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The Gujarat government knows what's in the interest of

The Gujarat government knows what’s in the interest of consumers. When they plan, they ensure they can save every single rupee or earn every single rupee for the state government and bring power at lowest cost to the consumer. They are tightfisted in their approach.
Piyush Goyal
I am urging Americans to be more careful about the kinds of media we support with our consumer spending. We’ve got to invest less in the media that glorifies violence and more in entertainment that lifts up the values of love, compassion, and the best in human nature.
Bernice King
Whether you lead an early-stage startup or a well-established company, it is critical to challenge yourself and your team to prepare for the next disruptive force – be it a shift in the market, a new consumer trend, or a competing innovation.
Dinesh Paliwal
I would say the consumer Internet companies – in a lot of ways, if you go inside the consumer Internet companies and you see how they run, it’s how all their businesses are going to run.
Marc Andreessen
Each consumer has the power of their wallet and their voice. They can exercise that.
David Droga
Whatever the future of social reputation online, I’m excited to dig in and help forge the path forward. Not only will embracing and enabling the growth of these reputation elements benefit my business, the consumer in me can barely control her excitement.
Leah Busque
Local economies are suffering as people spend more on fuel and less on consumer goods and travel.
Dan Lipinski
For TPP to get my vote, it must benefit America’s middle class, raise wages, and safeguard the consumer and environmental protections that we rely upon.
Dan Lipinski
Thanks to iCloud and other services, the choice of a phone or tablet today may lock a consumer into a branded silo, making it hard for him or her to do what Apple long importuned potential customers to do: switch.
Jonathan Zittrain
I think that it will be the mobile technologies, both from the enterprise and the consumer side, where super unicorns will come from. I still believe that social networking in combination with mobile will create opportunities for super unicorns.
David Sze
Indeed, the Fourth Industrial Revolution will greatly lead to increased consumer health awareness and self-management and will enable individualized treatment pathways supported by tele-health care and coaching.
Frans van Houten
Saudi Arabia supplies much oil to the U.S. And it is the world’s largest consumer of American weaponry.
Stephen Kinzer
Big business never pays a nickel in taxes, according to Ralph Nader, who represents a big consumer organization that never pays a nickel in taxes.
Dave Barry
I love getting consumer reports. I think it’s one of my favourite things, studying what people have to say about the product and then trying to make it better.
Maria Sharapova
A brand is only going to want to be more inclusive if they feel like it’s going to be good for business as well as making the consumer feel good – so we have to encourage people to do that. Consumers have to stand up and say, ‘I have power: my pound or dollar is how I vote.’
Iskra Lawrence
I’ve bought companies in response to the seismic shifts – the consumer preference for food and health and well-being and a gravitation toward more fresh and natural and organic.
Denise Morrison
I think I had come from a consumer world for a long time and America and eyeballs were moving to social media in huge numbers, especially on mobile phones and devices. And when Donald Trump asked me to work on the campaign I also knew I had a great piece of product that would resonate with Americans.
Brad Parscale
We have no idea in what way tomorrow’s consumers will want to consumer their media.
Zanny Minton Beddoes
I think that, in the end, the consumer’s going to win on the Internet.
Dara Khosrowshahi
It’s not just a matter of poor willpower on the part of the consumer and a give-the-people-what-they-want attitude on the part of the food manufacturers. What I found, over four years of research and reporting, was a conscious effort… to get people hooked on foods that are convenient and inexpensive.
Michael Moss
I have tremendous brand experience. What I do a lot for Disney is manage the great brands of this company, whether it’s Disney, ESPN, ABC, Pixar, Marvel, ‘Star Wars.’ And I’m very engaged in technology and its impact on the consumer, either what experience you deliver for them or how to market and sell to them.
Bob Iger
Fishing in sustainable ways means fewer fish, higher quality, better price at the market. That is a formula that is good for the environment and the fisherman but bad for the consumer.
Mark Kurlansky
Developing the locally-run industry is very important in increasing the production of consumer goods.
Kim Jong-un
When I first saw my line in stores, that’s when it really hit me that there was a consumer on the other end of it all, and they were going to have to spend their own money on it. So there was that initial panic. I remember thinking, what if nobody buys it?
Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss
Most VC firms are looking to bring in women because of the great consumer cycle.
Aileen Lee
Consumer culture needs us to be impulsive, while our political culture fears that we will ever develop discipline.
Frankie Boyle
Kickstarter has shifted from funding creative projects to funding products and videogames; the biggest funded are consumer electronics and video game projects.
Freddie Wong
I think of Google as a set of overlapping things. It’s a consumer platform, consumer phenomenon of which search is its fundamental activity, but there are many other things you can do than search… I think of Google as an advertising company who services the broader advertising industry in the ways that you know.
Eric Schmidt
For all we are a manufacturer, we’ve always had a lot of communication with the consumer.
Sara Davies
The crisis in Europe has affected the U.S. economy by acting as a drag on our exports, weighing on business and consumer confidence, and pressuring U.S. financial markets and institutions.
Ben Bernanke
What I’ve seen around the world is if the regulatory desires are combined with things that affect consumer behavior – such as in Europe, they tax gasoline very heavily – you do get people to move to very fuel efficient cars; trade off bigger vs. smaller cars.
Rick Wagoner
At one point in time, you had to choose, 'Do you want t

At one point in time, you had to choose, ‘Do you want to do consumer or enterprise?’ But the reality today is a bit different: Enterprises are a collection of consumers.
Tim Cook
Ambient Devices develops a new generation of consumer electronic products.
David Rose
As both a consumer and producer of newspaper articles, I have no beef with pay walls. But before signing up, I read the fine print.
Richard Thaler
You make a great investment in the consumer Internet, maybe you make a lot of money and create something useful, interesting, or fun. But in life sciences, you have a chance to be part of something that lets people live longer and healthier and not lose the people they care about. That is really profound.
Bill Maris
We’re going to be selling our product to the American consumer. We want to have Americans who understand American consumers.
Anand Mahindra
While consumer social like Facebook and Twitter gets the headlines, perhaps the greatest untapped potential for social networking lies in business applications.
Ryan Holmes
I’m a big watcher of sports, consumer of sports content, so I love documentaries; I love the format.
Peter Billingsley
I always wanted to work on the consumer market; I always wanted to work with people.
Roustam Tariko
I think of myself as just another consumer.
Roelof Botha
You know, I think of the global economy as an inverted triangle, resting on the shoulders of the American consumer. And if the American consumer cannot have enough disposable income in order to maintain a standard of living that creates more opportunities generation after generation, that’s bad for everybody.
Hillary Clinton
If you consider that a typical Central American consumer earns only a small fraction of an average American worker’s wages, it becomes clear that CAFTA’s true goal is not to the increase U.S. exports.
Stephen F. Lynch
We don’t need more recycling, we need a completely different system of closed-loop manufacturing, and no matter how many cans I crush, my personal actions at the consumer level are of very little importance in getting us there.
Alex Steffen
Disco deserved a better name, a beautiful name because it was a beautiful art form. It made the consumer beautiful. The consumer was the star.
Barry White
International money transfer is a massive consumer rip-off. Banks and companies like Western Union have gotten away with it for too long.
Taavet Hinrikus
We are trying to speak to the consumer by their lifestyle.
Kenneth Cole
Our music is consumer. It’s made to be played with, it’s made to have fun.
I guess for me, I keep saying the words ‘consumer electronics,’ ‘consumer tech’ – the biggest purchase decisions people make a lot of times are the phones they buy and the tech they buy. To be able to influence other people’s decisions on that front is pretty game changing.
Marques Brownlee
Consumer habits are key to understanding how to launch a product.
Charles Duhigg
We don’t do things the same way everyone else does. We relish being different. We see that difference as an element that makes us more compelling to the consumer.
Reggie Fils-Aime
Our thinking has always been in trying to grab the limited amount of spare time people have and always try to offer some unprecedented attraction to the consumer.
Satoru Iwata
As in many other industries, the luxury fashion consumer increasingly desires to put a personal stamp on important purchases.
Aslaug Magnusdottir
Our cattlemen have given us the safest, most abundant, most affordable beef supply in the world and I trust their judgment. And if you look at consumer confidence in this country, so does the American public.
Norm Coleman