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Who doesn't love Enya? Whenever I'm in a trying time, s

Who doesn’t love Enya? Whenever I’m in a trying time, she is the calm in the middle of the storm. If I put her on, I’ll be in this crazy peaceful state. I love her style. And her harmonies are freaking genius.
Nicki Minaj
I feel I must have been an elephant in a former life. I love the sensitivity and peaceful force of these creatures.
Princess Stephanie of Monaco
In America, we’re trying to find a peaceful solution in the Middle East and we’re not going to be divided along any lines, including religious lines, including ethnic backgrounds.
Darrell Issa
Peaceful demonstrations are essential to our democratic system. Unfortunately, some individuals have engaged in unlawful and dangerous activity, including arson, rioting, looting, and damaging public and private property.
Ted Wheeler
Before when I said I’m going to get married, I thought my life is going to be peaceful. But then, I ended up with a politician so it slightly got a little complicated.
Heart Evangelista
I think Tokyo is going to sink under water soon. All those stupid high-rise buildings will sink and maybe all the traffic will be gone. And everything will be peaceful and quiet.
Hayao Miyazaki
If in our daily life we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will profit from it. This is the most basic kind of peace work.
Thich Nhat Hanh
Whenever I traveled abroad and went into these old cathedrals and churches, I would feel so peaceful.
Zak Bagans
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
John F. Kennedy
Actions always speak louder than words, especially when they’re peaceful actions.
DeAndre Hopkins
I believe in building a peaceful world that is also a safe place for animals.
Park Won-soon
Yet better for one of my nature to have it that way than to have life a peaceful, placid flow of quiet contentment. I must have days of rushing excitement.
Dawn Powell
We can pursue peaceful diplomacy with the Iranian regime while also continuing our maximum economic pressure campaign, while also defending ourselves… To say that it’s a war with Iran or nothing is just a fundamental misunderstanding of how foreign policy actually works.
Morgan Ortagus
The practical core of democracy, defined functionally, is the peaceful exchange of power between different groups of powerful political players arranged in parties.
Noah Feldman
The great divide is not between faiths, but one between intolerant zealots of any tradition and the large numbers of decent, peaceful believers likewise found in each tradition.
Nicholas Kristof
My heart is so peaceful.
Vitor Belfort
There’s so much chaos in life, I think I make music to make things feel calm and sane, to define something, to bring some meaning into it – it’s a real peaceful thing to me.
Bill Callahan
I feel very peaceful.
Yani Tseng
Democratic leaders, whose power is ultimately dependent on popular support, are held accountable for failing to improve the lives of their citizens. Therefore, they have a powerful incentive to keep their societies peaceful and prosperous.
Natan Sharansky
Large numbers of people are broken from the notion that the system is working for people, that the system is just or humane or peaceful.
Bill Ayers
We can all be proud of our men and women in the military who are following their orders, carrying out their missions and sacrificing so much to give the Iraqi people a chance for a more peaceful and prosperous future.
Ron Kind
A man who is not afraid is not aggressive, a man who has no sense of fear of any kind is really a free, a peaceful man.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
I don’t know what happened, but I lost the desire to acquire more things. It’s very peaceful to have lost that desire.
Lee Radziwill
My wife Kari and I have three incredible kids. And like parents everywhere, we want our children to grow up in a country and a world that is peaceful, and where, if they work hard, they can reach their God-given potential.
Denis McDonough
I love the paddle board. It’s just a really good way to recenter. Being on the water is really peaceful, and you have to focus on your balance and holding yourself up. Doing a little bit of yoga under the sun on the water is really, really magical.
Jamie Anderson
I’m really very glad that I had skating to be my love and my escape. I think that it always gave me something that made me feel good, and it was music, and it was peaceful, and not a lot of the other stresses of life.
Dorothy Hamill
What other, newer democracies find relatively easy – conducting an election, the counting of votes, the peaceful transition of power – seems to have befuddled the United States (U.S.).
Barkha Dutt
Peaceful protest is a hallmark of our democracy. It has been in impetus for social change throughout our history.
Stan Van Gundy
I hope for my children, and for all Mexicans, that they can be proud to be Mexican, proud of their heritage, and proud that they have a peaceful, inclusive, vibrant country that is playing a role in the world.
Enrique Pena Nieto
For me, the single most important question is how to construct a society that is just, safe, peaceful – all those good things – when people finally accept that there is no free will.
Robert Sapolsky
There is no one policy that can end gun violence. But a ban on the sale of assault weapons to the general public is a critical goal that must be achieved if we are ever going to have peaceful communities.
Martin Luther King III
Buildings are 'humane' only when they promote peaceful

Buildings are ‘humane’ only when they promote peaceful human co-existence.
Frei Otto
Cross the meadow and the stream and listen as the peaceful water brings peace upon your soul.
Maximillian Degenerez
A peaceful man does more good than a learned one.
Pope John XXIII
Vida’s definitely a beautiful and peaceful girl.
Camila Alves
Profit at any cost is one extreme of the spectrum. On the other extreme is unselfish submission for the social good or, more accurately, charity. Somewhere in the middle is peaceful, and much required, coexistence.
Tulsi Tanti
Songs like ‘Peaceful World’ and songs that are responsible with their lyrics and talk about love and harmony can take the forefront and do something for real.
India Arie
In December 2014, during the final days of the Umbrella Movement, prominent signs proclaiming We’ll Be Back sprang up along Harcourt Road, one of the three major thruways occupied by peaceful pro-democracy protesters for nearly three months.
