Top 45 One-Dimensional Quotes

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I never understood the realism of an imaginary circumst

I never understood the realism of an imaginary circumstance. While I was doing ‘Smoke Signals,’ I relied on my instinct and what I grew up with. I had this energy, but it was a one-dimensional thing.
Adam Beach
About half the scripts sent to me feature characters I just can’t identify with, particularly one-dimensional businessmen or, if it’s a comedy, some absurd 10-year-old Japanese stereotype, some role related to IT or business… There’s no point in getting mad about it; it’s just the way things are.
Ken Watanabe
Nobody wants to play a one-dimensional character.
Travis Fimmel
Music can kind of make you one-dimensional. People see what’s on the surface and what you rap about, and they make their decision on who you are from there.
Chance The Rapper
A lot of times, female characters – particularly the villains – come off as very one-dimensional. They get the short shrift in that they’re only given the snappy comeback, or they’re relegated to a very stereotypical role. I want to know what’s driving them – that’s what’s really interesting.
Paul Dini
Every president becomes a caricature. The press, partisans, late-night shows, and other arbiters of our culture these days boil down complicated and multi-faceted personalities into one-dimensional punchlines.
Mark McKinnon
Guys have a lot more to worry about when they’re fighting me than they do fighting Khabib. He’s just one-dimensional.
Colby Covington
Life isn’t one-dimensional. The world isn’t simply divided into good versus evil. I think we’re all capable of both.
Alexander Skarsgard
If people choose to engage on a one-dimensional level that’s fine. But going beyond the surface can enrich ourselves as human beings.
Geri Halliwell
I don’t know any women who are one-dimensional, so why would I play one?
Kaya Scodelario
I was never a one-dimensional guy; I was always able to block shots, play defense, get rebounds, or drive, or pass. My father made me grow up that way. He taught me to work on different things in my game and wanted me to be more than a one-dimensional player.
Danny Green
People romanticize struggle and obscurity, and I get that, but it’s a very one-dimensional argument to say that people who have money are evil, and artists who are poor are virtuous.
Shepard Fairey
I may have made my reputation as a general in the Army and I’m very proud of that. But I’ve always felt that I was more than one-dimensional.
Norman Schwarzkopf
I have never won big fights just doing one thing, being one-dimensional.
Andre Ward
I never wanted to be a one-dimensional player.
Trea Turner
I was pretty one-dimensional, a wrestler.
Ryan Bader
‘The Larry Sanders Show,’ it’s actually about love, which would sound like a paradox at first. But if that love didn’t exist, the darker attitudes would not play. You would have a one-dimensional, cynical show, which I don’t think the show was.
Garry Shandling
Usually if you read a screenplay, no matter who’s writing it, the bad guy is always written as a one-dimensional bad guy.
Mickey Rourke
As human beings, of course, we’re all compromised and complex and contradictory and if a screenplay can express those contradictions within a character and if there’s room for me to express them, that’s a part I’d love to play, so much more than a character who is heroic and one-dimensional.
Hugo Weaving
One of my pet peeves in athleisure today is clothes that make a woman feel square and one-dimensional.
Anna Kaiser
What bothered me was playing one-dimensional parts in films which were really about, ‘Boy Meets Girl,’ ‘Will Boy Get Girl?’
Olivia De Havilland
The perception is that the Stoke players were one-dimensional: that they could only play in a certain way, and that was the top and bottom of their capabilities.
Mark Hughes
Nothing about Ben Askren impresses me. He’s a one-dimensional fighter. He’s never hurt a fly.
Colby Covington
Women are not one-dimensional, we come in different shapes and sizes, and we are all equally beautiful.
Zozibini Tunzi
Life on the road can get a little one-dimensional. I didn’t want to reach 40 and have to say all I’d done was look out the window of a tour bus and get drunk.
Bruce Dickinson
The guys in the top five, they’re good everywhere. Me, I’m just almost one-dimensional.
Derrick Lewis
I work in string theory. This is a branch of physics which assumes that the elementary objects in the universe are not particles but one-dimensional objects, that is, strings.
Ashoke Sen
It’s all about becoming a more well-rounded player and not a one-dimensional player. You might hear someone say, ‘Hilton Head sets up well for them.’ I don’t want that stereotype.
Peter Uihlein
You can’t really be one-dimensional in this fight game. If you are, you’re going to get knocked out or you’re going to get finished. Either that, or you’re just going to take a lot of damage and you’re just not going to be able to last very long.
Tony Ferguson
I definitely didn’t wanna be a one-dimensional artist that you can just put into one box. Because, to me, we’re all masters of certain energies, and we all create different colours.
As an actor, you don’t want to play a one-dimensional character.
Olga Kurylenko
We all are who we are. We're not necessarily good, and

We all are who we are. We’re not necessarily good, and we’re not necessarily bad. So much television, in the writing, is so one-dimensional, in that aspect, where you have your good guys and you have your bad guys.
Kyle Schmid
I don’t know that the best way to approach it is to try and keep up. When you’re doing that, you’re setting yourself into a one-dimensional sort of race basically.
Tom Jenkinson
I learned so much from the writing on ‘King of the Hill’, which I thought was just magnificent. They would let real moments happen in this animated, one-dimensional world. I feel like I’ve been in school this whole time.
Pamela Adlon
American pop culture is perpetually in adolescent mode. The notions of what it takes to be a man, as depicted in pop culture, are very superficial, one-dimensional, and adolescent.
Alex Tizon
I’m a huge gamer, I love ‘Madden,’ love ‘FIFA 2K,’ anybody that knows me knows I love Xbox. I do play Playstation as well, though, so I’m not one-dimensional, so don’t get it twisted, PS4 fans, I can do both. I do play online.
Bradley Beal
I never want to make any characters one-dimensional, especially as women can often be portrayed as the dark one or the evil one.
Vanessa Kirby
People always tell me I’m nothing like my character. Well, hopefully not! He’s a character who’s very defined. He was purposefully written by Jo Rowling as very one-dimensional in the first few books, because you’re supposed to hate him.
Tom Felton
I don’t like the idea of playing a one-dimensional character who is just fearless, strong, and killer and has instincts and just thrives in dangerous circumstances – that’s really boring to me, and I don’t think it represents what most women feel inside.
Evangeline Lilly
To expect for me to be one-way every time you see me is to expect me to be a one-dimensional man, which I’ve never been. I’ve always applauded my efforts to be diverse and multi-faceted.
I know I’m old-fashioned, but there’s just something about the act of looking at books versus taking in information on a screen, which is so one-dimensional. There’s a sense of ownership that you have with books, a physical connection.
Annabelle Selldorf
Nobody aspires to be a backup. And although I take great pride in the supporting roles I’ve played in both Philadelphia and Kansas City, part of me still cringes every time I hear myself described that way. Not only is it limiting and one-dimensional, it doesn’t come close to describing who I really am.
Nick Foles
A lot of the time, people think rappers just live inside this bubble. No, the reality is there is conversation that happens. It’s not this one-dimensional thing. There’s reality that takes place.
I think that there are a lot of male writers and directors in Hollywood, and a lot of the female characters you do see are really one-dimensional, but I think that’s changing more and more as there are more women taking control in Hollywood.
Emily Ratajkowski
Up until the time I was cast in ‘Star Trek,’ the roles were pretty shallow – thin, stereotyped, one-dimensional roles. I knew this character was a breakthrough role, certainly for me as an individual actor but also for the image of an Asian character: no accent, a member of the elite leadership team.
George Takei