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I liked The Trickster because he was The Flash's Joker.

I liked The Trickster because he was The Flash’s Joker. I liked Solomon Grundy, too.
It’s great fun being an academic because you have a certain licence to be a bit of a joker.
Mary Beard
I was a practical joker as a teenager and I still am today – you can ask any of my staff.
Michelle Lujan Grisham
I always think of the Joker as the ultimate bully. Nothing he says is funny except to him.
Paul Dini
If I end up hosting ‘Joker’s Wild,’ please shoot me.
Anderson Cooper
I wouldn’t want to be Superman. Batman would be cool. But the one I’ve always wanted to play is the Joker. There is a maniacal and dangerous side to me.
T. J. Miller
I want to play my Joker. Not the Joker, but my Joker. Somebody who can have fun doing wrong.
Sam Richardson
Dickinson is my hero because she was a joker, because she would never explain, because as a poet she confronted pain, dread and death, and because she was capable of speaking of those matters with both levity and seriousness. She’s my hero because she was a metaphysical adventurer.
Helen Oyeyemi
‘Joker’ was a violent, dark, and brutal book, so I wanted to do something a little less heavy. I played around with the idea of a children’s book, and that eventually became ‘Noel.’ And I just kept finding these parallels between things I could do with Batman and Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol.’
Lee Bermejo
I’m a traveling practical joker. That’s my line of work.
Colin Mochrie
The DC Universe has the best villains in fiction, right? I don’t think there’s any group of villains collectively or anywhere else that come close to DC’s. Joker, Cat Woman, Lex Luthor, are all staples. A lot of the comic book icons are fiction icons.
Geoff Johns
Elvis was, at least the times I was around him, Elvis was a practical joker. He was always, had some little mischievous something going.
Jackie DeShannon
I don’t know about you, but every time some joker points me out as I walk through an airport wearing extra-small Dolfin shorts, a tank top and leg warmers, I get a little upset.
Richard Simmons
Mr. Freeze is motivated by different things. He doesn’t really have that much of an axe to grind with Batman. Batman is an irritation and an impediment to him, not an enemy that he hates. He doesn’t have the hatred that the Joker has for Batman.
Paul Dini
The Joker is my favorite villain of all time: You don’t know his past; you just know what his plans are.
The Weeknd
When I was writing ‘Black Panther,’ on one level, I was angry because DC would never let me write ‘Batman,’ so I was doing Marvel’s ‘Batman,’ and Reverend Achebe became sort of the Joker to Panther’s Batman.
Christopher Priest
There’s some of these villains that are just crazy and they do it just to do it. Then you got The Joker, who says he’s an agent of chaos and he comes back in different forms every time, comes back to fight Batman he’s a different character, different guy.
Brook Lopez
The Joker that Christopher Nolan created in ‘The Dark Knight’ had the scar across his mouth, and the first time you heard his explanation for it, he makes you believe that’s how he got it. But then you get into the film, and every time he talks about his scar, it’s a totally different story.
The Weeknd
I love Bane. I love the Joker. I love Batman.
Jake Paul
I wouldn’t call the Joker exactly easy to write.
Paul Dini
People who know me, they know I have a sense of humor, I’m a bit of a joker, a bit of a clown really, and I would love someone to exploit that side of me and send me a romantic comedy.
Gary Oldman
I’m confident, a winner, a joker and someone who will help anyone.
Ivan Toney
I think the Joker resonates with people as much as Batman does.
Brian Azzarello
Denny O’Neil did some great things with Joker – I thought Greg Rucka used him really well in ‘Gotham Central.’
Brian Azzarello
The Joker is a tremendous vehicle for talented actors. Cesar Romero’s was a bubbly, lunatic criminal. Nicholson did him as a vain, preening manipulator. Heath’s performance of the Joker was remarkable, too. His was a low-simmering crazy street clown. Joker can be played all these ways, and they’re all true.
Paul Dini
You can be committed to somebody because of ego: ‘I said I was going to be with this joker for the rest of my life, so I’m just going to do it.’ Or you can be committed because you have a deeply rooted connection.
Jada Pinkett Smith
I was foreign and Jewish, with a funny name, and was very small and hated sport, a real problem at an English prep school. So the way to get round it was to become the school joker, which I did quite effectively – I was always fooling around to make the people who would otherwise dump me in the loo laugh.
Alain de Botton
When me and Joker are on, I don’t think there’s anyone who can stop us.
Jamal Murray
When I was younger, I used to love Tim Burton’s ‘Batman.’ I was, like, 15, and even then, I was aware, ‘This is really the Joker’s film.’ It’s like, the Joker just takes over, and Batman, you really don’t learn too much about him.
Edgar Wright
I remember when Heath Ledger talked about playing the Joker… I always used to look out of the side of my eye, going, ‘Yeah, actors.’ But there really is a darkness when you are playing someone psychotic – you have to go there mentally.
Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Please don’t compare me with Taher Shah. He is a joker, while I am an artiste – I am a model and an actress. Taher Shah comes, makes people laugh, and goes away. I work with a lot of honesty.
Qandeel Baloch
I want to entertain my audience. I know when then come

I want to entertain my audience. I know when then come and see me play, if I don’t do ‘Swing Town,’ ‘Jet Airliner,’ ‘Take the Money and Run,’ ‘True Fine Love,’ ‘Fly Like an Eagle,’ ‘The Joker,’ blah blah blah – if I don’t do all those songs, they’ll be extremely disappointed. I love to do them.
Steve Miller
I’m an efficient striker, but I’m not a joker.
Michy Batshuayi
That’s all the Joker is. It’s Batman without love. The Riddler is the opposite of that. It’s the detective in him.
Tom King
So once I thought of the villain with a sense of humor, I began to think of a name and the name “the Joker” immediately came to mind. There was the association with the Joker in the deck of cards, and I probably yelled literally, ‘Eureka!’ because I knew I had the name and the image at the same time.
Jerry Robinson