Joshua Wong
I dream of a free, democratic, peaceful Tunisia, a country that can protect its developing identity.
Rashid al-Ghannushi
In 2009, pre-Hillary, ISIS was not even on the map. Libya was stable. Egypt was peaceful. Iraq was seeing a really big, big reduction in violence. Iran was being choked by sanctions. Syria was somewhat under control.
Donald Trump
Skydiving is special because it’s almost the closest to an out-of-body experience you can have. We live in such a stimulated, connected, busy world – to be up in the air with nothing but yourself and the landscape is incredibly peaceful.
Georgia King
Once again it is peaceful at Augusta National Golf Club, after some rather ugly stand-offs in recent years, when the club balked at changing its all-white, all-male membership tradition. African-Americans and female Americans are on the club manifest now along with other golf-Americans, and all is serene once again.
Frank Deford
In the spring of 1948, I was able to join the newly created Brookhaven National Laboratory, which was dedicated to finding peaceful uses for atomic energy.
Raymond Davis, Jr.
I began by doing physical yoga, initially just for the workout, as exercise. I would get peaceful and calm at the end of it, and I was curious about that.
Mariel Hemingway
My house borders horse farms, and I can look out my window and see the horses and the new colts. It’s really peaceful.
Queen Latifah
I suppose what I believe in is peaceful anarchy.
Leonora Carrington
As a Naval officer, I’ve been all over the world, and one of the foundational lessons I learned was that parents everywhere would like to raise their children to a higher standard of living in a peaceful environment. That’s a universal goal for families.
Michael Mullen
We must not expect a full-scale peaceful revolution every time a Labour Government is elected.
Roy Jenkins
My recollection of a hundred lovely lakes has given me blessed release from care and worry and the troubled thinking of our modern day. It has been a return to the primitive and the peaceful.
Hamlin Garland
I remember listening to the radio as a kid and finding that the songs always made me feel more peaceful. Funny, but the more hurtin’ the music was, the better it made me feel. I think of that now when I write my songs. I may not be feelin’ the blues myself, but I’m writing them for other people who have a hard life.
Chris Isaak
I support peaceful protests and the rule of law, and denounce all acts of violence.
Lauren Boebert
There is nothing wrong with my heart except for wanting a peaceful world.
Jeremy Corbyn
There is nothing a worker resents more than to see some man taking his job. A factory can be closed down, its chimneys smokeless, waiting for the worker to come back to his job, and all will be peaceful. But the moment workers are imported, and the striker sees his own place usurped, there is bound to be trouble.
Charles M. Schwab
We can best honor the memories of those who were killed on September 11 and those who have been killed fighting the war on terrorism, by dedicating ourselves to building a free and peaceful world safe from the threat of terrorism.
Jack Reed
What we witnessed in Ferguson, in Baltimore, and in Baton Rouge was a collapse of social order. So many of the actions of the Occupy movement and Black Lives Matter transcend peaceful protest and violates the code of conduct we rely on. I call it anarchy.
David A. Clarke, Jr.
While other individuals or institutions obtain their income by production of goods and services and by the peaceful and voluntary sale of these goods and services to others, the State obtains its revenue by the use of compulsion; that is, by the use and the threat of the jailhouse and the bayonet.
Murray Rothbard
We the people say it loud and clear every Election Day, in high-crime periods as well as peaceful stretches – More of our population needs to be behind bars.
Thomas Frank
At one point, I was just perceived as only being angry, but now I’m being perceived as angry, peaceful, and spiritual.
Alanis Morissette
Of mediumship there are many grades, one of the simplest forms being the capacity to receive an impression or automatic writing, under peaceful conditions, in an ordinary state; but the whole subject is too large to be treated here.
Oliver Joseph Lodge
We ask them to remove the missiles deployed against Taiwan, give up their military threat, and instead let us together open the door to cross-Strait peaceful and stable dialogue and negotiations.
Chen Shui-bian
An independent, strong, thriving and peaceful State of Israel is the vengeance of the dead.
Ehud Barak
Often, before returning home, I would take a long and roundabout way and pass by the peaceful ramparts from where I had glimpses of other provinces, and a sight of the distant country.
Pierre Loti
In 2001-2002, I told the president that the election wa

In 2001-2002, I told the president that the election was supposed to take place when the war was over, at a time when we could return to peaceful life. We agreed upon that. However, I can see now that the election cannot be delayed any longer.
Akhmad Kadyrov
I live on the edge of Bath. It’s really lovely, but its very loveliness freaks me out a bit. It’s peaceful, a great antidote to the craziness of being on tour, but sometimes I feel as though I’ve retired.
Alison Goldfrapp
This sounds really hokey, but I think Buddhism is the only religion that is genuinely peaceful, so I’d try to promote it in a contemporary society.
Nick Love
Because I saw my parents relaxing in armchairs and reading and liking it, I thought it was a peaceful grown-up thing to do, and I still think that.
Maeve Binchy
The purpose of the European Union expansion is to bring stability to the East, and ultimately, that stability will come to Russia. There is no long term reason that Russia can’t be part of the same peaceful community of nations.
Wesley Clark
Diplomacy is essential if we are to find peaceful resolutions in times of tension.
Ed Davey
When counterterrorist policies are used to suppress peaceful protests and legitimate opposition movements, shut down debate, target human rights defenders, or stigmatize minorities, they fail, and we all lose. Indeed, such responses may cause further resentment and instability and contribute to radicalization.
Antonio Guterres
I meditate so I know how to find a peaceful place within to be calm and peaceful.
