Top 30 Sinister Quotes

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The most sinister aspect of Jack is his detachment, his

The most sinister aspect of Jack is his detachment, his ability to distance himself from his feelings.
Victor Garber
Beauty is too easy. Often in my work, I take beautiful objects and do extreme things to them so that they are overlaid with something a bit more sinister and violent.
Cornelia Parker
While I was writing Wild Swans I thought the famine was the result of economic mismanagement but during the research I realised that it was something more sinister.
Jung Chang
On YouTube, there’s a right-wing extremism funnel. You start by watching a college student ranting about how dumb feminism is. It’s wrong, but it’s not especially sinister. And then, three suggested videos later, you’re hearing about why we need a white ethno-state to save the race from a third-world invasion.
I had a book that was given to me as a kid that was called ‘Faeries.’ It was this dark, sinister book with pictures that used to scare me because they were these creepy little creatures. But, I was always really drawn to that fantasy world, more than a sci-fi world, in terms of outer space stuff.
Anna Silk
It is an interesting fact that during my tour I was never allowed access to computers, radios, or anything else that I might damage through curiosity, or perhaps something more sinister.
Robert B. Laughlin
If you go out in the country, spend a lot of time on decaying farms, and you see a lot of crumbling tobacco farms, and wandering the woods, there’s something beneath the surface; there’s something older… more sinister.
Cullen Bunn
I’m proud of ‘Sinister’ because Scott and Cargill did a great job on the movie, and I set up a framework for them to make what they wanted to make. They gave me the idea, and I figured out how to get it out into the world.
Jason Blum
But I think Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang really got that thing where, if a movie reads really funny and then has some dramatic or violent or sinister stuff in it, you can’t forget that primarily it has to be even funnier than you read it or that other stuff doesn’t work.
Robert Downey, Jr.
People that were in my life for a long time turned sinister and tried to control me, and all kinds of weird stuff happened. But there was no conscience involved; that threw me more than anything.
Lisa Marie Presley
Anything seen on TV is, in a subtle and sinister sense, thereby endorsed.
Dick Cavett
I’ve always wondered if, at some point, everything will snap, and it’ll be like ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ where the delightfully mad people turn into sinister mad people.
James Adomian
It’s cool to play a sinister bad guy who also has a human side.
Lukas Haas
The sort of enjoyment that we all get from that voyeuristic impulse of looking into other people’s house as we pass them, and the idea that there might be something sinister or strange going on in the houses we pass every day or in our neighborhood, is a very compelling idea.
Paula Hawkins
Clearly I’m really attracted to parts where there’s a dark, sinister feel about them!
Sophie Turner
For me, a great fantasy is real people, a world I recognise, human struggle and magic. You’ve got to have magic to make a fantasy work. But I like my magic to be subtle. I don’t want magic coming out of the hands of wizards. I want it to be pervading, sinister somehow.
Fiona McIntosh
Sometimes, when life moves along, you’re presented with situations where you find it necessary to speak because so many people either seem to be afraid to or, more sinister, are unwilling to face things and let things go and worry about their own situations.
Gregg Popovich
I wouldn’t mind doing those sinister roles again, but in pictures I will direct myself.
Peter Lorre
Don’t read, click links or subscribe to any media organisations that peddle sinister untruths and stereotypes.
Eniola Aluko
It’s nothing sinister but my private life belongs to me.
MyAnna Buring
The CCP has become the political incarnation of the deadly coronavirus, infecting the world with illegal trade practices, arm twisting smaller nations, debt – a.k.a death – traps and sinister imperialist ambition.
Vivek Agnihotri
The thing I hate most is false modesty. The artists who are, like, ‘Oh, you know, I’m really not that good. Oh, I can’t believe I’m here.’ I find it vaguely sinister, even.
Rufus Wainwright
An astonishing disengagement from reality is necessary to actually believe there is something sinister about protecting people’s homes from invasion through squatting.
Grant Shapps
If you do come across ‘Sanctus’ in a bookshop, please see past the cross on the cover and the sinister outline of a monk and just read the first page and make your own mind up. If it’s still not for you, then that’s fine; just put it back and walk away.
Simon Toyne
You can’t escape this feeling of disintegration. The world is fragile. But you also can’t let it ruin your life. I’m actually a pretty composed person. I guess people imagine I spend my life thinking about crazy, sinister things but I don’t, really. It’s not like I’m trying to exorcise any demons.
Michael Shannon
Ethan Hawke is not a horror movie fan, but he’s a really good friend of mine, and I finally cajoled him into doing ‘Sinister.’ Later, he said one of the reasons he was really resistant to doing a horror movie is he thought it’d be really scary on set.
Jason Blum
When I’m working on a Slipknot song, it’s like a switch flips in my head. I can go there easily – it doesn’t take a lot of soul searching – and it’s a dark, almost sinister place. Stone Sour is more the way I’ve always written. It’s a different tone.
Corey Taylor
Modern dancers give a sinister portent about our times.
Agnes de Mille
There’s a clean simplicity to the plotting of ‘Sinister,’ whether you like it or not. And the scares are deliberate and even heavy-handed in a way. There’s not a lot of sophistication or nuance in the plotting and not much restraint in the scares – and that’s a part of what makes the movie accessible.
Scott Derrickson
I didn’t grow up in a small New England town like the one in ‘The Sundial.’ I was raised in an apartment building in Queens, not in a sprawling, slightly sinister mansion like the one where the Halloran family resides.
Victor LaValle