ambiguity, the in-between that you can’t totally recognise.
Alessandro Michele
Everybody recognises that giving young people competitive outlet through sport is a very good thing.
Sebastian Coe
I am a very judgmental person. Of myself and other people. I recognise it’s a great fault, but I have no power over that.
Richard E. Grant
When I choose a role it’s either because I recognise the man, or that I’m very curious to know him. If I neither recognise nor know him, then it is better that I don’t play him.
Ben Kingsley
When people recognise me they just kind of go ‘Hi how are you,’ really kind of cool you know.
Rachel Stevens
When famous people come up to you it's a bit weird, but

When famous people come up to you it’s a bit weird, but it’s an honour, really, when they recognise you and want to chat to you for a bit.
Wayne Rooney
I’m actually an evangelical atheist, but there is something I recognise about religion: that it gives people a chance to surrender.
Brian Eno
Sexa as a character was fun to play. My mother couldn’t even recognise me in the get-up of an older guy. In fact, it surprised me also. It’s easily one of the most special characters I have ever played.
Varun Sharma
In some ways I believe music is the more convincing communicator of ideas than words. For instance, we can hear of Kordaly and Bartok and recognise them as Hungarian, but very few of us speak Hungarian, but the music itself speaks to more people.
Leonard Slatkin
If a founder has passion and innovation, he needs to be supported. I am more intuitive than a numbers person, and I recognise that not all investments are going to be positive. Some may fail, and some may have problems for other reasons. That is life.
Ratan Tata
While we recognise the challenges councils are facing, we do expect to see them match our commitment to the most vulnerable.
Grant Shapps
I spend most of my life in sports kit, so it usually shocks people when they see me in casual clothing – let alone dressed up with make-up on. I’ve walked past people from my own family who don’t recognise me.
Johanna Konta
I need to recognise that everyone is an individual and that the key to a good relationship is to recognise that. This does theme to be a theme in my stand-up as well as my writing!
Jon Richardson
I’ve turned up to auditions and seen faces that I recognise and I think I know them. Then I realise I know them because they are on the telly.
Ruth Jones
Everybody you work with has their own voice, and if you do your job well enough, even their closest friends or their partner of 40 years isn’t going to recognise the fingerprints of a ghostwriter.
Michael Robotham
Sometimes fitness is a good thing to have, but you have to recognise that fitness takes you only so far, and skills are the most important thing. Fitness just helps you execute those cricketing skills for longer and more consistently, maybe.
Rahul Dravid
A few people thought I was Bill Clinton, because of the name. I’ve never complained. Just the fact that you recognise me is enough. Even if you think I’m Chaka Khan.
George Clinton
I like to tell myself people look at me for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they’re staring because they’re shocked or maybe they recognise me from TV, or maybe they just like my shoes – especially women, because we all look at each other’s clothes and hair.
Katie Piper
If you are not a feminist in love, you fail to recognise someone who does not love you. Feminism makes love easier. Otherwise, there is the danger of feeling romantically drawn to someone who does not see you as an equal.
Gloria Steinem
You can’t understand European history at all other than through religion, or English literature either if you can’t recognise biblical allusions.
Richard Dawkins
I do not know at what moment in life, if ever, we realise that we are neither George Sands nor Juliets. Of course, if we are not beautiful, we recognise early that beauty is nothing.
Elizabeth Bibesco
No one recognises me in the street.
Francesca Hayward
Our Constitution recognises no other power than that of persuasion, for enforcing religious observances.
Richard Mentor Johnson
You go down some street – no doubt it’s there, and we have to do something about it, and our programmes are designed to do that – but if that’s a picture of Newcastle, it’s not the one I recognise and I bet none in the North East do either.
John Prescott
I like to jot down ideas on the back of envelopes and to recognise the potential value in small things. I also like the freedom to think without feeling compelled to write too early. Stories are often better if we can hold back and get to know the characters and the sounds of language.
Nick Earls