Roseanne Barr
Yoga may look peaceful and calming, but even Arnold Schwarzenegger would have trouble breathing after twenty ‘surya namaskars’ in a row.
Kareena Kapoor Khan
A nation without dregs and malcontents is orderly, peaceful and pleasant, but perhaps without the seed of things to come.
Eric Hoffer
By providing outstanding economic leadership, this country can wage its attack successfully – and can thereby build the foundations of a peaceful world.
James Forrestal
The president welcomes peaceful protests – it is a time-honored tradition. The president agrees violence is not the answer in Iraq, and that’s why he hopes Saddam Hussein will disarm.
Ari Fleischer
I feel the pain of people who suffer in my own neurons and sometimes cannot even watch TV. It is impossible not to be worried. But I trust that however cruel treatment they receive, Hizmet sympathizers will continue to respect to the law and will remain peaceful.
Fethullah Gulen
When I think about America, I think about freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion. It’s a peaceful country.
Enes Kanter
There’s a part of bohemia I love. The lack of prejudice, the lack of aggression, I love the lack, for the most part, of competitiveness. It’s more peaceful.
Peter Mullan
We don’t see a peaceful Syria with Assad in there.
Nikki Haley
First and foremost – our vision for a united and peaceful Georgia is based on respect for the desire – and respect for the right – to South Ossetian autonomy.
Mikheil Saakashvili
I want you to feel in ‘Riversong’ like you’re floating down a river on your back, and you’re looking at the stars, and everything is incredibly still and peaceful.
Alison Sudol
Power to the peaceful!
Michael Franti
The time has long since come for truth, transparency, and talks in every sector of society, including media, advertisement and entertainment. We can challenge each other, gain understanding, and create a more just, humane, and peaceful world.
Bernice King
Turkey was a peaceful county, Turkey was a lovely county.
Enes Kanter
I’m a peaceful creature; I’m vegetarian. I don’t like wars.
Pavel Durov
It is in all our interests to help the world become more peaceful, stable, and prosperous.
David Lidington
Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.
Malcolm X
It was my dream, and probably the dream of every one of us, to bring about a revision of the Versailles Treaty by peaceful means, which was provided for in that very treaty.
Hans Frank
Displays of force in response to mostly peaceful demonstrations can be counterproductive.
Eric Holder
The space and light up there in Norfolk is wonderfully peaceful. I find myself doing funny things like gardening, and cooking, which I rarely do in London.
Jeremy Northam
It’s an issue that we need to have a national discussion about, the militarization of local police forces, and then when they are used to quell peaceful demonstration. Then we have a problem, and especially around this entire case of the murder of Michael Brown at the hands of a Ferguson police officer.
William Lacy Clay, Jr.
Support for peaceful reform by the people themselves is the right way to promote democracy, not the use of force.
Paul Wolfowitz
John Paul II, above all, managed to contain the huge mass of frustration, of hate that had accumulated in that region, in favour of a peaceful transition. This was, without doubt, something that changed European history.
Rocco Buttiglione
Peace is rarely denied to the peaceful.
Friedrich Schiller
I declare myself an Austrian and a European. A united E

I declare myself an Austrian and a European. A united Europe will be a peaceful Europe.
Heinz Fischer
I assure you, it would be much more pleasant for me to be an ordinary voter in peaceful Chechnya than the president of a republic at war.
Aslan Maskhadov
All cultures are different. Some commit genocide. Some are uniquely peaceful. Some frequent bathhouses in groups. Some don’t show each other the soles of their shoes or like pictures taken of them. Some have enormous hunting festivals or annual stretches when nobody speaks. Some don’t use electricity.
Casey Affleck
Peace is one of the most precious gifts God has promised His children. I know, because for many years my life was not peaceful, and I was miserable.
Joyce Meyer
Sometimes I have a very bad point of being too obnoxious. I am not too obnoxious. I mean, I just try to make things more peaceful. Me being obnoxious makes a lot of things more peaceful.
Jaco Pastorius
It’s mountains. The air is crisp. It’s peaceful. You don’t get spring break in Guanajuato.
Tanya Saracho
Building a stable, peaceful, and coherent Europe must include Russia.
James G. Stavridis
Letting go helps us to to live in a more peaceful state of mind and helps restore our balance. It allows others to be responsible for themselves and for us to take our hands off situations that do not belong to us. This frees us from unnecessary stress.
Melody Beattie
It’s very interesting to me that the nationalist movement in Scotland has become so positive and self-reflective rather than anti-English. The referendum in 2014 was peaceful, for all its deeply and passionately divided people.
Sarah Hall
Israel will not tolerate Iran developing nuclear power, even if Iran claims it is for peaceful purposes. If there is an attack, oil prices will go through the roof.
Robert Kiyosaki
Free nations are peaceful nations. Free nations don’t attack each other. Free nations don’t develop weapons of mass destruction.
George W. Bush
To be sure, most immigrants are good and most Muslims are peaceful.
Kayleigh McEnany
The main goal of the International Space Station is to work on peaceful projects. In space, we’re all people from Earth.
Sunita Williams
The president who achieved a true democracy. The president who built a peaceful relationship between the North and the South. The president who achieved a more equal and fair economy. That’s how I want to be remembered.
Moon Jae-in
What’s crucial is that the IRA produce a credible statement that paramilitary and criminality activity is a thing of the past. That they are committed to a future which is exclusively peaceful and democratic.
Peter Hain
Go forth from our holy land and go back to your families who are waiting for you impatiently, that you and we, as well, lead a peaceful life together.
