Top 30 Decentralized Quotes

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The early cyberpunk idea was that networked computers w

The early cyberpunk idea was that networked computers would let us do our work at home, as freelancers, and then transact directly with peers over networks. Digital technology would create tremendous slack, allow us to apply its asynchronous, decentralized qualities to our own work and lives.
Douglas Rushkoff
You look at Bitcoin, and it is an entirely new currency, completely decentralized, anonymous; transactions occur incredibly fast for free, all designed by the free market.
Jeff Berwick
Terrorism is a decentralized phenomenon – in its funding, planning, and execution.
Richard N. Haass
I believe in decentralized democracy.
Sharad Pawar
Social media teams tend to be decentralized – a motley mix of in-house experts, off-site consultants and international partners. The result: Confusion, rogue tweets, and off-message posts are almost inevitable. The worst gaffes live on in social media infamy.
Ryan Holmes
The intersection of political analysis and Internet theory is a busy crossroad of cliche, where familiar rhetorical vehicles – decentralized authority, emergent leadership, empowered grass roots – create a ceaseless buzz.
Gary Wolf
So many stories have been told about Black Lives Matter. The beauty of building out a decentralized network, the beauty of building out something that’s a hashtag, is that so many people can take it and run with it. The bad part about that is so many folks can take it and run with it – and misuse it and co-opt it.
Patrisse Cullors
I believe in decentralized management that includes a lot of delegation, empowerment, and accountability.
Anthony Scaramucci
Cryptocurrencies are just one example of decentralized technologies.
Melanie Swan
It doesn’t surprise me at all that a Treasury secretary would find a decentralized potential currency… to be hostile to a currency that they control.
Francis X. Suarez
The Internet is a decentralized network with unlimited sources of creativity.
Peter Sunde
Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer, decentralized form of money, as durable as the Internet itself. Remember, the Internet – or DARPA, as it was originally called – was created as a fail-safe, global network with no ‘single point of failure.’ If one part goes down, data takes another route, and nothing is lost.
Max Keiser
Decentralized consensus technology will reach the mainstream when products are built that both empower consumers to take control of their own data and also offer users great UXs.
Nick Tomaino
We’re moving from a centralized understanding of the world to a decentralized understanding of the world.
Mike Cernovich
Through decentralized cryptography, Bitcoin eliminates the need for banking intermediaries, significantly lowering transaction costs, and could liberate poverty-stricken economies around the globe by providing access to capital to the one-third of humanity that is excluded from the financial world.
Perianne Boring
I’m passionate about blockchain as a whole, decentralized finance as a whole.
Spencer Dinwiddie
Votes in federal elections are cast and counted in a highly decentralized and variable fashion, with no uniform ballots and few national standards.
Thomas E. Mann
I believe the role of the government is too big. Society must be more decentralized.
Pavel Durov
Think of Bitcoin as a bank account in the cloud, and it’s completely decentralized: not the Swiss government, not the American government. It’s all the participants in the network enforcing.
Naval Ravikant
Gradually, decentralized trust will be accepted as a new and effective trust model. We have seen this evolution of understanding before – on the Internet.
Andreas Antonopoulos
When decentralized blockchain protocols start displacing the centralized web services that dominate the current Internet, we’ll start to see real internet-based sovereignty. The future Internet will be decentralized.
Olaf Carlson-Wee
If national safety – the ability to respond to hurricanes, terrorist attacks, earthquakes – depends on the execution of explicit plans, on soldierly obedience, and on showy security drills, then a decentralized security scheme is useless.
Gary Wolf
Life in cyberspace is often conducted in primitive frontier conditions, but it is a life which, at its best, is more egalitarian than elitist and more decentralized than hierarchical. It serves individuals and communities, not mass audiences, and it is extraordinarily multi-faceted in the purposes to which it is put.
Mitch Kapor
Our decentralized, localized leadership structure has really allowed for Black Lives Matter structures in their own communities to take on the state and take on some of the most egregious acts against black people.
Patrisse Cullors
Anyone can put up a podcast, any application can locate and download it. It’s a decentralized, hacked together, open system and, as podcaster and a listener, I think it works perfectly.
Hank Green
What happens when an industry transitions from using one or more ‘smart’ and centralized networks to using a common, decentralized, open, and dumb network? A tsunami of innovation that was pent up for decades is suddenly released.
Andreas Antonopoulos
If low-temperature fusion does exist and can be perfected, power generation could be decentralized. Each home could heat itself and produce its own electricity, probably using a form of water as fuel. Even automobiles might be cold-fusion powered.
Charles Platt
Silicon Valley isn’t the only game in town. Tech is increasingly decentralized. Around the world, new tech centers with younger companies are able to embrace a different approach to talent: recruit locally, identify homegrown prospects and, in a phrase, bring them along for the ride.
Ryan Holmes
Navigating a battle between partisan, progressive organizing and decentralized petition drives is, at bottom, like trying to choose between the Democratic Party and democracy. The ideas are on different planes.
Ari Melber
I try to grow my management team as entrepreneurs, make the structure decentralized.
Tulsi Tanti