Top 22 Provoking Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Provoking Quotes from famous people such as Tanc Sade, Arjun Rampal, Jane Ridley, Gemma Chan, John Conyers, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

I like being involved with projects that are not only e

I like being involved with projects that are not only entertaining but are also thought provoking. Either that, or jobs that keep a roof over my head. A mixture of both is always nice.
Tanc Sade
I like my films to have a certain amount of realism – something that’s thought provoking and intelligently written. More than the amount on the pay cheque, I look for a level of respectability as an actor.
Arjun Rampal
‘Family Secrets’ is thought provoking, well written, and remorselessly intelligent.
Jane Ridley
I think ‘Humans’ is more about provoking the idea that there is a class of beings in society that we treat as less than… as subordinates; people who we treat badly and take for granted. Often they are the same people who work hard to keep the city going. We need to think about that.
Gemma Chan
Mr. Chairman, the price for continuing this war is too high, not only in budgetary terms, but in American lives, Iraqi civilian casualties blamed on America and in the steady increase in the terrorist ranks that this war is provoking around the globe.
John Conyers
‘Sound of My Voice’ is an amazing film. Small, simple, yet incredibly thought provoking.
Reid Scott
Even though ripping on those of the Christian cloth is nothing new, edgy, or thought provoking, Hollywood feels the need to do it with each of their religiously overtoned talkies.
Steven Crowder
While religious tolerance is surely better than religious war, tolerance is not without its liabilities. Our fear of provoking religious hatred has rendered us incapable of criticizing ideas that are now patently absurd and increasingly maladaptive.
Sam Harris
Look, it’s a mainstream animated movie, and how often are those considered thought provoking? It’s meant to be a great time at the theater, but it’s also designed to work on more than one level.
Brad Bird
Sometimes you get yourselves in situations where you don’t realize people are actually testing you. People are actually provoking you.
Columbus Short
Love you will find only where you may show yourself weak without provoking strength.
Theodor W. Adorno
There are lots of great movies coming out of the U.S. but it’s not something I’ve ever really been interested in. They’re great films but I much prefer the smaller independent films, which are more thought provoking and experimental.
Billie Piper
I still believe that education is about provoking some kind of original, creative thought.
Louise Wilson
I never dreamed we would be on television at all, much less for such a long time and with so much praise for keeping a thought provoking show on the air. And best of all, we were able to do what we do and still have all our fingers and toes.
Jamie Hyneman
People know excessive consumption of anything is bad for health. By imposing a ban on something, we are, in a way, provoking them to do it.
Akkineni Nagarjuna
I think, typically, sci-fi can be a little bit grey and thought provoking. Sometimes it leaves you pondering certain questions and things.
Michelle Monaghan
Since the ’86 amnesty, the number of illegal immigrants has quadrupled. That should teach Congress a very important lesson: Amnesty ‘bends’ the rule of law. And bending the rule of law to reach a ‘comprehensive’ deal winds up provoking wholesale breaking of the law.
Edwin Meese
I don’t like to rehearse, and the film-makers that I have been drawn to are interested in provoking something between people rather than nailing a scene in advance.
Ben Foster
The alt-right is working hard to cloak its desire to create chaos in the streets as free speech. They say they want to air their views, but it’s about provoking violent reactions. We all can easily see that this is not about free speech.
W. Kamau Bell
Once I feel I’m right, I have enjoyed provoking.
E. O. Wilson
I guess what all artists want is for their work to touch someone or for it to be thought provoking.
Kate Bush
Usually if nobody hates a piece, nobody loves it, either; and a magazine which sets itself the goal of provoking thought is not doing its job if everybody agrees with what it does.
Stanley Schmidt