Muqtada al Sadr
The peaceful transfer of power is a central tenet of American democracy, and Connecticut stands ready to aid in the protection of our country.
Ned Lamont
I am afraid that if you don’t find peaceful domestic solutions to our inequality and social problems, then it’s always tempting to find other people responsible for our problems.
Thomas Piketty
My opinion is that protesting, there’s no problem with it, as long as it is peaceful without violence, without vandalism.
I love the ocean. I’ve always liked the blue, so tranquil and peaceful and gliding. And the fear of it.
Siouxsie Sioux
I would support peaceful co-existence between religion and science because they concern different domains. Anyone who takes theology seriously knows that it’s not a matter of using it to explain things that scientists are mystified by.
Martin Rees
I’m at a point in my life where I have something solid now. I’m a peaceful person, and I want to be surrounded by peace no matter what I’m doing.
Cheryl James
Yes, it is true that too much of everything is as bad as little, because satisfaction and gracious acceptance is the keyword for a happy and peaceful life. Too much takes the satisfaction away.
Tanushree Dutta
Despite its challenges, globalization has led to one of the most peaceful and productive times in world history.
Mike Quigley
Although it is hard to see why any sensible authority would feel threatened by the peaceful expression of one’s point of view, there is a long history of trying to repress subversive depictions of political figures – back in the 19th century, for example, France’s King Louis Philippe was depicted as a piece of fruit.
Nazanin Boniadi
I believe President Bush is one of the most dangerous leaders in the world. He is not in search of peaceful and diplomatic solutions.
Bianca Jagger
The strike of the miners in Arizona was one of the most remarkable strikes in the history of the American labor movement. Its peaceful character, its successful outcome, were due to that most remarkable character, Governor Hunt.
Mary Harris Jones
I love nature, I really do. I love the great outdoors, I love the concept of quiet, peaceful solitude shared only with the loons calling to each other across the water, and Bambi and Thumper in the forest, and a simple tent between me and the starry, starry sky.
Hilary Farr
Surfing soothes me, it’s always been a kind of Zen experience for me. The ocean is so magnificent, peaceful, and awesome. The rest of the world disappears for me when I’m on a wave.
Paul Walker
What makes America’s election system unique is the fact that even when elections are close, we find a resolution, which leads to the peaceful transition of power that remains one of the most important tenets of our democracy.
Mercedes Schlapp
The Iranian government intends to use the nuclear program for peaceful purposes, but must convince international public opinion of that.
Shirin Ebadi
Consider this: The United States held its first preside

Consider this: The United States held its first presidential election in 1789. It marked the first peaceful transfer of executive power between parties in the fourth presidential election in 1801, and it took another 200 years’ worth of presidential elections before the courts had to settle an election.
Sam Brownback
Though no one wants war, Congress needed to give the President the authority he needs to protect America while encouraging the use of diplomacy and negotiations to try and arrive at a peaceful solution to this problem.
Allen Boyd
The question is, can we have a more peaceful, effective relationship with Russia, utilizing interests that are similar in a realistic way to make this world a safer place and get off this dangerous hostility with Russia.
Jeff Sessions
The Journey of Reconciliation was organized not only to devise techniques for eliminating Jim Crow in travel, but also as a training ground for similar peaceful projects against discrimination in such major areas as employment and in the armed services.
Bayard Rustin
Theatres that are stuffed to the gunnels leave me feeling rather peaceful – that’s when things are going right. When you’re playing to 40% and trying to make the budget, it’s more difficult.
Jamie Parker
Team Obama is exploiting the power of high government office to intimidate lawful, peaceful contributors who support limited-government causes.
Michelle Malkin
My 20s were peaceful, privileged, but still I felt the desire to write angsty dramas.
Adrian Tomine
James Garner is like a peaceful river through our chaos.
Kaley Cuoco
Within the frontiers of a state, there are no more than ten people who do good of themselves, whereas if one makes it so that the people can do no wrong, the entire state can be kept peaceful.
Han Fei
I remember going out alone in a canoe. Somebody told me to lie in the bottom of the canoe and just drift. It was a small lake and I was perfectly safe. So I did that, and I drifted. It was quiet and peaceful. Suddenly, I heard a loon cry the first time I ever heard that marvelous sound.
Lorne Greene
When President Obama visited Japan, we were able to confirm that our alliance is playing a leading role in ensuring a peaceful and prosperous Asia-Pacific.
Shinzo Abe
I was motivated by just thinking that if you had all this external success that everyone would love you and everything would be peaceful and wonderful.
Alanis Morissette
Each new generation needs to commit again to the foundations of our peaceful coexistence.
Federica Mogherini
We must continue to step in and stand up to resist reckless rhetoric and actions in a peaceful and forceful manner.
Gavin Newsom
To wake up when the sun comes up and enjoy that and then, when the sun goes down, to have a nice property or house where I could watch it on my porch when I’m older. It would be peaceful.
Zack Greinke
Power to the peaceful.
Vanessa Hudgens
It’s peaceful for people to know how their lives are going to be, pretty much.
Elizabeth McGovern
China and India are friendly neighbours. We are also natural partners. Both of our countries stand for amicable and peaceful relations between countries and a multipolar world. The peaceful and friendly relations between our two countries is a blessing not just to Asia, but to also the whole world.
Li Keqiang
I’m not a human interest story, man. I’m just a musician trying to make some small records and be happy, be peaceful.
Mark Lanegan
Deep experience is never peaceful.
