Top 35 American Accent Quotes

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I'm completely Americanized - I have an American accent

I’m completely Americanized – I have an American accent, an American wife – but a residue of me is foreign.
Dinesh D’Souza
When I sing along with Britney Spears I will sing in an American accent. But eventually I found my own voice. My songs are so brutally honest, it would be alien to sing in any accent other than my own. Don’t get me wrong – I can imitate singers. I can do bar mitzvahs and weddings.
Ellie Goulding
I made some flippant remark about not wanting my son to grow up with an American accent, and the next thing I knew, there were people in America suggesting I head back to Britain if I was unhappy at such a prospect.
Ashley Jensen
I think, for the English accent, we don’t say our Rs, contrary to a standard American accent.
Alex Roe
Nobody’s going to tell me to rap in an American accent.
To be honest, it’s easier for me to speak with an American accent.
Radha Mitchell
My grandma said – when I was really young and I’d sing along to the radio – why do you sing in an American accent? I guess it was because a lot of the music I was listening to had American vocalists.
Emma Watson
I’m not good enough to flip in and out of my Brit accent to my American accent.
Damian Lewis
When I speak to people from Britain, that’s when I feel like a fake, speaking with an American accent.
Matthew Rhys
I felt so out of place at the Miss India pageant. I had just come back from America, and I was told I needed to lose my American accent and learn the Queen’s English, so I had to enunciate my vowels and speak well and eloquently. Giving up a New York accent is pretty hard.
Priyanka Chopra
You know what it is, when I’m playing a role sometimes, I just tend to stay in that role. It’s easier to maintain. We just shot a pilot in a very thick American accent. I feel like the character lives in me. Of course, my family tease me about it.
Sarah Bolger
‘Diary of a Teenage Girl’ was my first American movie. It was my first movie in an American accent. It’s based on a graphic novel, which was written in 2002 by someone called Phoebe Gloeckner. It was turned into a play by Marielle Heller, who then wrote it as a screenplay for Sundance Labs.
Bel Powley
My natural accent is American. I chose to speak with a U.K. accent when I was about to enter the final year at drama school in London. I was going to try to find a way to stay in the U.K. after I finished college and could not imagine trying to live and get work there with an American accent.
Jennifer Ehle
I’ve played American characters so many times now, it’s so natural to me. But when I play American, I stay in the American accent from the minute I get the job till the minute I wrap.
Gregg Sulkin
I think most British people who say they can do an American accent are so bad at it. I find it excruciating. I find it excruciating the other way around, too.
Eileen Atkins
When I have to switch back and forth, it’s not hard to go from the American accent to speaking Spanish, but then speaking Spanish and going back into the American accent is hard. I practice it so much. I talk to myself in the mirror all the time. It’s like speaking multiple languages.
Sarah Bolger
My accent has changed my whole life. When I was younger, it was very Nigerian, then when we went to England, it was very British. I think I have a very strange, hybrid accent, and I’ve worked very hard to get a solid American accent, which is what I use most of the time.
Toks Olagundoye
I had a dialect coach to get an American accent, and then another dialect coach to come off it a bit. There is something deep and mysterious in the voice when it isn’t too high-pitched American.
Archie Panjabi
I’m not talking with an American accent. I haven’t gone off and become Sammy Hagar.
Billy Idol
My accent fades away I guess when I sing. It’s real weird. I guess singing is pretty much a universal language like you sing however everyone else sings and that’s with an American accent. I sound very different when I talk.
Cody Simpson
I lived in America for a long time before I started working as an actor. Some actors show up on set and have never done an American accent before, so they rely on a slew of technical mechanisms. Part of what makes an accent is understanding why people speak that way – you have to understand the culture.
Idris Elba
When I first tried the American accent, for a moment I thought I could never be an actor because I just could not do it. But then I thought, ‘Okay, it’ll just be something that I work at until I get it.’
Margot Robbie
When I arrived in L.A., I assumed I’d be able to put on the American accent. It proved difficult, so I had six months working with a dialect coach, and it’s become a habit.
Martin Henderson
I love rapping. I do. My styling’s similar to Missy Elliott – I think she’s so dope. In a weird way, that’s how I first learned the American accent: doing American rap songs.
Rebel Wilson
I live in L.A. so I worry my kids aren’t that connected to Britain, I suppose I don’t want them to become American kids. We try to get back three or four times a year. When they go to school they speak with a British-American accent but when they come home to us they go back to their British accent.
Kevin McKidd
Well, I did two lines on a TV show called ‘Cleopatra 2525’ really badly with an American accent; it was terrible!
Zoe Bell
I actually always try to not do a general American accent. I always try to give a region.
Janet Montgomery
Usually, certainly British singers, adopt an American accent when they sing and I think that usually people are thinking of somebody else, but I just think of very specific people.
Jane Horrocks
When I’m working in America, I wake up with an American accent and stay with it all day till makeup comes off. I just want everyone to be at ease, and not have the show’s creators think, ‘Oh my god, he’s so English, why did we hire him?’
Damian Lewis
It’s hard to learn an American accent. Some of the Rs at the ends of words are incredibly hard.
Janet McTeer
People are disappointed when they hear my American accent because they regard ‘The Police’ as an English band but I’ve clung to my American-ness all the way.
Stewart Copeland
Auditioning for a couple of years, 99 per cent of the t

Auditioning for a couple of years, 99 per cent of the time you are doing an American accent.
Jai Courtney
Most Australians who’ve got an ear can do an American accent because we grow up listening to them on television and in movies.
Jacki Weaver
I’m one of those idiots; when I’m working in America, I wake up with an American accent and stay with it all day till make-up comes off.
Damian Lewis
Whenever I’m in the U.K., people say I have an American accent. Which is, obviously, funny.