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I enjoyed school, I was a bit of a square. I did very w

I enjoyed school, I was a bit of a square. I did very well in exams. I was quite lucky I was academic.
Cat Deeley
I make no excuses. Stefan Struve was the man that night. He earned his win fair and square.
Stipe Miocic
What we saw in Tiananmen Square 31 years ago was a massacre, a massacre of innocent people that came from Hong Kong but also Chinese people to protest.
Morgan Ortagus
Donald Trump was straight up. I mean, he told me what he thought of me, and that’s cool. I might not like it, but at least he did it to my face. That’s what Montanans like. They like people to be square with them.
Jon Tester
A lot of guys I know are into this whole scarf trend. Not my thing. I prefer to update and personalize my style with the smaller things, like a pocket square or, again, with the shoes. All in the details.
James Marsden
I was very awkward as a kid. I was a square trying to fit into a circle and it never worked for me. The harder I tried, the harder I fell. For some reason I was a real target and I got beat up and called names.
Sarah McLachlan
I worked in WH Smiths on Sloane Square and my first boss was a woman called June. My shift was half a day on Saturdays, and nine to six on Sundays. I was in and out of the place and only turned up when I wanted to.
Ashley Walters
The relief of ‘Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami’ is that it seeks to square the person with the provocateuse.
Wesley Morris
My own theory about the phlegmatic qualities and properties of the English is the mountain of pure white sugar hydrocarbons they consume every day bloody day of the year – the stiff upper lip is petrified sugar; that’s Bermuda’s revenge, the with death, the rotting future square in the teeth of it.
Katherine Dunn
Typically, I would say that I’m not defined by one loss and I’m not defined by one win. But I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t harp on the loss at Madison Square Garden.
Eddie Alvarez
I was brought up in black neighborhoods in South Baltimore. And we really felt like we were very black. We acted black and we spoke black. When I was a kid growing up, where I came from, it was hip to be black. To be white was kind of square.
Jerry Leiber
The media was always so focused on the money a movie makes. But I was in Times Square, and a bunch of Japanese tourists looked at me and started shouting, ‘Toula!’ I loved it. It’s these tiny moments of connection that register with me the most and always have.
Nia Vardalos
If you’re walking through the Union Square subway station – New Yorkers know it’s obnoxious and crowded, and in the summer it’s too hot – there are always amazing musicians playing, and sometimes there are multiple, different musicians set up in there.
Caroline Polachek
We proposed Tiananmen Square – this very empty political square in the city centre – should turn green. Maybe in the future, this space could become a very human and open urban space. And if that happens, I think that all the cities around China will follow to change.
Ma Yansong
In the total expanse of human life there is not a single square inch of which the Christ, who alone is sovereign, does not declare, ‘That is mine!’.
Abraham Kuyper
Square meals often make round people.
E. Joseph Cossman
It’s always been a dream of mine to fight at Madison Square Garden, and it’s something I really relish.
Gennady Golovkin
Human beings around the world have to be taught to go, ‘Tamil equals Tamil civilians first, and the Tamil Tiger is a separate thing.’ And both of those groups are different. It’s like a square and a circle.
Madison Square Garden is one of the best fighting venues in the world.
Gennady Golovkin
Nothing’s worse than a guy who loses fair and square and then whines about it.
Evel Knievel
I loved theater and went to Circle in the Square’s post-graduate program for two years and studied acting and directing and I loved it. I loved acting and directing – I really like directing a lot. Some days I think maybe someday I’ll go back and direct something.
Martha MacCallum
The idea that time is an illusion is an old one, predating any Times Square ball drop or champagne celebrations. It reaches back to the days of Heraclitus and Parmenides, pre-Socratic thinkers who are staples of introductory philosophy courses.
Sean M. Carroll
It’s time for some equal-opportunity accountability. Without it, the fight against media misogyny will continue to be perceived as a proxy war for the Democratic Party, not a fight for fair treatment of women in the public square.
Kirsten Powers
The pocket square, properly contrived, finishes a man’s look. With good tailoring and well chosen neckwear, the look connotes power, taste, refinement, manners. The naked pocket connotes the opposite: working class, tasteless, base, crude, ignorant.
Roger Stone
Tiananmen Square in early 1989 attracted many dreamers like Ma Jian, who returned from Hong Kong to a one-room shack in Beijing in order to join the student protests.
