Top 35 Affordable Housing Quotes

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We can't keep limiting ourselves when it comes to housi

We can’t keep limiting ourselves when it comes to housing. Affordable housing and teacher housing are too crucial to let the failed policies of the past get in the way.
London Breed
In general, more affordable housing correlates with lower income inequality.
Annie Lowrey
The largest challenge that we face, from my perspective, is the ability to continue moving forward so the agency will have a single mission: that is, to provide decent, safe, and affordable housing.
Alphonso Jackson
If you really believe that you’re making a difference and that you can leave a legacy of better schools and jobs and safer streets, why would you not spend the money? The objective is to improve the schools, bring down crime, build affordable housing, clean the streets – not to have a fair fight.
Michael Bloomberg
I think the American people, through the healthy exchange of ideas, understood that they could do better as a country, in terms of healthcare, affordable education, affordable housing.
Jane O’Meara Sanders
Imagine a safe city with all the affordable housing we need, a city that uses its resources to help lift the marginalized up and into stability. This is the Portland I imagine. This is the Portland I dream about every single day.
Ted Wheeler
We’re planting trees to break up the concrete jungle. We’re building public transportation and affordable housing.
Kevin de Leon
I support defunding the police – particularly the militarization of our police force and reallocating those resources toward public health. And not just health care but mental health support, affordable housing, education, alternatives to incarceration, non-emergency responses to those who might be in mental distress.
Jamaal Bowman
There’s a major underlying idea as you grow up that you need to just save your money and get that affordable housing at the edge of town where you’re away from the city where all the crime happens or whatever.
Conor Oberst
I understand some San Diegans may fear homeless programs and affordable housing coming to their community. But we can’t let fear control our actions.
Kevin Faulconer
We will primarily focus on affordable housing, water supply and transport infrastructure, as these are critical for Mumbai. Infrastructure deficit is an issue in all urban areas.
Sharad Pawar
We can start with housing, the sturdiest of footholds for economic mobility. A national affordable housing program would be an anti-poverty effort, human capital investment, community improvement plan, and public health initiative all rolled into one.
Matthew Desmond
Quality, affordable housing is a key element of a strong and secure Iowa.
Tom Vilsack
I don’t think that you can address poverty unless you address the lack of affordable housing in the cities.
Matthew Desmond
I’m going to rely upon the advice of affordable housing experts to make sure we meet the public’s expectations.
Ted Wheeler
The pathway to housing should be fair and equitable for everyone, and access to affordable housing is the infrastructure people in our communities need to elevate families into the working class and the middle class. It is the foundation that helps people support their families and contribute to their economies.
Raphael Warnock
I think housing is not a simple commodity because we are so in short supply of land. So the government has a role to play in providing housing – decent housing and affordable housing – for the people of Hong Kong.
Carrie Lam
Communities do need police, but law enforcement needs to be much more transparent and held accountable for their actions. We also need increased resources for mental health services, affordable housing, education, jobs training, and much more to truly address social and economic issues in our communities.
Sharice Davids
The ‘Welfare Reform and Work’ Bill does nothing to address low wages, or underemployment, and I haven’t even got started on how it undermines the provision of affordable housing.
Emily Thornberry
We are asking the question: What makes the most sense for public-private partnerships for affordable housing.
David Ige
For the family living paycheck-to-paycheck, or those at risk in their current living situation, access to affordable housing is pivotal to their safety and long-term stability.
Alex Padilla
Do we believe housing is a right and that affordable housing is part of what it should mean to be an American? I say yes.
Matthew Desmond
We know we’ve got a problem attracting to certain areas because of the cost of living, so we’re thinking about things from how do we ensure key workers have accessible and affordable housing; also, how do we attract people into teaching as well.
Jacinda Ardern
For families to access affordable housing, they often need legal representation that takes their side against abusive landlords.
Nydia Velazquez
Government has to produce affordable housing. Government has to produce answers.
Alexandra C. Pelosi
I will fight for affordable housing for teachers, police, fire fighters, and families in all our neighborhoods.
London Breed
It is no secret that New York City has an affordable housing shortage. For those who’ve returned from the battlefield, the problem is even more pronounced.
Letitia James
We must invest in affordable housing, quality education, safe parks and green space, good paying jobs, comprehensive mental health and trauma services, and other supports that will help all of our people.
Cori Bush
When our economy is truly healthy, and everyone rises with the tide of prosperity, then issues such as the lack of affordable housing, homelessness, and hunger are greatly diminished.
David Ige
Airbnb is built on the foundation of creating community through belonging, and we’re honored to stand with a bipartisan group of mayors and businesses from across the country dedicated to improving communities by addressing affordable housing and homelessness.
Nathan Blecharczyk
What we see out there is an affordable housing crisis, particularly in the rental market in cities big and small, and we don’t have the resources necessary to fill that gap.
Julian Castro
While it's absolutely important that we build housing f

While it’s absolutely important that we build housing for our low-income residents, when we are talking about opening up hundreds of sites for housing, we should be trying to build affordable housing for all of our residents struggling to pay rent. That means housing for teachers, for nurses, for janitors.
London Breed
We need more housing in San Francisco, plain and simple, and we especially need more affordable housing for our low-income households, seniors, teachers, formerly homeless people, veterans, and middle-income residents.
London Breed
I care about affordable housing. I care about bus routes. I care about small business. I care about schools. These are not Muslim issues. Even protection of civil rights – that’s not just a Muslim issue. That is for everyone.
Linda Sarsour
I have been looking at a number of things in affordable housing because I do know that the price of housing has gone up a lot.
David Ige