Henry James
We have concluded that the U.K. chose to join the invasion of Iraq before the peaceful options for disarmament had been exhausted. Military action at that time was not a last resort.
John Chilcot
A lot of people, sometimes they’re so stuck on, ‘I gotta get married, I gotta get married.’ They forget that the really important thing is to have a healthy home, a healthy family, a healthy environment for your kids and to have everything going in a good, peaceful way.
Camila Alves
White makes your house more peaceful and elegant.
Sana Khan
Women are not inherently passive or peaceful.
Robin Morgan
My priority will remain supporting those courageous individuals and organizations, among both Israelis and Palestinians, committed to bringing peaceful coexistence to the region.
Ayanna Pressley
I am very spoilt and want my travel to be smooth and peaceful. I don’t like to rough it out, and I certainly do not fancy the idea of backpacking.
Sushmita Sen
Am I not peaceful? We want to be free – completely free. Free to be free. We want to be left alone.
It is very important that the world know that there have been 500 years of peaceful coexistence in Turkey between the Jews and Moslems.
Ahmet Ertegun
When I am disgusted by certain American politicians, I fantasize moving away to Finland – a country in which I have worked a little, and which I see as a pure blue and green place of unpolluted lakes, peaceful forests, and pristine social-democratic values.
Martha Nussbaum
The United Nations is our one great hope for a peaceful and free world.
Ralph Bunche
I cannot think of a tactical alliance with the Left because I represent the idea that there is a peaceful, nonviolent way to dislodge a dictatorship… A tactical Left alliance damages my argument. If I succeed with them, we will never know if peace can really produce freedom.
Corazon Aquino
I am from Ghana, and although Ghana is celebrated as a

I am from Ghana, and although Ghana is celebrated as a relatively peaceful country in a historically war-torn region, the issues of development and recovery are still apparent.
Philomena Kwao
I rejected the armed struggle because, as a Christian, I am committed to a nonviolent and peaceful struggle. But people take their own initiatives, because it is a Lebanon type of situation here.
Mangosuthu Buthelezi
I never camped as a kid, but I really got into camping and sleeping outdoors. I’ve also done some amazing river floats in New Mexico and Idaho. It’s peaceful and awesome.
Conor Oberst
We need to tackle extreme inequality because it is morally indefensible and socially corrosive – undermining our health, affecting our well-being, and undermining peaceful societies.
Winnie Byanyima
I am in politics to defend ideas, real conservative ideas. Because I passionately care about Canada’s future. Because I know that the free-market conservative philosophy has the best solutions to ensure our society is more prosperous, secure, and peaceful.
Maxime Bernier
Without question, we need to be informed of the happenings in the world. But modern communication brings into our homes a drowning cascade of the violence and misery of the worldwide human race. There comes a time when we need to find some peaceful spiritual renewal.
James E. Faust
An open, market-oriented, and peaceful Iraq could also advance reform and growth across the entire region.
Richard N. Haass
China pays a great deal of attention to the Korean nuclear issue. We stand for achieving denuclearization of the peninsula in a peaceful way through dialogue and consultation to maintain peace and stability of the peninsula and Northeast Asia.
Hu Jintao
We have come a long way in terms of equality for every race, sex and creed in this nation. We still have a ways to go to before we are there for everyone, but we must find peaceful and meaningful solutions that offer positive outcomes for all.
Jeff Van Drew
Actually, the notion of what is acceptable for a moral government to do seems to have eroded in some ways since 9-11. Not to get too political here, but countries, including our own, seem to have accepted what was once almost unimaginable – condoning torture, for example, and even criminalizing peaceful protest.
Gail Simone
When I need to think of, like, a peaceful scene or something, I think of my back garden in summertime. And whenever I hear the lawnmower next door, I always think it’s really peaceful.
Ed Westwick
The fight for freedom must go on until it is won; until our country is free and happy and peaceful as part of the community of man, we cannot rest.
Oliver Tambo
The attacks in Jordan, just like those before it in Indonesia, Egypt, Spain and the United States, demonstrate that terrorism does not discriminate by race, ethnicity or region. Instead, terrorists indiscriminately target those seeking to live a peaceful, loving and free life.
Allyson Schwartz
I often stay in Tokyo’s Daikanyama neighbourhood. You can go for a peaceful morning run along the Meguro river, and it is particularly incredible during cherry blossom season.
Joe Gebbia
I was part of a government that tried to resolve the question of Kosovo by war. Perhaps there is some justice that today I should be the person most responsible for finding a peaceful solution.
Ivica Dacic
My most ardent desire is that my country will recapture its historic opportunity for a peaceful evolution and that Poland will prove to the world that even the most complex situations can be solved by a dialogue and not by force.
Lech Walesa
If peace activists really want to make changes, they have to start putting intense pressure on their elected officials. Of course, everything should be non-violent, because we are trying to create a peaceful world, and violence can’t produce peace – no matter what George W. Bush and his buddies say.
Cindy Sheehan
Well, the oil, the oil spot, if you will, is a, is a term in counterinsurgency literature that connotes a peaceful area, secure area. So what you’re trying to do is to always extend that, to push that out.
David Petraeus
I was taught nothing about the suffragettes in school. The version I eventually got was mainly about the peaceful campaigning of the constitutional suffragists. Their work was vital, but there was this other, not widely known story of the women who risked everything, who were prepared to break every taboo.
Sarah Gavron
Like most Americans, I hope and wish is that there is a peaceful resolution to the Middle East conflict. Unfortunately, there are extremists on both sides who oppose a peaceful resolution and instead choose violence.
