Top 45 Big One Quotes

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Lawyers know how to take isolated complaints in a divor

Lawyers know how to take isolated complaints in a divorce case and build them into one big one.
Hedy Lamarr
I don’t know really. I’ve always been interested in the small picture instead of the big one, and I’ve always been interested in relationship pictures.
Adrian Lyne
‘Nevermind’ by Nirvana. That was a big one for me.
Benji Madden
They never were planning to be here. All my family are going to London because they wanted to go to the big one. There was never any showdown – there wouldn’t be.
Charlotte Church
After decades spent in rewrite rooms surrounded by other shouting writers, I discovered that I work best alone. I like being in charge of my time, working out the problems according to my own rhythms and being able to nap. That’s a big one, the napping on demand!
Maria Semple
Boxing has a problem – a big one. Think of it as a monster that’s hiding under the bed. Eventually, the monster is going to come out and take a big chunk out of the sport. Fighters, trainers, managers, promoters, even government regulators can legally bet on fights. They can also bet on fights they’re involved with.
Thomas Hauser
Billie Jean King is one of the all-time tennis greats; she’s one of the superstars. She’s ready for the big one, but she doesn’t stand a chance against me. Women’s tennis is so far beneath men’s tennis; that’s what makes the contest with a 55-year-old man the greatest contest of all time.
Bobby Riggs
The big one I missed out on was ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.’ MGM wanted me for it, and Warner Bros. wouldn’t give me permission to do it.
Carroll Baker
The key to making acquisitions is being ready because you really never know when the right big one is going to come along.
James McNerney
There are certain things I believe we need to keep in our emotional arsenal as we navigate through life. Hope is a big one. The more of that we can carry, the better.
Wendelin Van Draanen
That Monaco crash was quite a big one – I pulled 33g when I hit the wall, which is a lot. It’s a weird sensation – like all my skin and flesh was being pulled off my bones.
Jenson Button
I like a bass drum. A big one.
Phil Elverum
Little Wooster, Ohio and gargantuan Dallas, Texas formed the municipal cocktail of my life up till age 18. That drab, weird little town and the glitzy big one shaped me for sure.
David Berman
Jaws’ was a big one. It’s a classic. The shark not working while making that movie made it much better.
Ross Duffer
Breakfast is my favorite meal. I cook a big one for everyone – bacon and eggs. I own a lot of eggcups.
Emily Mortimer
As comfortable as I was with my adoption, the nature-versus-nurture question has been a big one for me. I adore my parents, but I always wondered if I would feel a different kind of love-not more or less, just different-for someone who was biologically related.
Emily Procter
There are lots of reasons for that gap between men’s and women’s wages but to me, the big one is the work-family issue. Trying to juggle children and a job is tough under any circumstances, but especially if you’re shooting for the kind of career that involves long hours at work and being on call 24-7.
Gail Collins
I’m not a big one for lots of genitals flapping in the films.
Campbell Scott
I was raised on ‘Get Smart’ and ‘All in the Family’ and ‘M.A.S.H.,’ and certainly when ‘Cheers’ came along, that was a big one.
Eric McCormack
I am a big one for subtlety and empathy. My dad was softly spoken and didn’t carry his honours and accomplishments for everyone to see.
Kyle MacLachlan
I grew up with a lot of Australian rock music. My dad loves AC/DC and INXS was a big one. My mom was more on the softer musical end of the spectrum, so Crowded House and stuff like that. Definitely all of my rock influences are very Australian typical.
Luke Hemmings
The homes I like the best are totally occupied, busy, and useful, whether it’s a tiny little house or a great big one. Rarely do you find a great big house that’s used in a good way. So I prefer smaller spaces that are full of books, full of things that people are doing.
Martha Stewart
I don’t want to sound too carried away, but from what I’ve seen, ‘Bingo Long’ is going to be a big one. A classic.
Billy Dee Williams
Practically everyone is going to have a general purpose computer in their pocket, it’s so easy to underestimate that, that has got to be the really, really big one.
Marc Andreessen
We all have a fight – some an easy one, and some a big one, and if you have formed the idea that there is a kind of dividing line in the world, and that on the one side is the good, and on the other side the bad, why, all I can say is that you have a wrong notion of things.
Susan Glaspell
Sure, they were simple desk lamps with only a minimal amount of movement, but you could immediately tell that Luxo Jr. was a baby, and that the big one was his mother. In that short little film, computer animation went from a novelty to a serious tool for filmmaking.
John Lasseter
I love my ‘Boom Clap.’ Charli XCX is a big one for me.
Joe Gatto
When you’re 0-2 in the Super Bowl, they say unkind things about you. They say, ‘He can’t win the big one.’ And that’s the worst thing that can be said about you.
Don Shula
Travis Scott is definitely a big inspiration. Lil Wayne was a big one. Lil Wayne, 50 Cent. Those were my two, like, big ones growing up. Then I got into Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa phase.
Lil Skies
I think I might have played a song on piano or guitar in a school talent show. I went to an all girls school, so there were always little things going on, but it wasn’t really until I was 17 that I did a proper performance. My first big one was Glastonbury, before I was signed.
I’ve always wanted to give ‘Hamlet’ a shot. It’s the big one, you know. I haven’t done Shakespeare professionally, so I think it would be terrifying.
Brian d’Arcy James
I can't say that I wouldn't prefer to make small films,

I can’t say that I wouldn’t prefer to make small films, basically because I think they are probably more interesting in terms of the material. But every now and again, it’s quite good to do a big one.
John Hurt
This is the big one! You hear that, Elizabeth? I’m coming to join ya, honey!
Redd Foxx
I think a lot of women innately know how to play their hand. I’m not a big one for the rules.
Katherine Heigl
There’s a big film industry in Egypt, and quite a big one in Syria, and there’s a big Muslim community in Paris.
Ridley Scott
I started in movies in 1963, and the first big one was ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ in 1967. While you don’t notice it right away, it finally dawns on you that 80% of the time, you’re doing nothing.
Charles Grodin
I think there’s a lot of taboos in hip-hop that people try and stay away from. I think a big one is, people are afraid to speak about God to a certain extent, and I think if you’re not free to speak about God, then you’re not free.
Chance The Rapper
My family prayed a lot, but we didn’t really go to church. On Sunday, my mum and dad used to always tell me to read the Bible. That was important for me growing up, and I still do that every morning. It’s something that is part of my routine, and I do it every day, whether it’s a normal game or a big one.
Daniel Sturridge
I’ve watched a lot of guys through the years, and they hold their breath until they finally win The Big One, thinking then they can exhale and chill out. You have to breathe through life, man. Have fun.
Lee Haney
Jorge Masvidal is a star. That wasn’t always the case. Hardcore fans always knew how good he was, but it always seemed like he would fall short in the big one.
Ariel Helwani
I guess I did get to tick a big one off the bucket list, though, and that was being on a giant billboard smack-bang in the hub of Hollywood Boulevard. That was… well, pretty Hollywood.
Jay Ryan
The very first big one I had was ‘Turn Around and Look At Me.’
Glen Campbell
I always wanted to play a ‘Batman’ villain; that was a big one for me. I may have missed the boat, but I always wanted to do that.
Will Poulter
I would rather have a small part in a really great movie than a big one in one that I’m not too psyched about.
Kristen Wiig
I’m a big one for music.
Isa Guha