Top 44 Corrupted Quotes

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I will not allow America's elections to be further corr

I will not allow America’s elections to be further corrupted by radical left-wing policies shoved down our throats.
Marjorie Taylor Greene
The government is corrupted. It’s corrupted. It is not about regular people.
Steve Schmidt
Bodies which contain a greater proportion of water than is necessary to balance the other elements, are speedily corrupted, and lose their virtues and properties.
It was only against my mother’s will that I attended the preparatory high school in the city. She wanted me to become a seamstress in the village. She knew that if I moved to the city, I would become corrupted. And I was. I started to read books.
Herta Muller
That clerical celibacy doesn’t guarantee asceticism is obvious, any more than attending Mass guarantees prayerfulness (trust me on that one). But it preserves the call even when the system is corrupted.
Ross Douthat
I grew up in a no man’s land. My mother was ultra liberated and she thought I was backward because I didn’t smoke or do drugs, yet for the society, I was very modern. Mothers would keep their daughters away from me for fear they would get corrupted.
Pooja Bedi
Success is a sort of metaphysical experience. I live exactly as I did before – only on a slightly bigger scale. Naturally, I won’t be corrupted. I’ll sit there in my Rolls, uncorrupted, and tell my chauffeur, uncorruptedly, where to go.
Tom Stoppard
I like files. I like editing a CSS file without necessarily having to edit an HTML file. I like fixing a problem by replacing a corrupted file with a clean one. Maybe I’m set in my ways, but I don’t consider it a hardship to open a folder or replace a file.
Jeffrey Zeldman
I don’t think it’s the writer’s job to give answers or to give opinions. In fact, when a writer has answers, I think the work ends up being corrupted. It becomes didactic. What a book does is share a consciousness and invite people to explore the questions as best as you can.
Nathan Englander
I don’t think anyone has ever been corrupted by a T-shirt.
Jane Goldman
I believe in the law. I think we have a great system of justice. But I do think that system of justice has been corrupted by racism and classism. I think it’s difficult for ‘poor people’ – poor white people, brown people – to be treated fairly before the law in the same way that upper-class people are.
Henry Louis Gates
I have my misgivings about 3-D. I don’t like the lack of blacks and whites, how it dulls the image, how the color gets corrupted. I don’t necessarily like the experience of having heavy glasses in front of me.
Alfonso Cuaron
I continue to meet people who have had their Web pages hijacked, their browsers corrupted, in some cases, their children exposed to inappropriate material from these dangerous programs hidden in their family computers.
Cliff Stearns
It is extremely uncomfortable to consider that our democracy may have been corrupted. That potential crimes may have taken place – some of them on Facebook’s servers – that seem to be beyond the reach of law.
Christopher Wylie
Koons’s work has always stood apart for its one-at-a-time perfection, epic theatricality, a corrupted, almost sick drive for purification, and an obsession with traditional artistic values.
Jerry Saltz
Corrupted freemen are the worst of slaves.
David Garrick
We are as liable to be corrupted by books, as by companions.
Henry Fielding
Thou seest how sloth wastes the sluggish body, as water is corrupted unless it moves.
Motion pictures are the art form of the 20th century, and one of the reasons is the fact that films are a slightly corrupted artform. They fit this century – they combine Art and business!
Roger Corman
Lots of people fantasize about what it would be like if they were president… Most think they’d be decent and wouldn’t be corrupted at all, that they’d remain true to themselves.
Kevin Kline
The best philosophers were not academics, but had another job, so their philosophy was not corrupted by careerism.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
I’ve always been an actor, a lowly actor without power, so I’ve never been corrupted. I’ve never even directed.
Laura Fraser
I love Winston Churchill. I love the wisdom he had, the sagacity. I like people who are independent-minded. People who aren’t part of clans or systems, who are talented and free, and able to do things without being corrupted by the system.
Lapo Elkann
You can have the best technology, but you if have a corrupted, radicalized, bribed official that has access to the plane to put the bomb in the cargo, as what happened in Sharm el-Sheikh, that’s a real problem.
Michael McCaul
My wide eyes make me look much younger without make-up, and although it’s fun to have a line in innocence corrupted, I doubt I’ll get to play the vampy vixen or a Hedda Gabler or Lady Macbeth.
Talulah Riley
In many respects, Afghanistan represents a more difficult problem set. It does not have a number of the blessings that Iraq has in terms of the oil, gas, land of two rivers, the human capital that Iraq built up over the years, the muscle memory of a strong government – albeit one that was corrupted over time.
David Petraeus
There’s always been a nasty strain of class prejudice ingrained in the condemnation of football’s ‘undeserving rich,’ as if the working class is uniquely susceptible to being corrupted by money, and as if they deserve their wealth less than those born to it.
Mark Fisher
I’m actually a humanist, believe it or not, and I believe even when people are corrupted, even when they’ve gone to the dark side, they are still human beings.
John Hillcoat
What I don’t want to see is our political system corrupted by gambling money, especially casino gambling money.
Robert J. Bentley
To follow imperfect, uncertain, or corrupted traditions, in order to avoid erring in our own judgment, is but to exchange one danger for another.
Richard Whately
One of the things I believe strongly in is developing institutions – legal, press, bureaucracies, academies – that are rooted in the pursuit of impartial truth. That aren’t simply just bent to partisan ends or are corrupted for the powerful or for other ulterior motives.
David Grann
Many Indians and Israelis seem set to elect, with untro