Darrell Issa
Sudan has been an experiment that resonated across Africa: if we, the largest country on the continent, reaching from the Sahara to the Congo, bridging religions, cultures and a multitude of ethnicities, were able to construct a prosperous and peaceful state from our diverse citizenry, so too could the rest of Africa.
Mo Ibrahim
Under the leaden sway of Alexander III’s government, the silence of the graveyard prevailed. Russian society, equally discouraged by the collapse of all hopes for peaceful reforms and by the apparent ineffectiveness of the revolutionary movement, was in the grip of a mood of depression and resignation.
Rosa Luxemburg
I respect marriage, and I think it’s beautiful that people do it. But for me, more important than anything is having a peaceful life and a peaceful home.
Camila Alves
Although our capacities to advance our interests are limited, we should be active and constructive in pursuit of a peaceful and favourable international environment.
Malcolm Fraser
For behind all imperialism is ultimately the imperialistic individual, just as behind all peace is ultimately the peaceful individual.
Irving Babbitt
Whenever I’m stressed out or having a bad day, the one thing that gets me happy or back into like a good place of mind is being on the golf course. I love being out there, especially really early in the morning getting the first tee time out and just playing by myself. It’s so peaceful.
Paige Spiranac
I love how Pilates makes me feel, like it opens me up. I have the hardest time breathing, weirdly enough. Even when I have conversations, I need to work on my breathing, so it’s something I enjoy because it’s peaceful and it helps me relax.
Selena Gomez
I defy anybody to be of service to another human being and not have the most peaceful night of sleep you’ve had in a long, long time.
Ryan Leaf
The endgame is peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula.
Lee Myung-bak
Let’s say we were a peacekeeping force in some small country that most people had never heard of. And we were there to host a peaceful election, and we then found out a bunch of stuff was hacked. We probably would push to have another election to make sure that would be fair.
Harper Reed
I think examples of free market transactions between peaceful people using Bitcoin and the Internet, I think it’s a wonderful thing. It’s going to make the world a better place.
Roger Ver
We attach great importance to the peaceful development

We attach great importance to the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. But if our diplomatic relations is subject to China’s goodwill, we will lose the autonomy of our diplomacy.
Tsai Ing-wen
China was not at all what I expected it to be. I had an image of China as a very quaint and mysterious and peaceful place. Well, it’s quaint and mysterious in some respects, but not in the ways I had thought. The people are mysterious. They don’t often tell you what they feel.
Rosemary Mahoney
May we soon enjoy the fruits of our labor in a peaceful and united Germany.
Walter Ulbricht
We believe in peace and peaceful development, not only for ourselves but for people all over the world.
Lal Bahadur Shastri
I love my country, and it hurts not to be able to see my country, as I did for so many years. I hope that I will one day be able to live in a peaceful Colombia.
Fernando Botero
Both President Obama and I shared the conviction that territorial and maritime disputes in the Asia Pacific region should be settled peacefully based on international law. We affirm that arbitration is an open, friendly and peaceful approach to seeking a just and durable solution.
Benigno Aquino III
The independence project in Catalonia is… a peaceful revolution, carried out in suit, shirt, and tie.
Carles Puigdemont
All God wants of man is a peaceful heart.
Meister Eckhart
I was married to Margaret Joan Howe in 1940. Although not a scientist herself she has contributed more to my work than anyone else by providing a peaceful and happy home.
Frederick Sanger
I envision someday a great, peaceful South Africa in which the world will take pride, a nation in which each of many different groups will be making its own creative contribution.
Alan Paton
My whole aim in whatever I say, whatever I do, is to follow the peaceful line of having people live together… If we can all play in that game, the world will be a better place.
Cat Stevens
Chimps cannot tell us anything about peaceful relations, because chimps have only different degrees of hostility between communities. Whereas bonobos do tell us something; they tell us about the possibility of having peaceful relationships.
Frans de Waal
Catalan citizens are peaceful, European, and open-minded. We want to contribute to better international and European governance.
Carles Puigdemont
The place is really exceptional and I am fascinated and inspired, as Nagaland with its lush greenery and picturesque mountains as well as the peaceful atmosphere reminds me of my country Jamaica.
Liz Mitchell
All my work is much more peaceful than I am.
Maya Lin
I didn’t do myself any favours. I would be resentful of my own ideas even before I’d said them out loud. But music was always the most consistent and peaceful thing for me. So I taught myself to be my harshest critic rather than just a mean voice in the back of my head.
Jack Garratt
Return to your friends and tell them that we came here with no peaceful intent, but ready for battle, and determined to avenge our own wrongs and set our country free. Let your masters come and attack us: we are ready to meet them beard to beard.
William Wallace
Here we were, the only seven humans in space, repairing a telescope whose only purpose is to enrich the minds of people on planet Earth and increase our understanding of the workings of the universe. I can think of no better peaceful use of space for all humankind.
John M. Grunsfeld
I’m extremely grateful that I found writing, but it doesn’t make it any more peaceful.
Sam Shepard
We all have to announce our full solidarity with the struggle of those seeking freedom and justice in Syria, and translate this sympathy into a clear political vision that supports a peaceful transition to a democratic system of rule that reflects the demands of the Syrian people for freedom.
Mohammed Morsi
Through the years I have seen myself as a peaceful person, but the awareness of the anger is part of that process.
Yusef Komunyakaa
Ballots are the rightful and peaceful successors to bullets.
