Top 25 Deepening Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Deepening Quotes from famous people such as Anne Roiphe, William James, Paul Stamets, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Raphael Warnock, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

You have to be a lover of books without expecting more

You have to be a lover of books without expecting more of them than they give – a little pleasure, a little insight, a moment of escape, a deepening of your own humanity. Not much else.
Anne Roiphe
Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.
William James
Chaga mycelium is relatively easy to grow by using methods already practiced elsewhere in the mushroom industry. Its mycelium is initially an off-whitish color, deepening with age.
Paul Stamets
The tendency of our time is wholly oriented toward the secular. The efforts of the mystics will remain episodes. Despite a deepening of our conceptions of life, we will build no cathedrals.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Voting rights is how we address the deepening divides in our country, by ensuring every eligible voter’s voice is heard.
Raphael Warnock
I listened to the students on campus in Plymouth, worried about their steadily deepening debts and how on earth they would ever escape them.
Charles Kennedy
On the technical side, I hope that my writing is evolving and maturing, ripening, deepening.
Jhumpa Lahiri
The Philippines must ensure that it adopts, as much as possible, an equi-balancing strategy towards both China and America. To push back against Chinese adventurism by deepening Philippine dependence on another power runs counter to the very logic of protecting its national sovereignty.
Miriam Defensor-Santiago
Solitude is not something you must hope for in the future. Rather, it is a deepening of the present, and unless you look for it in the present you will never find it.
Thomas Merton
I’m really excited about the prospect of deepening what is already a really strong relationship that I have with the people of Broward.
Ted Deutch
Conversion is an enlarging, a deepening, and a broadening of the undergirding base of testimony. It is the result of revelation from God, accompanied by individual repentance, obedience, and diligence.
David A. Bednar
I believe that the E.U. should be the union of nation states and that all deepening of ties between the member states cannot go beyond the limits of democracy.
Andrzej Duda
Climate change was a point of division between Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney. The president declared climate change a global threat, acknowledged that the actions of humanity were deepening the crisis, and pledged to do something about it if elected.
Ron Fournier
Elaine Equi has been publishing her observant, often playful poetry for some 30 years, extending and deepening the range of her intrinsically wry voice.
Floyd Skloot
I want to continue to strive towards deepening my relationship with God and finding peace in whatever trials or circumstances I may be given.
Teyonah Parris
At the end of 2002, mid-way through my junior year at Yale and increasingly freaked out about the deepening climate crisis, I dropped out to try to build a youth movement.
Billy Parish
The real romantics imagine greying and sagging and wrinkling as the deepening of something sacred.
Ann Voskamp
A novel’s whole pattern is rarely apparent at the outset of writing, or even at the end; that is when the writer finds out what a novel is about, and the job becomes one of understanding and deepening or sharpening what is already written. That is finding the theme.
Diane Johnson
The chief product of an automated society is a widespread and deepening sense of boredom.
C. Northcote Parkinson
Across the continent, political divisions are deepening. For all of these reasons, the specter of a euro zone collapse has not been dispatched.
Barry Eichengreen
The ‘niche’ effect of charter schools guarantees a swift and vicious deepening of class and racial separation.
Jonathan Kozol
Direct flights facilitate business. They facilitate business-to-business collaborations. I think anything that makes it easier to bring two areas together is a significant benefit to deepening relations and connections.
John Roos
As we hone the ability to let go of distraction, to begin again without rancor or judgment, we are deepening forgiveness and compassion for ourselves. And in life, we find we might make a mistake, and more easily begin again, or stray from our chosen course and begin again.
Sharon Salzberg
Let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit.
Khalil Gibran
Broadening and deepening the relationship with our users and advertisers have always been our strategic priority.
Victor Koo