Top 35 Contemplating Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Contemplating Quotes from famous people such as Arbaaz Khan, Hugh Laurie, Beauden Barrett, Trai Byers, Dustin Clare, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

I spoke to my father about making a documentary on him.

I spoke to my father about making a documentary on him. I have been seriously contemplating that.
Arbaaz Khan
I couldn’t imagine what Fox thought they were doing, contemplating such a jagged protagonist for a prime-time drama. I only knew that I wanted the role very much.
Hugh Laurie
At 17 I was graduating and didn’t know what to do. I was seriously contemplating going to Melbourne to play Aussie football.
Beauden Barrett
In 2013, I didn’t work at all, just contemplating what I needed to do, whether I was walking in my destiny or not.
Trai Byers
I had wanted to be a fish farmer, to be honest with you. I wanted to be an agriculturist. I wanted to have my own fish farm. I was also contemplating surfboard building.
Dustin Clare
When we initially proposed LIGO, the only sources that we were really contemplating were supernovae. We thought we would see something like one a year, maybe even ten a year.
Rainer Weiss
The central dogma of the New Testament is that Jesus died as a scapegoat for the sin of Adam and the sins that all we unborn generations might have been contemplating in the future. Adam’s sin is perhaps mitigated by the extenuating circumstance that he didn’t exist.
Richard Dawkins
I limited myself to introduce a change in my way of thinking and the way I see things. When I look at my child, I do it in a different way then when I’m contemplating a chair. They are different… the child is a living being, and the chair is an object.
Meg Tilly
For me, watching Mohamed Salah play football is not unlike staring up at the stars and contemplating the vastness of the universe: it makes my own life seem nice and small.
Sally Rooney
Occupy yourself in beholding and bewailing your own imperfections rather than contemplating the imperfections of others.
Saint Ignatius
You feel like an ant contemplating Chicago.
Robert Fulghum
I had been contemplating working on fiction show for some time and ‘Humsafars’ seemed like the perfect choice.
Payal Rohatgi
In 2014, when my wife, Courtney, was expecting our daughter and we were contemplating a name, I said, ‘How about Finley?’ Only after Courtney said that she loved the name did I reveal that it was inspired by an aspect of Samuel Finley Brown Morse.
Jim Nantz
Long before we created libraries, or even books, poetry was the way we humans remembered who we were, a primary means of documenting and contemplating our lives.
Robin Coste Lewis
My life has two modes. One is sitting around writing and contemplating or building things. The other is execution mode. It takes a while to switch from one to the other.
Trent Reznor
Ultimately, I think, as humans, we all care deeply about our life’s legacy, and contemplating our own mortality is the only real way to approach that question of legacy honestly.
Mark Manson
And if citizens of New Orleans who are really contemplating coming back heard that we’re really intent upon making the place secure again – regardless of whether the levees held or not – then I think a rebuilding process would really take shape.
Billy Tauzin
Whatever it is that’s bothering me – interacting with annoying guy at a restaurant, contemplating my age, or losing friends to illness – I’ll start to chip away at it. If you can poke holes in it, it’s not as formidable; it’s not as scary, and ultimately, it becomes another truth.
Billy Crystal
Judgment is very easy, but I think, on the whole, professional critics maybe see too much, and compare too much, and forget the joy of actually looking and contemplating for its own sake.
Antony Gormley
Before the boat docked, however, he confessed because he was contemplating running for president, he couldn’t separate from his wife. I believed him when he told me he faced a difficult choice between pursuing personal happiness and his political destiny.
Donna Rice
When a man does a household job, he goes through three periods: contemplating how it will be done; contemplating when it will be done; and contemplating.
Marcelene Cox
When, according to habit, I was contemplating the stars in a clear sky, I noticed a new and unusual star, surpassing the other stars in brilliancy. There had never before been any star in that place in the sky.
Tycho Brahe
I know we should aspire to be higher philosophical beings, contemplating the universe and becoming more refined humans, but if all we did was think, then arguably we’d never have invented the wheel.
Mariella Frostrup
It is indeed difficult to make a living as a writer, and my advice to anyone contemplating a literary career is to have some other trade.
William S. Burroughs
I urge aspiring writers to write three full-length novels before contemplating publication.
Sylvia Day
The more time you spend contemplating what you should have done… you lose valuable time planning what you can and will do.
Lil Wayne
I would enjoy sitting in a rocker… listening to soft music and contemplating the things of the universe. But such activity offers no challenge and makes no contribution.
Gordon B. Hinckley
When Pixar calls and says, ‘Hey, you wanna be in a Pixar movie?’ you don’t do a lot of contemplating!
Larry the Cable Guy
Every one knows, that the mind will not be kept from contemplating what it loves in the midst of crowds and business. Hence come those frequent absences, so observable in conversation; for whilst the body is confined to present company, the mind is flown to that which it delights in.
Mary Astell
On holidays, I spent time alone at home watching a movie, reading a book, and contemplating. Now that I think about it, if I hadn’t had that time, I probably wouldn’t have been able to do acting.
HoYeon Jung
I’m contemplating moving to London for a period of time. I’ve been in Los Angeles for 15 years and I’m really tired of it. I’m continually uninspired by what’s being sent to me. Even by huge films that they’re doing there. They’re just awful.
Sherilyn Fenn
I was honestly contemplating retirement. A lot of peopl

I was honestly contemplating retirement. A lot of people don’t know that, but I was done.
Gerald Green
One of the reasons I admire David Lindsay-Abaire’s work is that he, like the Greeks I’ve spent so much of my professional life contemplating, is not afraid of taking on the big stuff – huge, human, moral issues – what do we owe to those we love?
Ellen McLaughlin
I caught up on a lot of just domestic normal everyday stuff, and grew up a lot, and went to therapy, and did a lot of contemplating and figuring things out. I needed to just strip everything away and figure out who I am and get to know myself, as cheesy as that sounds.
Natalie Maines
Contemplating Christmas when you are isolated and far from home brings its own unique pain.
Amanda Lindhout