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If you're building a fantasy world that exists outside

If you’re building a fantasy world that exists outside of the rules of our real world, why would you write it to conform to the rules and binaries that we have today? Why still limit yourself?
Lachlan Watson
Cyberspace is colonising what we used to think of as the real world. I think that our grandchildren will probably regard the distinction we make between what we call the real world and what they think of as simply the world as the quaintest and most incomprehensible thing about us.
William Gibson
Hollywood is in control of politics and has imported their action-filled movie scripts into the real world.
Kim Dotcom
I’m not such an artist type that I can’t handle the real world. I read the financial pages, because most people don’t talk about art.
Caio Fonseca
The whole point of college is to find yourself, to figure out things before you go into the real world.
Marcus Smart
We all know the feeling of surrendering to the embedded biases of our devices. We let our cell phones ping us every time there’s an incoming message and check our e-mail even when we’d best pay attention to what’s going on around us in the real world. We text while driving.
Douglas Rushkoff
Fundamentalists are crazy. They’re the real world equivalent to the evil geniuses of our spy fiction and our superhero comics. They want to mold the world into a specific shape that they really believe in, and if you don’t believe in that, if you can’t relate to that, it just seems crazy.
Christopher McCulloch
I may be only a fish and chip shop lady, but some of these economists need to get their heads out of the textbooks and get a job in the real world. I would not even let one of them handle my grocery shopping.
Pauline Hanson
Rehearsing a scene beds a role into you. But sometimes, if you over-rehearse it without unearthing any new meaning in it, you can suddenly forget your lines. You realise that you are on a stage, not in the real world. The scene’s emotional power, and your immersion in it, disappears.
Riz Ahmed
I always told myself I was more than a football player, so every off season, I pushed myself to go outside the box and get a little bit better off the field. I dabbled in many business adventures to gain more real world experience.
Colton Underwood
My fellow economists and academics fail to understand the economics of trade in the real world. Traditional models of academia respect free trade without considering whether it is fair trade.
Peter Navarro
There’s a part of me that feels like it gets really frustrating to keep working in the manner that I made the book ‘Shortcomings,’ where everything is pretty accurate to the real world.
Adrian Tomine
I consider most of the talent in the financial world to be suboptimal. It could be better placed earning its living in the real world.
Jeremy Grantham
I kept a steel wall around my moral and sexual instincts – protecting them, I thought, from the threats of the real world. This gave me a tremendous advantage in politics, if not in my soul. The true me, my spiritual core, slipped further and further from reach.
James McGreevey
When I see kids who naturally get A’s and who naturally score high on tests and the teachers naturally like them because they require the least amount of management – when they come out into the real world, I find they’re very poor at getting through obstacles. And life is about solving obstacles.
Jimmy John Liautaud
Since September 11, 2001, the real world has become too scary for a lot of people to be with – all the time.
Chuck Palahniuk
Today’s young women don’t really see inequities until they go out into the real world.
Eleanor Clift
A film must have two elements – it must deal with the real world and show how it could be made better.
Rouben Mamoulian
Film has to reflect the real world.
Roger Ross Williams
Values unrelated to modern reality are not just electorally hopeless, the values themselves become devalued. They have no purchase on the real world.
Tony Blair
In the real world, people go against my beliefs all the time, and I don’t make it my place to – like, I’m not super confrontational.
Trixie Mattel
Everybody in the real world will agree – the moment a project is behind deadline, quality assurance tends to go out the window.
Alan Cox
The Internet is a seemingly unreal environment where we think we are anonymous. It’s a potentially provocative place. As a result, we may not behave the way we would in the real world. Some of us are drawn into what could become a dangerous situation.
Drew Pinsky
I have made a career of creating characters who fight school authority and chomp at the bit to get out into the ‘real’ world and live their lives, mostly because that’s the kind of teenager I was.
Chris Crutcher
If you notice, the characters in ‘PKP 1’ & ‘2’ and ‘SKTKS’ are relatable. I think writer Rahul Modi and Luv sir create a real world.
Sunny Singh
Social media has emboldened an army of online Islamophobes; in the real world, mosques have been firebombed and politicians line up to condemn Muslim terrorism/clothing/meat/seating arrangements.
