Top 25 Nickel Quotes

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Now, instead of loading up your jalopy and heading for

Now, instead of loading up your jalopy and heading for California, you take a second, badly paid job; ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ has turned into ‘Nickel and Dimed.’
Geoff Dyer
Before I started my company in 1998, I worked for big companies traveling a lot and saw firsthand how much waste there was. I was flying across the world in first class to places like Italy or Hong Kong, where I was staying in 5-star hotels, only to nickel and dime someone over a sweater price.
Maria Cornejo
True economy means the wisest expenditure of what we have, everything considered, looking at it from the broadest standpoint. It is not a good thing to save a nickel at the expenditure of twenty-five cents’ worth of time.
Orison Swett Marden
They’re making a ton of money, and no one is getting a nickel.
Ruben Blades
I wish I had a nickel for every song that I’ve left in the bathroom, written down on a matchbox, or just totally forgotten about.
Tommy Shaw
When you have a guy that each week you can change up your game plan a little bit depending on what an offense does – you can put him at nickel, you can put him at linebacker position, Will or Sam or whatever they have him doing, he can create a matchup that the offense is not ready for.
Charles Woodson
For years, broadcasters didn’t get a nickel out of retransmission consent. But broadcast content is what the cable industry was selling to customers.
Gordon Smith
Fundamentally, I’ve always been a fan of actually looking at our whole state tax system and really figuring out how we reform our tax system so that everyone’s paying their fair share but we don’t have a lot of nickel and diming with 100 taxes that end up hitting people that maybe can’t bear it the most.
Pramila Jayapal
History doesn’t turn on a dime; it turns on a plugged nickel.
Jeff Greenfield
When I was about 3, my grandfather used to give me and my sister a nickel to sit out on the front porch with him and sing songs.
Tommy Shaw
The Super Bowl isn’t for kids, I had a great time though and it was worth every nickel of it because by doing this lame piece about the game I can put it on my expense account.
Andy Rooney
We have a lot of taxpayers in this city who deserve to get every nickel of their tax dollars that they’re entitled to from Washington, and I intend to make that happen.
Lori Lightfoot
I can’t throw a nickel from the Capitol without hitting a think tank that’s been financed by one of the Gulf States.
Chris Murphy
The first year I moved to Nashville, I started playing these songwriter nights with people like Nickel Creek, Duncan Sheik, and even Ryan Adams… That was the first place I really started playing music, and I had to really step up my game. Really quick. Or get kicked off the stage.
Mat Kearney
If I had a nickel for every time someone asked, ‘When are you doing an album?’ My career is way too transparent to do say, ‘Guess what – I’ve got 16 tracks you’ve never heard!’
I would change policy, bring back natural grass and nickel beer. Baseball is the belly-button of our society. Straighten out baseball, and you straighten out the rest of the world.
Bill Lee
The nickel spot, inside. It’s the hardest position to play. It’s harder than outside.
Jeff Fisher
Please to put a nickel, please to put a dime. How petitions trickle in at Christmas time!
Phyllis McGinley
I used the principles of Kickstarter to make ‘She’s Gotta Have It.’ We filmed that in 1985 to 1986. The final cost was $175,000. I didn’t have that money. It was friends, grants, donations. We saved our bottles for the nickel deposit.
Spike Lee
When the opportunities come, we may not want to buy another nickel asset, but if something comes cheap enough, we’re all about return on equity.
Ivan Glasenberg
One of the anomalies of digital journalism is a lack of clarity between high and low. That’s the historic distinction in publishing, mass from class, the vulgar from the refined, tabloid from broadsheet, the penny press from papers costing a nickel.
Michael Wolff
The Philippines has vast minerals that are still untapped. It has one of the world’s largest deposits of gold, nickel, copper and chromite. Through responsible mining, we intend to generate more revenues from the extraction of these resources.
Benigno Aquino III
A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.
Yogi Berra
If I had a nickel every time someone asked me if I was going into the Hall of Fame, then… I could buy a lot of stuff.
Christian Cage
I used to live on one candy bar a day – it cost a nickel. I always remember the candy bar was called Payday. That was my payday. And that candy bar tasted so good, at night I would take one bite, and it was so beautiful.
Charles Bukowski