Top 25 Grandiose Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Grandiose Quotes from famous people such as John Densmore, Markus Wolf, Jim Lee, Liz Phair, Sigmund Freud, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

At the risk of sounding grandiose, I will say that, to

At the risk of sounding grandiose, I will say that, to me, rock ‘n’ roll is sacred.
John Densmore
I tried to instill a different motivation, to give them the security and the conviction that they were doing something good, something necessary, something useful – if you want to use a grandiose expression, that they were doing something for peace.
Markus Wolf
When you try to do something bigger and more grandiose, a lot of times it’s more apt to fall apart. It’s a lot easier to lay down a bunch of singles than it is to get a home run.
Jim Lee
My identity has everything to do with me and my instrument. It doesn’t have to do with what production style I use, or how many people played on it, whether it’s sparse or grandiose or whatever. And I’m social, frankly.
Liz Phair
America is the most grandiose experiment the world has seen, but, I am afraid, it is not going to be a success.
Sigmund Freud
In time, we will have to recognise that it is not ‘nature’ that we need to protect, but ourselves, and we can only do this by abandoning the old, grandiose, profit-seeking schemes so beloved of our masters and learning to till the soil, live to scale, and live within our means.
John Burnside
The only criticism heard with any frequency of Elton John’s first American album, ‘Elton John,’ was that the production was too grandiose. The melodies were superb, and lyrics frequently very good, and the performances flawless.
Jon Landau
When an actor commits himself to a role as fully as Russell Crowe does in the grandiose and silly ‘Gladiator,’ you may ask yourself why and at the same time thank him for his absorption in the part.
Elvis Mitchell
I hated school. I travelled so much in my early years that I didn’t understand the process. I felt suffocated – not like I was some grandiose artist; I just felt like an alien.
Dakota Johnson
I think I never had this grandiose dream of being any country music star. I just slowly progressed into that’s what I’m doing.
Luke Combs
Today, in American imperialism, the commodity has reached its most grandiose historical manifestation.
C. L. R. James
In my job, I am portrayed as a misfit, a grandiose high fashion lady or an unearthly creature. At home, it’s important I can look in the mirror, strip away the disguise and be comfortable with who stares back.
Erin O’Connor
I don’t make grandiose, prophetic statements in my songs.
Billy Squier
For me, trying the NFL and trying this football thing, because of the home and what I went through in there, to me, it was no big deal. It was just another opportunity for me. I didn’t see that bigger, grandiose picture of it, I just took it one day at a time, like how I took it in the group home.
Jimmy Graham
Oh, we don’t have a grandiose marketing plan. We sell products that work, that we like.
Leon Gorman
Not to get too grandiose about it, but I really believe I’m saying things a lot of Americans want someone to say.
Ed Schultz
My gift, if that’s not too grandiose a term, is one for describing novels, biographies, and works of history in such a way that people want to read them.
Michael Dirda
I was sure that somewhere a grandiose carnival was going on in the sky, and I was missing it.
Eve Babitz
Lyndon Johnson is not a comfortable model for President Obama to imitate. He is an all-but-forgotten president – pilloried for the failed war in Vietnam and criticized for grandiose reforms conservatives denounce as the epitome of federal social engineering that costs too much and does too little.
Robert Dallek
You begin saving the world by saving one man at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics.
Charles Bukowski
It never occurred to me that we would have as grandiose a program as the Marshall Plan, but I felt that we had to do something to save Europe from economic disaster which would encourage the Communist takeover.
W. Averell Harriman
Richard Nixon had a kind of Walter Mitty fantasy life. He was a man with a grandiose thoughts: dreams of not simply being president but maybe becoming one of the truly great presidents of American history.
Robert Dallek
We have confirmed something we only knew in theory, namely that revolution, in which uncontrolled and uncontrollable forces operate imperiously, is blind and destructive, grandiose and cruel.
Federica Montseny
Arithmetic! Algebra! Geometry! Grandiose trinity! Luminous triangle! Whoever has not known you is without sense!
Comte de Lautreamont
Although I adore the Italian High Renaissance, I’d rather look at Mannerism. The former is ordered, integrated, otherworldly, and grandiose; it leaves you feeling hungry for something flawed and of-the-flesh.
Jerry Saltz