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Winning a gold medal is not easy but I believed in myse

Winning a gold medal is not easy but I believed in myself, especially over the last four years.
Sally Pearson
One thing I’ve learned from winning an Olympic medal is that it’s really exhausting.
Mikaela Shiffrin
I think the mental victory is worth it as much as a gold medal.
Cameron van der Burgh
I’ve been dreaming of winning gold medal in the Olympics.
Kim Yuna
I came back to Mumbai with the tag of having assisting the legendary Satyajit Ray. I thought that would be a medal, but it became a disqualification. People thought I would only make serious kinds of cinema.
Tinnu Anand
An Olympic medal in athletics is still a dream for India. Milkha Singh is the torchbearer for young athletes to achieve that goal.
P. T. Usha
I look at the athletes who have come before me and been so impressed with what they have done and been inspired by what they have done, but I’ve never really looked at the stats of medal counts.
Emma McKeon
I’d rather have one gold medal and 10 caps than 200 caps and no gold.
Karen Carney
Everyone is getting prepared for this, to win the gold medal. I am among them: I want to win the medal.
Genzebe Dibaba
It’s an amazing thing to hear they’re finally giving out a Medal of Honor to a soldier from the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Tim Hetherington
Every medal I have won is a story of a difficult struggle.
Mary Kom
When I win a gold medal in the Olympics… I would say every pain, tears and screams in training will be worth it.
Hidilyn Diaz
I wished for just one medal as a junior.
Mo Farah
The Medal of Valor is this nation’s highest and most prestigious award for public safety officers.
William Barr
But probably this is helps to win, to win, to gold, more gold medals, and to win most my important medal, heart of people. This is most important for me.
Olga Korbut
I’ve always looked at 2016, but 2020 is realistic for me. I’ll be 23 in 2016, but if I keep on progressing, hopefully 2016 will be a medal chance as well for me.
Katarina Johnson-Thompson
All that work you put in, it’s so worth it to win a medal.
Mo Farah
I’m not fussed about awards. I just want to win a medal and a trophy.
Karen Bardsley
Up until Beijing where I had my greatest victory, I had trained for 16 years of life with a singular goal and singular obsession that I wanted to win gold medal at the Olympics.
Abhinav Bindra
Established in 2001, the Medal of Valor is our nation’s highest public safety award. Officers across the nation are nominated by their peers, but only a handful are selected to receive this honor. Traditionally, this process occurs only once a year.
William Barr
When a player cheats, you can’t have a gold medal, right?
Yu Darvish
I was well under the spell of the old Gold Medal Crime novels when I wrote ‘Savage Season,’ and I wanted to write a modern version of that. I had tried the same thing with ‘Cold in July,’ and I wanted to give it another go.
Joe R. Lansdale
I was fortunate and worked hard to graduate top of my class as a primary school teacher and receive the Vere Foster Award, which is the medal given to the graduate who attains the highest mark in teaching practice.
Sinead Burke
Revoking Bill Cosby’s Medal of Freedom won’t undo his actions or heal the wounds of his victims, but it will signal to the American people that we will not tolerate such lewd behavior.
Paul Gosar
At the end of the day, it’s my choice to do the lap. At the end of the day, it was my choice not to be nominated for the Madden medal. I had my last football responsibility as the club Best and Fairest and that’s what I was looking for.
Adam Goodes
I think javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra has a good chance of winning a medal at the Paris Olympics.
P. T. Usha
I had a gold medal in olympics at 12. At 14 or 15 I had my career set before me. Because I started so early, I had this daily training. It developed a focus. It became so natural that it was like a native language for me to play chess. That’s why I didn’t feel pressure.
Judit Polgar
To stand up to worldwide competition, we need a very strong set-up at home that produces athletes right from the beginner’s level and has the sustained back-up for the same athlete to finally go and win an Olympic medal.
Abhinav Bindra
It would mean a lot, but it’s weird, because what’s the title? It’s an extra line on your Wikipedia page and a medal that says you won on that particular night. It obviously symbolizes more than that, but those are the things people think about.
Joseph Benavidez
Every athlete wants to win an Olympic gold medal, and I’d be lying if I said that’s not what I wanted.
Cate Campbell
Much like the conservationists who previously have received the Audubon Medal, including Stewart Udall, Rachel Carson and Ted Turner, I realize that this recognition cannot be a cause to rest, but a spur to continue our work.
Louis Bacon
It's incredible in our sport how small the differences