Pankaj Mishra
The number of medals on an officer’s breast varies in inverse proportion to the square of the distance of his duties from the front line.
Charles Edward Montague
It’s pretty cliched, but Times Square is just incredible. You really feel like you’re in the capital of the world.
Timothy F. Cahill
I arrived in New York in 1986, when I was 28. The market here was nothing. In the Union Square farmers’ market, it was a couple of potatoes, everything from California. So the only place I was comfortable shopping was in Chinatown, because it all came from Hong Kong.
Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Shoes are the first thing I notice on a man. I like classic styles – not too square, not too pointy, not too fashiony. There’s a fine line between too much and too little effort.
Margherita Missoni
A lot of American guys wear really wide legged jeans and square shoes. Then they come to Sweden and think my friends are gay because they’re wearing ‘really tight jeans’. It’s called ‘fitted!’
Caroline Winberg
It makes sense to have cameras in places where terrorism and crime are of particular concern – such as in Times Square or near major bridges and tunnels. It would be more troubling to learn, however, that the government has focused cameras on the front doors of our homes just to keep track of our comings and goings.
Adam Cohen
I often find myself quoting from Victor Hugo after one

I often find myself quoting from Victor Hugo after one of my theatrical ventures. ‘Now that my play is a failure,’ he once said, ‘I find I love it all the more.’ I first quoted that after ‘Square Rounds’ at the Olivier in 1992.
Tony Harrison
People who are using it to sell things on Craigslist to holding garage sales – campaigns – the Obama campaign and the Romney campaign both used Square to raise funds.
Jack Dorsey
You can power the entire U.S. vehicle fleet with 73,000 to 145,000 five-megawatt wind turbines. That would take between one and three square kilometers of footprint on the ground.
Mark Z. Jacobson
In my case, I used the elements of these simple forms – square, cube, line and color – to produce logical systems. Most of these systems were finite; that is, they were complete using all possible variations. This kept them simple.
Sol LeWitt
For people who mourn for old Times Square – hey, there’s a ton of places in the city still like that! Get on the train and go visit them!
Kurt Braunohler
A sponge is a funny animal to center a show on. At first, I drew a few natural sponges – amorphous shapes, blobs – which was the correct thing to do biologically as a marine science teacher. Then I drew a square sponge, and it looked so funny.
Stephen Hillenburg
I do consider myself a competitive person, but I’m not competitive to the point where I will do anything to win. I wouldn’t step on somebody just to get to the next level. I would have to do it fair and square. I’m kind of competitive in a way to where I like to figure out things myself, and if I need help, I’ll ask.
Jordin Sparks
It’s a very competitive market. AEG has a ticketing platform, Stubhub has grown their marketshare, Vivid has come out of nowhere. It’s not like venues don’t have options. If you’re a venue you can pick any ticket platform you want, and we have to provide a better product and win that business fair and square.
Michael Rapino
I remember the old Times Square from when I was younger, and there was a seedy thrill to it. Some of that is gone, which I have a little bit of nostalgia for.
Janeane Garofalo
I rode on a plane a couple years ago with Snow Patrol and didn’t know who the hell they were. They said they were big fans of mine and were playing Madison Square Garden. And they let me listen to one of their records on their iPod. I started to weep.
Neil Sedaka
I don’t hunt, I don’t camp, and I get lost on my subway to work here in Times Square!
David Grann
For playing a man to a square to which it cannot be legally moved, the adversary, at his option, may require him to move the man legally, or to move the King.
Howard Staunton
I strongly oppose the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. We must stand for the right of every American to practice their faith according to the dictates of their conscience, whether it be in the public square or in the workplace.
Mike Pence
You’ll see every kind of New Yorker in there. You really feel like you’re in the belly of the beast when you’re in Union Square.
Caroline Polachek
You can’t assume anything in politics. That’s why every Saturday I walk around my district. I talk to the longshoremen in Charlestown. I listen to the people in East Boston and their concern on the airport noise. I walk down to the Star Market in Porter Square, and people tell me about meat prices.
Thomas P. O’Neill
I remember someone once asked Jack Kennedy why he was paying such close attention to the renovation of the square across from the White House, and he said, ‘It may be the only thing my presidency is remembered for.’
Gloria Steinem