Abraham Lincoln
For me personally, snorkeling in a cove in Hawaii, floating along, and looking at all the animals and the colors – I mean, that’s pretty peaceful.
Stephen Hillenburg
When we achieve human rights and human dignity for all people – they will build a peaceful, sustainable, and just world.
Antonio Guterres
I’m a peaceful person once work ethic is established.
Shirley MacLaine
We will make every effort with utmost sincerity to achieve a peaceful reunification of the country.
Hu Jintao
The international community should pressure Iran to get the Houthis to agree to some peaceful understanding in Yemen. But at the same time, Saudi Arabia also needs to believe truly in democracy for Yemen.
Jamal Khashoggi
A core challenge for Australia is – how do we best prepare ourselves for the Asia Pacific century – to maximise the opportunities, to minimise the threats and to make our own active contribution to making this Asia-Pacific Century peaceful, prosperous and sustainable for us all.
Kevin Rudd
A peaceful world requires collective measures for the prevention of war, international cooperation to solve economic and social problems, and respect for human rights.
Goran Persson
I think pregnancy, like life, is what you make it. I received a good hand. I’m thankful and blessed and so peaceful and can’t wait to welcome my son.
Mara Brock Akil
Breakfast is a peaceful moment for me, so I never have the radio on, no music, no noise around. The only noise that is permitted is people’s voices. It’s a way for me to wake up without too much of a high speed feeling.
Christian Louboutin
You know the Middle East is going crazy when Lebanon is

You know the Middle East is going crazy when Lebanon is the most peaceful place in the region.
Maz Jobrani
We absolutely want to harness nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. There should be no doubt about Saudi Arabian intentions. Whatever we do is going to be under strict compliance with international agreements.
Khalid A. Al-Falih
For somebody who comes from Europe, I can only say if we give up this principle of territorial integrity of countries, then we will not be able to maintain the peaceful order of Europe that we’ve been able to achieve.
Angela Merkel
In my peaceful moments, I yearn to write a bank heist like the one in ‘Heat.’
Peter Morgan
By strengthening the three pillars of the United Nations – security, development and human rights – we can build a more peaceful, more prosperous and more just world for our succeeding generations.
Ban Ki-moon
You can rebel in different ways. Civil disobedience is rebelling. As long as it’s peaceful, of course.
Greta Thunburg
Yes, I am 100% anarchist. Anarchy, to me, is a belief that all transactions, all activity, should be voluntary. It is a peaceful philosophy of not forcing anyone to do anything and not allowing anyone else to force you to do anything.
Jeff Berwick
Our party and the Republic’s government will go hand in hand with anyone who truly desires the country’s reunification and the nation’s peaceful prosperity and will make responsible and patient efforts to accomplish the historic cause of the fatherland’s reunification.
Kim Jong-un
Everyone was poor. We were satisfied with a life that was simple and humble. We were a peaceful, open people.
Nadia Murad
Everyone chases a bit of what they say life is about: money, desire… But when you stop chasing, you realise life is a rhythm and it’s very peaceful, very quiet. You see, it’s quite a miracle.
Nick Nolte
I was born technically in D.C., and then my family moved to the Columbia area when I was in elementary school. It was right on the line between Clarksville and Columbia in Howard County. I remember it being just like a peaceful, safe atmosphere. I always felt connected to the woods and that whole suburban feel.
The past is prophetic in that it asserts loudly that wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
An important notion in Indian political thought that is of great value to Hungary is the idea of peaceful development.
Viktor Orban
When I’m outside gardening, it can be so inspiring. I think of words and melodies. It’s peaceful. Every singer-songwriter should find something outside of music that makes them as happy as gardening makes me.
Amanda Shires
I am not a city guy; I like peaceful surroundings and maybe a walk around a lake.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
China has been committed to the independent foreign policy of peace and has developed friendship and cooperation with all countries on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence.
Hu Jintao
I think more tolerance, more people having more access to a chance to be literate, and a chance to stay healthy makes for a more peaceful planet.
Henry Rollins
I have always liked to live my life in a quiet and peaceful manner. I used to lead my life that way. But the rise in social media has certainly affected me. Now I am always noticed.
Arijit Singh
My best hope is that Libya turns into a peaceful, sensible country that has all the things my father and lots of others have been calling for: independence of the courts and press, a protected and democratic constitution, with different parties involved in a healthy and open debate.
Hisham Matar
From a Christian point of view of course we do want a peaceful world, and I think September 11 did actually make people aware not only of vulnerability and how transitory life is, but there are forces of good and honor and justice which speak to us of God and his love for us.
George Carey
Germany wants peaceful coexistence of Muslims and members of other religions.
Angela Merkel
At that time, the army leadership said the implementation of this agreement would allow everyone, including the IRA, to take its political objectives forward by peaceful and democratic means.
Gerry Adams
I am hoping for peaceful transition into a new age. Obama has already played a great role in initiating us into that vision. If he were to be harmed in any way, it would spawn the birth of a million Obamas.
Saul Williams
For me, nothing bad can happen on a football pitch. You could be growing up in chaos, everything could be going crazy around you, but if you have a ball at your feet, you stop thinking. Everything is quiet, peaceful.
The space program is a peaceful project. The next door is opening. We have to go farther into space. But, before that, we need to develop far more improved nutrition and more advanced spacecraft.
Sunita Williams
The Czech Republic is a dynamic United Nations Member State, active on the Human Rights Council, contributing to the peaceful settlement of disputes, and helping other countries to achieve a democratic transition.