Many Indians and Israelis seem set to elect, with untroubled consciences, those who speak the language of torturers and terrorists. More disturbingly, these corrupted democracies may increasingly prove the norm rather than the exception.
Pankaj Mishra
The process for awarding Nobel prizes is so complex that it cannot be corrupted.
Rita Levi-Montalcini
‘The Lunchbox’ is the kind of cinema that is true to its word and not cluttered or corrupted by some of the mainstream pre-requisites. I love the way I make movies, but there are certain stories that need to be told in a certain way, and ‘The Lunchbox’ is that movie, and I’m so proud to present this movie.
Karan Johar
All religions worthy of the name are now making great efforts to purify their doctrines and return to their original standpoint, all except Christianity! You surely know that the nineteenth century Christianity is not the religion taught by Christ. Christ’s religion has been changed and corrupted.
Virchand Gandhi
I have a lot of stands on a lot of political issues. I’m very big on campaign finance reform. I still think most Americans aren’t aware of how the dumping of big corporate dollars and private donor dollars has totally corrupted the political system and taken it away from them.
Morgan Fairchild
What I’m saying is I want to elect people that are God-fearing people, people that will not allow their hearts to get corrupted, by money or by anybody.
Ruben Diaz Sr.
When you’re a kid, you’re not as corrupted by the world at large. You’re not corrupted by prejudices. You’re much more open-minded. Much more interested in the world around you. ‘Sweet Tooth’ is about the world returning to that kind of place.
Jeff Lemire
If something can corrupt you, you’re corrupted already.
Bob Marley
You can have the best technology, but if you have an inside job of a worker that has access to the plane that’s corrupted or bribed or radicalized, they can get a bomb on that aircraft and blow it up.
Michael McCaul
After the 1960s and ’70s, there were real doubts about whether a mortal man could handle the country’s highest office. It had destroyed Johnson, corrupted Nixon, and overwhelmed Ford and Carter.
Nancy Gibbs
The fact that our legal system has become so tolerant of police lying indicates how corrupted our criminal justice system has become by declarations of war, ‘get tough’ mantras, and a seemingly insatiable appetite for locking up and locking out the poorest and darkest among us.
Michelle Alexander
I’ve got a pretty iconoclastic attitude about all institutions myself. And I just think the church was corrupted right after Christ was killed.
Harry Dean Stanton
The idea that cancer genes are sitting inside each and every one of our chromosomes, just waiting to be corrupted or inactivated and thereby unleashing cancer, is, of course, one of the seminal ideas of oncology.
Siddhartha Mukherjee