It’s incredible in our sport how small the differences are, and we are all aware of that. We’re all on a high level and skiing well, and at the end, it’s just hundredths that count. Maybe it’s just one finger or a hand can change the color of a medal.
Tina Maze
Every time I go on to the court, people expect me to get a medal. It is tough, and I can’t win always, but I still have to go out there and give my best.
P. V. Sindhu
I don’t know anybody that is like super close friends but also competing for the same medal. That would be kinda odd.
Christian Coleman
That’s the awesome part. Little girls now have a chance to look up and see women playing soccer, basketball, softball and now hockey – and know they can win a gold medal, too.
Angela Ruggiero
It has always been a dream to win either the Olympic gold medal or the World Cup.
Rudy Gobert
I don’t know where my first gold medal is.
Shaun White
While growing up, my dream and my goal was to win an Olympic gold medal. I did that, and both times, they were the proudest moments in my amateur career.
Vasyl Lomachenko
From the time I started boxing, my dream was to win an Olympic gold medal. At 10, I can’t say I knew how big the Olympics are. I just knew that every kid in the gym wanted to win an Olympic gold medal. Every kid in every gym probably wants to win an Olympic gold medal.
Danny Garcia
I’d promised my older daughter Rhianna I was going to get a medal for her, and in my mind I was thinking, ‘I can’t let her down.’
Mo Farah
Gold medal always feels great. In fact, any appreciation or acknowledgement is a great morale booster.
Dutee Chand
A gold medal is a goal and something that we’ve never done before as the United States indoor women’s volleyball team.
Jordan Larson
I ran 10k once. I’ve got a medal.
Ruth Jones
The motivation will always be there to change the colour of the medal in Paris.
P. R. Sreejesh
It doesn’t matter who other people are saying the favourite is; I’m still going in to win the gold medal.
Katie Taylor
My only aim is to win an Olympic medal.
Geeta Phogat
To make America the greatest is my goal, so I beat the Russian and I beat the Pole. And for the U.S.A. won the medal of gold. The Greeks said, ‘You’re better than the Cassius of old.’
Muhammad Ali
Receiving the National Medal of Science is the thrill of a lifetime, but good science does not happen in isolation.
Sandra Faber
I’m actually sort of shocked that I was able to get a medal in 2014 and really have any of the success I had before because as soon as I came out, it was like a whole new world for me, and I felt so free, so confident, that it’s actually shocking that I was able to compete any other way.
Gus Kenworthy
I’ve proven that Filipino weightlifters can win a medal in the Olympics.
Hidilyn Diaz
I am pleased I went from fourth back into a medal position, but bronze is not good enough for me.
Greg Rutherford
I can’t believe that I just won a gold medal. I think it will take a bit to sink in.
Emma McKeon
My relationship with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is very clear: respect. We met a couple of times; once I received a medal from him. I respect hugely how he brought Russia back from its knees.
Emir Kusturica
My skating is a very emotional thing that comes from the heart, never doing it for the medal.
Debi Thomas
One thing I learned from the ’88 Olympics: It’s not a question of if they can screw you over: it’s a question of if they will. It’s not the gold medal they took away from me. The medal doesn’t mean anything. It’s that they said I lost. That experience is well and alive in my mind.
Roy Jones Jr.
I definitely want to win a gold medal, that should be everybody’s goal.
Laura Wilkinson
If I won another gold medal in 2012, in my home city, imagine that. To be the face of 2012, that’d be unbelievable.
James DeGale
I never won a Vezina Trophy until I won the Olympic gold medal.
Martin Brodeur
I didn’t think I would have an Olympic medal at 21, but I knew I would give my best and play my game. I just viewed it as my first Olympics and that I would take it one match at a time, but to bring a silver home made me very, very happy.
P. V. Sindhu
I have some great memories from the Olympics I also have some tough memories from it as well, where I was so close to winning a gold medal.
Mardy Fish
I won the league at Middlesbrough with Manchester United, and I wore my medal for the next two or three days because I thought, ‘I want this again – and the best want it again and again’.
Phil Neville
Records are there to be broken. Lots of people would love to swap their world record for an Olympic medal, but for me, my medals are there forever and ever, and that’s what does it for me.
Mo Farah
I had no money, no training facilities, no snow, no ski

I had no money, no training facilities, no snow, no ski jumps, no trainer, but I still managed to ski jump for my country – and getting there was my gold medal.
Eddie the Eagle
There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t bless myself with holy water and then get in my car and rub the medal of the Virgin Mary that she gave me and say a Hail Mary for my mother. And then I kiss her Mass card that’s right there on the dashboard.
Peter Criss