Top 35 Unethical Quotes

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Just like there is nothing wrong with calling out uneth

Just like there is nothing wrong with calling out unethical attorneys, there is nothing wrong with calling out unethical journalists.
Michael Avenatti
One of the things that science fiction gets to do is thought experiments about the human condition that would be impractical or unethical to conduct in real life.
Robert J. Sawyer
I am committed to the people who are sick and tired of seeing their tax dollars being used to fund unethical people and corporations.
Carl Hart
You can’t disbar unethical journalists.
Mike Cernovich
Where defining foreign policy as ‘ethical’ went wrong was that it implied that all decisions would be exclusive in every respect of any dealings with unethical regimes.
William Hague
I think that, too many times, business has been seen as acting in its narrow self-interest rather than, essentially, contributing more broadly to society. I think a lot of that is unintentional; I don’t think that many managers are deliberately trying to be unethical or are not trying to be sensitive to social needs.
Michael Porter
We all have done something unethical.
John C. Maxwell
It is unethical to promote old songs sung by new artistes, and the government should ban these things.
Asha Bhosle
So why in the world would anyone support the unethical, failed use of embryonic stem cells instead of the ethical, successful use of adult stem cells? Because they do not know the difference.
Virginia Foxx
I’m just tired of the unethical people, the scumbags, all that. Maybe that’s how all businesses are run, but in MMA, I’ve been in the UFC, Legacy, and Bellator. The UFC was the best, and even they didn’t treat you that well.
Matt Riddle
It’s challenging to conduct studies of carcinogenic chemicals on humans, because it would be unethical to knowingly expose humans to high levels of potential toxins.
Margaret Cuomo
The most ethical way to deal with an unethical situation would be to simply say: ‘We did something wrong.’ But nobody in a family like mine would ever respond like this.
Patti Davis
Mr. Speaker, the goal of stem cell research should be to help our fellow human beings. The debate on this issue has, unfortunately, moved into dangerous unethical territory when perfectly moral alternatives exist.
Jim Ryun
I know that people are fascinated by what I did as a teenager, but what I did was immoral, illegal, unethical, and something that I am not proud of – nor will I ever be proud of.
Frank Abagnale
I approach every role with the same commitment because I’m being paid for it. To not do so would be unethical.
Anupam Kher
I consider your conduct unethical and lousy.
Peter Arno
I’ve been elected for 15 years without so much as a smidgen of a stain on my public record. I’m confident that I’ve done nothing wrong. Nothing unethical and nothing illegal.
Andrew Gillum
Food is being purposefully formulated to addict you.Then it is purposefully marketed, targeted to young children to addict them at an early age. This is unethical, right? This is immoral, particularly when you see the results of it which is this world-wide epidemic of diabetes and obesity.
Laurie David
When the sun is sending more energy to earth in one hour than the entire world consumes in a year, any political play to undermine our ability to harness this energy effectively and efficiently is clearly not economical but it’s also unethical.
Deb Haaland
What is the difference between unethical and ethical advertising? Unethical advertising uses falsehoods to deceive the public; ethical advertising uses truth to deceive the public.
Vilhjalmur Stefansson
In the year since we brought things into the open with a clean breath of fresh air at City Hall, we have learned about corrupt spending practices and unethical conflicts of interest that waste your money… and keep Dallas from being the great city of our dreams.
Laura Miller
There is a point at which the law becomes immoral and unethical. That point is reached when it becomes a cloak for the cowardice that dares not stand up against blatant violations of justice.
Kurt Huber
Let me be clear: as I have said repeatedly, I do not believe that all police officers are bad, nor do I believe that most are bad. But there must be a transparent, impartial and fair system to judge those that engage in criminal or unethical acts.
Al Sharpton
Working for over 12 hours, 30 days a month and being paid after 90 days, and in many cases even more than that, isn’t only unethical but is against working laws.
Rubina Dilaik
I could’ve signed with a team after Portland cut me and just sat on the bench and collected paychecks, but that’s not my style. That just seems really unethical. Besides, money doesn’t matter to me. I’ve got enough money.
Greg Oden
Standing with the poor means walking away from unethical leaders, even when their companies are ‘succeeding.’
Jacqueline Novogratz
Scientists surely have a special responsibility. It is their ideas that form the basis of new technology. They should not be indifferent to the fruits of their ideas. They should forgo experiments that are risky or unethical.
Martin Rees
We want a faithful Catholic businessman not to have to provide a service he finds unethical.
Jeff Fortenberry
What shocked me, and what I wasn’t prepared for, was just how brutal and how unethical some people can be in the NFL. I mean, there were some great people, but there were some real snakes, too. I was like, ‘Holy cow!’ But it made me a better person, and it got me ready for other things.
Terry Crews
Rogue internet pharmacies continue to pose a serious threat to the health and safety of Americans. Simply put, a few unethical physicians and pharmacists have become drug suppliers to a nation.
Dianne Feinstein
We’re coming down to an extremely unethical society. Very few colleges offer courses in ethics, and very few companies have a code of conduct or code of ethics.
Frank Abagnale
Rudy Giuliani was a great mayor and a great leader, but

Rudy Giuliani was a great mayor and a great leader, but he has turned into an unmitigated – and now, it seems, unethical – disaster.
Steve Hilton
We live in a capitalist society, so our power as people who consume is significant. I boycott unethical companies and avoid buying stuff made in sweatshops and stuff that will end up in landfills.
Corinne Bailey Rae
I think canceling a game that is making a profit, along with destroying jobs and an online community, is entirely unethical.
Mercedes Lackey
An ethical action, like an unethical action, is usually analyzed by politicians purely in pragmatic terms.
Adam Michnik