Ban Ki-moon
I don’t know if science and reason will ultimately help guide humanity to a better and more peaceful future, but I am certain that this belief is part of what keeps the ‘Star Trek’ fandom going.
Lawrence M. Krauss
I’ve always been under the impression that it would be such a bummer to be in a peaceful place like Hawaii or the tropics and be stressed about catching waves.
Shaun White
Serbia did not want to recognize our country in a peaceful way, so that is why they wanted to destroy us. All our efforts to find a peaceful solution were impossible. In order to save the people, NATO had to intervene.
Ibrahim Rugova
We know from hard research that educated populations have lower growth rates, are more peaceful, and add to the global economy.
Peter Diamandis
Many American Muslims are peaceful and define jihad primarily as an internal struggle to improve.
Marvin Olasky
I'm a very contented, peaceful man. I made mistakes, ye

I’m a very contented, peaceful man. I made mistakes, yes, but I accepted them, and, I hope, graciously.
Don Ameche
I hope that none of the countries in the Middle East are planning anything but the peaceful utilization of nuclear energy.
Abdullah II of Jordan
I thought when I started meditation that I was going to get real calm and peaceful and it’s going to be over. It’s not that way; it’s so energetic. That’s where all the energy and creativity is.
David Lynch
Sadat was a great and good man, and his most bitter and dangerous enemies were people who were obsessed with hatred for his peaceful goals.
Jimmy Carter
Arizona – I’ve only spent a few days there, but it’s inspired me the most. It’s so peaceful.
Benjamin Clementine
In order every one in our homeland learns principles of democracy and the peaceful transition of power, and in order to stabilize and develop multiple choices in democratic practice.
Ali Abdullah Saleh
I learned how important it is to have a home that’s in order – that’s peaceful.
Chris Bosh
Our most important task is to transform our consciousness so that violence is no longer an option for us in our personal lives, that understanding that a world of peace is possible only if we relate to each other as peaceful beings, one individual at a time.
Deepak Chopra
When you come to Denmark, you have the chance to live in a free, peaceful country with access to free education, free medical aid and the opportunity to work. To benefit from that requires responsibility. If you don’t assume that responsibility, it is a breach in trust.
Mette Frederiksen
Following its peaceful reunifica’tion in 1990, Germany was on track to become an economic giant that had little in the way of foreign policy.
Frank-Walter Steinmeier
I just want to be healthy and stay alive and keep my family going and everything and keep my friends going and try to do something so that this world will be peaceful. That is the most ambitious and the most difficult thing, but I’m there trying to do it.
Yoko Ono
Our small and peaceful country is threatened daily by covetous and bigoted big powers whose hunger for domination and control of other nations and their resources knows no bounds.
Robert Mugabe
Being able to express yourself under the name Erika Jayne and saying things people want to say but wouldn’t, or doing things that people want to do but don’t, or taking that extra leap of faith or pushing the levels of sexuality, or whatever, that helps Erika Girardi stand on her own two feet and be calm and peaceful.
Erika Jayne
From a distance, the American political system is a remarkable success. We have accomplished the peaceful transfer of power for more than two hundred years, and that’s unmatched by any civilization in human history. Up close, our political system still has all the ugliness and bad actors that you might suspect.
Douglas Brunt
Ours is a multi-religious country, a multi-lingual country; we have many different modes of worship. We believe in peaceful and harmonious co-existence.
Atal Bihari Vajpayee
The vast majority of Muslims are moderates working for a better future and seeking a peaceful life.
Ahmed Zewail
Music is a big part of my sleep routine. I listen to peaceful and calming music every night, and have my go-to playlists and albums I play at night.
Lexi Underwood
We believe in peace in the settlement of all disputes through peaceful means, in the abolition of war, and, more particularly, nuclear war.
Lal Bahadur Shastri
My sets are not peaceful. It’s a beautiful catastrophe. I am running around like a headless chicken. I don’t sleep because I am writing. It’s manic.
Michaela Coel
Peace is not a relationship of nations. It is a condition of mind brought about by a serenity of soul. Peace is not merely the absence of war. It is also a state of mind. Lasting peace can come only to peaceful people.
Jawaharlal Nehru
Meeting my daughter for the first time was the most special moment of my life. They laid Julia on my chest in the delivery room, and my heart completely melted. She was just so peaceful.
Lacey Chabert
No matter how happy and peaceful you can be at a certain time, you always have this – at least, I do – paranoia or catastrophic thought that even now that I have all this peace and quiet, what’s the next challenge? What’s coming next? On a very human level, I think most people can identify with that.
Salim Akil
I understood at a young age that administrations come and go, but laws stay. So I decided to become a lawyer in order to help create a more just and peaceful world, not just in a fleeting moment but in a way that will endure from one generation to the next.
Kerry Kennedy
It’s hard to understand the life that I live and rationalize some of the things that I do. I don’t need someone questioning every move that I make, asking me why I don’t just relax. When there’s no one asking me those types of questions… to me, it’s peaceful.
J. J. Watt
Our firm conviction that ours is a just cause and that we must find a peaceful way to attain our goals gave us the strength and the awareness of the limits beyond which we must not go.
Lech Walesa
I like to be as positive and as peaceful as possible, but reality says, you know, sometimes you get mad, sometimes you get antsy, sometimes you get aggravated.
Musiq Soulchild
Even in the most peaceful communities, an appetite for violence shows up in dreams, fantasies, sports, play, literature, movies and television. And, so long as we don’t transform into angels, violence and the threat of violence – as in punishment and deterrence – is needed to rein in our worst instincts.
Paul Bloom