Top 12 Lancaster Quotes

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I wish to assure you that there can never be any return

I wish to assure you that there can never be any return to the state of armed conflict which existed before our commitment to peace and the democratic process of election under the Lancaster House agreement.
Robert Mugabe
I was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania – in Amish Country!
Jonathan Groff
Look how successful Eddie Jones was, then all of a sudden a training camp is wrong and it’s his fault. The same with Stuart Lancaster.
Jonny Bairstow
I went to a local high school in Lancaster. Not much I can say about it; it was pretty much your typical public high school back in Pennsylvania.
Jonathan Groff
That’s why I ended up going to Lancaster University, because they had a visual arts course, and in the first year it was like a broad visual arts course in sculpture, painting, graphics – all of that.
Andy Serkis
Floral emblems have been often adopted. The houses of York and Lancaster had their roses, the Bourbons of France, the fleur-de-lis, Scotland her thistle, and Ireland her shamrock.
Dorothea Dix
I very much admired Lancaster. George Clooney reminds me of him today. Not all the macho, swinging around that Burt used to do, but the courage. You know where you stand with men like that.
Norman Lloyd
I love anything by Sisley for face and Lancaster for body.
Poppy Delevingne
My mother’s people are Old Order Mennonite – horse and buggy Mennonite, very close cousins to the Amish. I grew up in Lancaster County and lived near Amish farm land.
Beverly Lewis
Burt Lancaster was largely responsible for me becoming a director.
Sydney Pollack
I used to be selected for the Pennsylvania all-state orchestra. It was a thrill to go from my home town of Aliquippa clear across the state to Lancaster for the concerts. No kid is immune to that kind of experience.
Henry Mancini
I’m so lucky to have worked with Burt Lancaster, who I remember was one of the first people I’d heard swearing in a really interesting way.
Peter Capaldi