Top 25 Consoles Quotes

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Man the individual consoles himself for his passing wit

Man the individual consoles himself for his passing with the thought of the offspring or the works which he leaves behind.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
I play on all the consoles, but Xbox, mostly. I’m versatile, though, so whatever’s going on, I’ll take care of it.
Jason Kidd
Paris is in a tranquil state; the infernal cabal that besieges me appears guided by foreigners. This idea consoles me, for nothing is so painful as being persecuted by one’s own fellow-citizens.
Marquis de Lafayette
Developing games for the PC and consoles is all about everything and the kitchen sink. In many ways, you don’t have design decisions to make. You do it all. So I enjoy going back to making decisions about what’s important as I’m working on a game.
John Carmack
I’ve been a bit of an electronics enthusiast and maker for a long time. I actually started the forum called ModRetro. It’s an electronics enthusiast community that focuses on modifying vintage game consoles, and it’s actually one of the larger game console modification forums on the Internet.
Palmer Luckey
Everybody’s saturated with the marketing hype of next-generation consoles. They are wonderful, but the truth is that they are as powerful as a high end PC is right now.
John Carmack
Love is the beginning, the middle, and the end of the pathway of discipleship. It comforts, counsels, cures, and consoles.
Joseph B. Wirthlin
The woman is a gentle, loving bond who encourages, consoles, builds, reconciles, and makes all things new and vibrant. The woman is strength in time of suffering, courageous in failure, intuitive in time of danger. A woman is ingenuous when all fails, resourceful in times of want, and a true helpmate for man.
Mother Angelica
The greatest gift is a passion for reading. It is cheap, it consoles, it distracts, it excites, it gives you knowledge of the world and experience of a wide kind. It is a moral illumination.
Elizabeth Hardwick
I never really lost touch with video games. Even while shooting ’10 Cloverfield Lane,’ I brought my PlayStation with me, the most portable of all the consoles, and was playing every night.
Dan Trachtenberg
At home I mostly stick to online Scrabble, or chess or Risk – games I find far less addictive than the spectacular games created for consoles these days. But, whenever I get the chance, I head over to my friend Kyri’s house to play his PS3.
Beau Willimon
A trifle consoles us, for a trifle distresses us.
Blaise Pascal
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Alfred Amoroso
The new generation of consoles has as much power to do the kind of games that we do as the PC does.
Will Wright
For me, seeing the progression of video games and consoles – whether it be PlayStation, Xbox, or whatever – I think just seeing how good they’ve gotten from the days when I first started playing is just amazing.
Justin Verlander
I have to have everything. I have to have iPads. I’ve had I think every generation of iPod. I’ve had all the consoles at least once; I’ve had some of them twice. I get them and get fed up with them and get rid of them.
Kristian Nairn
The product cycle for the Oculus Rift will be between the rapid six-month cycle of cell-phones and the slower seven-year cycle of consoles. It’s rare to see a phone not coming out every year.
Brendan Iribe
The gaming experience on Windows Vista is going to go beyond any of the gaming consoles and anything that’s been done before.
Jim Allchin
Love educates us about art. Art consoles us from lost love. Our great loves are a condition of our future love.
Celine Sciamma
I think humans have always wrestled with the Divine Idea – an idea that unites and separates, creates and destroys, consoles and terrifies. Throughout human history, it is an idea that seems sometimes to have caused whole populations to rise up and slaughter one another.
Robert Winston
Anything that consoles is fake.
Iris Murdoch
A goal of Twitch is to be wherever gamers are, whether it’s on laptops and handheld devices or integrated into gaming consoles and software.
Emmett Shear
If I had intended for ‘Minecraft’ to end up on consoles, I wouldn’t have developed the game in Java. The decision to port the game to consoles came from a combination of player requests, a desire to play around with the brand on different platforms, and some interesting business deals.
Markus Persson
I’m interested in existential films: I love movies that console you in the same way that a person consoles a weeping child.
Louis Garrel
What I didn’t foresee in 2005 was the rise of the post-PC, which are all these tablets now. These are the things that actually will probably be the end of the consoles.
John Romero