Top 270 Injury Quotes

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I had that small injury on my ankle, but I know that I

I had that small injury on my ankle, but I know that I am not playing like I used to play and like I have to play. So I have to keep working and try to play much better.
Bojan Bogdanovic
On really hot days, I try to motivate friends and family to come into the pool for an aqua jogging session which I teach. Aqua jogging is a great way to avoid the impact of regular walking or jogging on land. This is especially beneficial for those who have joint pain or who are healing from an injury.
Dylan Lauren
If you do base your life on how many touchdowns you score, how many championships you win, then when you have a setback, then when you have an injury, you’re not playing, or something goes wrong, your self-worth goes down.
Tim Tebow
You get mentally fatigued and you get physically fatigued, too. Usually that’s when bad things happen on the ice and then you’re more at risk for injury.
Barry Trotz
I had a shoulder injury and the pandemic helped me take some time off to recover 100 percent, and the UFC took some time off, too.
Charles Oliveira
I’ve had five surgeries that could have ended most people’s careers. But because of the fact that I’m resilient and have a lot of pride, I refused to let myself go out except on my terms. An injury is not going to take me out.
Mark Henry
The tension in pro ball comes from the realization that any game could be your last, that an injury could end your career. And in TV, you never know if or when your series will be canceled.
John Matuszak
Injury in general teaches you to appreciate every moment. I’ve had my share of injuries throughout my career. It’s humbling. It gives you perspective. No matter how many times I’ve been hurt, I’ve learned from that injury and come back even more humble.
Troy Polamalu
I’ve completed the first part of my preparations without injury problems. My speed is good and I’m doing lots of volume for strength.
Jonathan Brown
You have to be able to adjust with the moment, whether it’s an injury, a result.
Jill Ellis
When I retired first time around, injury had beaten me, and I hated that. Now I realise I’m no longer good enough. And I can handle that. It’s fine that I’m not good enough.
Andrew Flintoff
Any injury is tough, and it is a little bit tougher when it is the hand that you have to catch with, but it is football man. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
DeAndre Hopkins
Unfair servicing practices can worsen a family’s already difficult economic situation, and the injury echoes from the family to the community and ultimately throughout the economy.
Elizabeth Warren
Anger, if not restrained, is frequently more hurtful to us than the injury that provokes it.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca
I was a semi-professional gymnast as a child. I did rhythmic gymnastics, but I sustained an injury and strained all the muscles in my spine.
Gwendoline Christie
When I first came in, I won a world championship pretty fast. Then I worked with John Morrison and Daniel Bryan, became King of the Ring, went back to ‘SmackDown,’ became the world champion again, won the Rumble, did a lot of things, went away after an injury.
I would never discredit the sport or my opponent by reading my injury list before or after the fight. I’ve always thought it’s a very underhanded thing to do, and it’s a very cowardly thing to do, to come out and say, ‘I’m hurt,’ particularly if you win a fight.
Chael Sonnen
Any type of discomfort is going to alter the way I throw the ball. If I alter the way I throw the ball, I run the risk of major injury to my arm.
Max Scherzer
When one is young, aspiring to play for the country, doing well, any hindrance, like injury or being out of form, can be frustrating and a cause of annoyance or even anger. But once you have a close encounter with death, you realise the real value of life.
Yuvraj Singh
I work a lot in the gym on injury prevention.
Joao Moutinho
Talk about a foot injury, you can’t release how you want to, you can’t come out of your breaks how you want to.
Amari Cooper
The worst injury I ever had was a stress fracture from running.
Grete Waitz
I don’t like to risk – I’m actually not a tough guy at all, make no mistake about it, so I’m not going to do something that I’m scared of. So, if something looks dangerous, at the time I didn’t think it was, because I’m the first person to cower away from a risk of injury if there seems to be one.
Kenny Omega
When you play for 20 years – and really, I never had to miss a game due to injury – that’s not just good protection. That’s good luck.
Peyton Manning
In the past when I’d made my 33 lbs weight cut there would always be some small injury, my back, my knee or something else.
Alexander Gustafsson
I like to always remind my dancers about ways to avoid injury. One of the basic ways to avoid injury is to always make sure to stretch and warm up your body. This will loosen up your muscles, which will help to avoid common strain injuries such as shin splints and ankle strains.
Laurieann Gibson