Mehdi Hasan
If you want to send a manuscript, send it to an agent. And send a letter first, asking permission. Launch it into the real world of cold-blooded commercial response, not into the fantasyland of wishful thinking, cowardice and surrender to Resistance.
Steven Pressfield
I go to conventions all the time. I’m not one of those actors who’s public-shy, meaning I don’t mind when someone comes up. It doesn’t happen often in the real world because people don’t recognize me because I was in makeup, but when it does, I don’t usually mind it at all if somebody says something.
Aron Eisenberg
I wanted to set ‘Heading Out’ in a real world, a concept I originally struggled with, as I don’t have a proper job.
Sue Perkins
Our feet are planted in the real world, but we dance with angels and ghosts.
John Cameron Mitchell
When times are tough, constant conflict may be good politics but in the real world, cooperation works better. After all, nobody’s right all the time, and a broken clock is right twice a day.
William J. Clinton
I seem to get totally wrapped up in teaching and workin

I seem to get totally wrapped up in teaching and working with students during the school year. During the summer, I try to spend time in the real world, writing code for therapy and perhaps for some useful purpose.
Brian Kernighan
I believe having judges with real world, frontline experience as a prosecutor is a good thing.
Amy Klobuchar
There have been a lot of events that have made me really look at the real world, like September 11th. There are so many things that just make you realize that you’re not going to live forever and that you have to enjoy every day.
Mae Whitman
I have to make an effort about things like going to the grocery store. That stuff reminds me that I don’t live in the real world, and you know what? I’m thankful.
Mike Patton
With ‘Mutant Ninja Turtles,’ I wanted to play a character who lives more in the real world, although yes, I grant you, he immediately encounters, um, turtles, of the teenage mutant ninja variety.
Will Arnett
I like the order and simplicity of sports. They have an ending. You can argue with your friends about it, but in the end, you still like sports. I almost love the fantasy world of sports more than the real world.
Norm MacDonald
I know children regress after vaccination because it happened to my own son. Why aren’t there any tests out there on the safety of how vaccines are administered in the real world, six at a time? Why have only two of the 36 shots our kids receive been looked at for their relationship to autism?
Jenny McCarthy
But I was born in the real world, I’m from the streets.
Wanderlei Silva
I’m a big boy with big shoulders and I’ve had some real world issues so getting some stick online doesn’t bother me.
Troy Deeney
In the real world, words don’t automatically translate into deeds.
Kathleen Troia McFarland
Popstars really draws you in. It’s fascinating. It’s interesting to watch people thrown together in that kind of a situation. Even if the egos weren’t involved and they weren’t trying to be world famous. It’s the Real World, only better.
Scott Patterson
People think racist abuse stops on the football pitch, but that’s just the beginning. When you go home, you are still confronted with it. Football is just a magnifying glass of the real world.
Edgar Davids
My whole thing is to entertain, make people laugh and to forget about the real world for awhile.
Dan Aykroyd
‘Line Of Duty,’ for dramatic purposes, tends to create characters whose corruption is balanced on certain ethical conflicts, whereas the majority of corruption in the real world is simply based on greed.
Jed Mercurio
Paper knowledge, paper evaluations, paper degrees all too papery and all too theoretical; it has very little that prepares us for real life in the real world.
Sonam Wangchuk
Every Yom Kippur, Jewish tradition requires a strict spiritual inventory. You aren’t supposed to just sit around feeling guilty, but to take action in the real world to set things right.
Naomi Wolf
If you black out the background in AR, you could make an immersive VR experience, and if you make the view translucent so you can see through it, you just have an augmented view of the real world. I think that’s the ultimate and best form of display tech we’ll have.
Tim Sweeney
The way people express themselves online, that’s also how they express themselves in the real world.
Panos Cosmatos
We are getting an education of a lifetime. We’re actually out there in the real world.
Solange Knowles
Society exists only as a mental concept; in the real world there are only individuals.
Oscar Wilde
There’s a convention that books are mirrors of the real world, but our fact-obsessed age also wants fiction to be factually based and trustworthy.
Jim Crace
I wouldn’t say Malkovich is totally insane, but he’s not living in the real world. He’s living in his world, which is a fine world to live in apparently.
Martha Plimpton