Top 40 Plausible Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Plausible Quotes from famous people such as Charlie Brooker, Jed Mercurio, Arthur Golden, Edward Bond, Douglas Murray, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

The entire economy relies on the suspension of disbelie

The entire economy relies on the suspension of disbelief. So does a fairy story or an animated cartoon. This means that no matter how soberly the financial experts dress, no matter how dry their language, the economy they worship can only ever be as plausible as an episode of ‘SpongeBob SquarePants.’
Charlie Brooker
For something like ‘Line of Duty’ to work, it has to be both plausible and unexpected.
Jed Mercurio
What I had to do was keep the story within certain limits of what was, of course, plausible.
Arthur Golden
The truth has got to appear plausible on the stage.
Edward Bond
Rather than being a ‘perversion’ of Islam, it is truer to say that the version of Islam espoused by ISIS, while undoubtedly the worst possible interpretation of Islam, and for Muslims and non-Muslims everywhere obviously the most destructive version of Islam, is nevertheless a plausible interpretation of Islam.
Douglas Murray
An aftermath of real failures can make the whole blockchain ecosystem more resilient because it will result in revealing the boundaries and realities of what’s possible, useful, absurd, impossible, repeatable, and scalable out of everything that appears plausible and innovative at the beginning.
William Mougayar
There is always an easy solution to every problem – neat, plausible, and wrong.
H. L. Mencken
There’s a very good reason for why economics developed the way it did, and that is that in many situations, the assumption that people will exploit the opportunities available to them is very plausible, and it simplifies the analysis of how markets will behave.
Daniel Kahneman
Exposing the activities of a foreign intelligence service renders them ineffective, since it removes plausible deniability, which is the hallmark of covert intelligence operations.
Asha Rangappa
I think it’s totally possible and plausible that racial balkanization is a recurring aspect of the nature of human politics.
Ross Douthat
My determination is not to remain stubbornly with my ideas, but I’ll leave them and go over to others as soon as I am shown plausible reasons which I can grasp.
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
Given the tendency of many to picture God’s realm as somewhere high above Earth – an idea that sounds suspiciously like the Greek stories of deities perched on inaccessible mountain tops – it may seem plausible to assume that astronomers have special insight. Well, of course they don’t.
Seth Shostak
When it comes to the Russia investigation, President Trump would be wise to review Scandal 101: Plausible deniability is your friend.
Asha Rangappa
I think that when you’ve got a world in which it’s plausible to have a guy dressed as a giant bat and fight evil clowns and other nightmarish freaks, I think the world has to be visually a little more arresting than a regular world.
Paul Dini
It’s not going to be true that every country has the same technological possibilities, but there is no reason why it might not be more or less true. Broadly, that the idea that the same technologies should be available everywhere seems to me very plausible.
James Mirrlees
There is simply no plausible construction of the known evidence that leaves out Novak either providing a proffer through his lawyer of what he would say if he testified or having testified directly.
Michael Isikoff
Liberalism is an attitude rather than a set of dogmas – an attitude that insists upon questioning all plausible and self-evident propositions, seeking not to reject them but to find out what evidence there is to support them rather than their possible alternatives.
Morris Raphael Cohen
Growing up the way I did, being an actor in Hollywood was definitely never a plausible career choice at all.
Hong Chau
Most important to any fake story is a plausible, realistic edge with a satirical twist that is topical.
Joey Skaggs
There is no plausible theory under which the record of the Pentagon Papers can be interpreted as relating to the national defense.
Noam Chomsky
While the move to central clearing has made the system safer, we need to make sure that the central counterparties have the resources and risk-management practices to withstand plausible but severe shocks.
Jerome Powell
I have not proved that the universe is, in fact, a digital computer and that it’s capable of performing universal computation, but it’s plausible that it is.
Seth Lloyd
Well I think fundamentally, what I think surprises me is the creationist movement, and the notion that somehow you can’t believe in God if you believe in evolution. But I don’t think there’s anything in the Bible which prevents a recognition that evolution is a highly plausible way that we came to be here.
Robert Winston
I don’t believe that we evolved moral psychology; it just doesn’t seem plausible to me as a biological phenomenon.
Tom Stoppard
Authentic apology is a tricky thing to pull off in politics, which is why it so seldom occurs. Plausible deniability must be preserved. True contrition has to be displayed. Traitors to the cause must be immediately be jettisoned. Most of all, the goal is to stop the bleeding.
Gwen Ifill
Some very plausible stuff is being written by women in a way that most men are not doing.
Amy Clampitt
Perhaps first and foremost is the challenge of taking what I find as a reader and making it into a poem that, primarily, has to be a plausible poem in English.
Marilyn Hacker
As the Republican nominee, it was Romney’s job to find a way to speak to some of those groups of voters and offer practical solutions to their difficulties that both resonated with them and sounded plausible to them.
John Podhoretz
If there be any plausible reason for supposing that we have the right to legislate on the slave interests of the District, you cannot put down the investigation of the subject out of doors, by refusing to receive petitions.
Caleb Cushing
In some future America, there could be a plausible Michael Bloomberg path to the Democratic nomination. I would love to read a column by a smart person actually attempting to persuade me of this, using evidence.
Alex Pareene
Art is about forgetting all these feelings, good and bad, and trying to understand what acts will last longer, which symbols will remain in history. It’s a question of perspective: The further you get from the past, the more concrete and plausible it seems.
Maurizio Cattelan
In the five months I wrote the final draft of 'The Asso

In the five months I wrote the final draft of ‘The Association of Small Bombs,’ I never fell out of the book. The world was real to me: plausible and powerful.
Karan Mahajan
The more we learn about life, the less plausible is any evolutionary theory that relies on blind, undirected, piece-by-piece change.
Nancy Pearcey
Now ‘90210’ is returning with an all-new cast of slightly more plausible teens. I’ll be honest: I wish the old cast was back. Ideally, this spin-off would be an Ice Storm-esque exploration of the West Beverly gang’s bleak adult lives.
Diablo Cody
Truth is so hard to tell, it sometimes needs fiction to make it plausible.
Francis Bacon
In the many-mansioned house of Alternate History, I occupy a small corner. The trio of what-ifs I chronicled in ‘Then Everything Changed’ all begin with tiny, highly plausible twists of fate that lead to hugely consequential shifts in history.
Jeff Greenfield
All sacrifices of common sense, and all recourse to plausible political combinations, whether of individuals or of men, are uniformly made at the expense of the majority.
James Fenimore Cooper
When I create a false reality, I always try to create a plausible structure to help convince people.
Joey Skaggs
Judges ought to be more leaned than witty, more reverent than plausible, and more advised than confident. Above all things, integrity is their portion and proper virtue.
Francis Bacon
If I would need to make a prediction I still believe Kaplan’s scenario is very plausible.
David Korten