Top 44 Fare Quotes

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When I was playing, all my overseas trips were paid for

When I was playing, all my overseas trips were paid for by the LTA, then by my coach, and from whatever prize-money I made I would have to pay back as much as I could of the fare. Only once that was paid could I keep the extra, and that was a powerful incentive.
Sue Barker
As women, we are constantly criticising and judging ourselves in terms of our body, how we dress, what profession we take up, how we fare in that. Indian women are gifted with certain body types and features, which is healthy, and we should accept that.
Vidya Balan
I grew up in the age of discount air fare, and for me, the act of joining a culture was a great way about learning about that different culture. So I grew up in the South, and went to college in the North, and found out that I learned about myself as a Southerner by leaving the South and going to the Northeast.
Bruce Feiler
In my head, I think I’d make a perfect spy, but in reality, I don’t think I’d fare very well.
Matthew Rhys
I see something that seems like standard fare, that I can imagine any number of actors playing, and I’m generally not interested.
Jason Gann
I am particularly surprised that certain outlets look at pass rates irrespective of student population. As if inner city high school kids are to fare as well as college students.
Sebastian Thrun
Consumers fare best when the barriers to business entry are low, which helps ensure that the market – any market – becomes competitive and stays that way.
Ajit Pai
I came to theatre as a teenager by going to the National Theatre when it was at the Old Vic and sitting on padded seats in the gallery for 15 pence, which was the price of a bus fare.
Roger Allam
The knish is a classic example of peasant food evolving into comfort food and even sophisticated fare.
Gil Marks
How large and varied is the educational bill of fare set before every young gentleman in Great Britain; and to judge by the mental stamina it affords him in most cases, what a waste of good food it is!
James Payn
Once you achieve success, you are consumed by the fear of living up to it. Which is why many directors stick to tried and tested fare. But, I made films on village subjects, love stories, movies with students as focus, crime thrillers… it was very satisfying.
If you’ve got a huge Hollywood star in your film, they’re getting $32 million, and everyone else gets their bus fare.
Robbie Coltrane
My career was one of just taking it step by step. I didn’t know how I was gonna fare on the professional circuit when I qualified. I didn’t know whether I was gonna make a dime. I didn’t know anything but this one thing: I had some dreams, and I was gonna work harder than anybody out here to ply my trade.
Tom Watson
One of the best things about ‘The Chefs’ Line’ has been seeing how these generations-honed recipes fare when they go up against professional ones.
Melissa Leong
I honestly didn’t know how well Bin Roye would fare with audiences. I couldn’t be indifferent while watching it. I kept seeing tiny nuances that I could have changed with my role.
Mahira Khan
I have been refused entrance on the buses because I would not pay my fare at the front and go around to the rear door to enter. That was the custom if the bus was crowded up to the point where the white passengers would start occupying.
Rosa Parks
Films don’t always tell a story; some films can achieve effect just by being razzle-dazzle or rock n’ roll. That’s part of the fare that’s out there. And that’s okay. For me, I place more value on a story.
Robert Redford
I was a decent cook – competent enough to turn out the standard Eighties chalet fare: beef Wellington, banoffee pie, Delia’s chocolate bread-and-butter pudding – but it wasn’t haute cuisine.
Mary Nightingale
As far as the type of movies I am offered is concerned, it’s a mix. I have been offered both period films and the regular fare.
Pooja Hegde
Death is easier than a wretched life; and better never to have born than to live and fare badly.
I started out as a duo with Mis-Teeq’s Sabrina Washington, and we worked for four or five years before signing a record deal. I had no money, and I was taking part-time jobs just to earn the train fare to get to rehearsals.
Alesha Dixon
I use the period between Christmas and New Year to potter about, think and completely change my mindset. In that easy no-man’s-land between Boxing Day and New Year, loins are girded and mettle readied. It is time, as we voyagers bid farewell to the old year, to fare forward.
Monty Don
Though politicians and media eminences are too frightened to say so, nonmarital births are problematic. On just about any measure of development you can think of, children who are born to unmarried women fare worse than the children of divorce and far worse than children raised in intact families.
Charles Murray
People want to see big, escapist fare. They don’t want to be challenged to think.
Harvey Weinstein
Of course, I grew up hearing Latin music but, to be honest, aside from my personal circumstances, like most kids I wanted to rebel against what I considered to be such old fashioned fare.
Oscar Hijuelos
On the Left, there is an emerging nostalgia on for renationalisation as a panacea for all our economic challenges. Every train fare increase, water price rise or electricity rate change triggers a well-orchestrated hue and cry for our essential infrastructure to be taken back into public hands.
Priti Patel
When I was 15 years old, my sister and I went on a trip to Europe. We went on scholarship because my mother didn’t have the money to pay the full fare for the two of us, which ran into the thousands of dollars.
Joy Reid
Each Passover, I prepare all sorts of fancy desserts for my family and friends, often experimenting with adaptations of sophisticated modern fare.
Gil Marks
A lot of things and a lot of money is involved in a movie. It is very upsetting when a movie doesn’t fare well at the box-office.
Mahesh Babu
In terms of Rogers, I can’t comment on how other fighters in the UFC would fare with Brett Rogers because that’s just speculation.
Fedor Emelianenko
I detest politics, to be honest with you. It’s a cesspool. And I don’t think I would fare well in that cesspool because I don’t believe in political correctness and I certainly don’t believe in dishonesty.
Ben Carson
I wanted the young African-American girls also on the b

I wanted the young African-American girls also on the bus to know that they had a right to be there, because they had paid their fare just like the white passengers.
Claudette Colvin
If you turn a blind eye to fare evasion, if you accustom people to getting away with minor crime, you are making it more likely that they will go on to commit more serious crimes. That is why we have so much disorder in London. It is a disgrace.
Boris Johnson
I’ve listened to Eminem rap. That’s not daily fare for me, but I can’t help but admire how vivid what he does is. My own taste goes a little more toward Norah Jones.
Lesley Gore
There’s a lot to be learned by watching. I think the younger generation could fare a lot better in their game if they could sit down and watch some of the games of the past.
Clyde Drexler
I’m not sure Lincoln would fare well if he were a presidential candidate today.
David Herbert Donald
Every holiday has unique fare and symbolic foods, but none as much as Rosh Hashana.
Gil Marks
I wanted to escape the drudgery of a small town existence. Any place bigger than Gwalior was fine. I took the first train to Delhi because that was the only fare I could afford.
Harshvardhan Rane
Put variety into your mental bill of fare as well as into your physical. It will pay you rich returns.
Orison Swett Marden
I love a good meal on a train, and if I’m travelling on a discount ticket, the challenge is to eat more than the price of the fare.
Michael Portillo
Normally, I try to stay away from playing security guard-type characters, the stereotypical, big man fare. And I’ve been pretty blessed, man, and successful at getting out of the box.
Omar Benson Miller
I don’t believe in awards, and I think only film fare awards are faring.
Allu Arjun
I think – everything just in the political realm – women are usually perceived to be more trustworthy and compassionate. And they usually fare well against their male counterpart.
Aja Brown
I understand that some people are angry about taxi services. A taxi fare hike should be accompanied by better customer service.
Park Won-soon