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We tend to think of racism as this interpersonal verbal

We tend to think of racism as this interpersonal verbal or physical abuse, when in truth, that is only one way that racism manifests itself. The reality of contemporary racism is that it while it is ubiquitous, it is often invisible, subsequently making it more difficult to name and identify.
Clint Smith
The church also does not condone a broken immigration system in the U.S., one that too easily can lead to the exploitation, abuse and even death of immigrants.
Roger Mahony
We live on the most incredible planet, and yet we abuse it, and we abuse it mercilessly.
Paul Watson
If its proven that there’s racial abuse, the team’s fans where there’s abuse should quit the game as a loss and the result should go to the winner basically.
Shaun Wright-Phillips
Abuse yourself all you want – just leave animals out of it. Don’t wear fur.
You can’t abuse your voice by yelling and screaming.
Danielle de Niese
I know some women’s rights activists have seen so much abuse that they can’t stand men, but I have a sense of empathy with the men. Without excusing the abuse they are capable of, many of them are trapped within these communities and bound by expectations they didn’t necessarily ask for.
Deeyah Khan
I think anybody who has been abused as a kid – and I was abused as a kid, by various people – will say it’s irrational because violence is irrational.
Samantha Morton
Online abuse has been a problem since the earliest days of the web.
Katharine Viner
If anyone wants to abuse other people for whatever colour, race or creed they are, then it’s just stupidness, isn’t it?
Tyson Fury
I am not someone who will bare my soul on Twitter. If I am angry with somebody, I will abuse them there, if I am happy, I will express it there.
Poonam Dhillon
Washington agencies are now trying a backdoor approach to regulate our climate by abusing existing laws.
John Barrasso
You think about child abuse and you think of a father viciously attacking a daughter or a son, but in my family it was my mother. My mother, I would say, was a… very brutal disciplinarian.
Lynn Johnston
I hope we can form a community where a woman can speak up about abuse and not suffer another abuse by not being believed and instead being ridiculed.
Lupita Nyong’o
In this context, social consensus, and institutions that embody this consensus, must be made effective in order for democratization not to be abused as a provisional instrument to establish an anti-democratic regime.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan
It is essential that there should not only be a limit on campaign spending but it should be required to say where that money is spent and how it is spent. I think there has been more abuse in campaign spending, actually, than in campaign contributors.
Bill Scott
And so I put down some of the things that he said, about keeping your tools sharpened and not letting them lie on the ground where they get hurt or get abused and dirty and can’t find them. And some thoughts about how his father used to do things.
Bruce Nauman
Yes, you have people shouting racist abuse and throwing bananas on the field, and there are issues regarding the number of black coaches and managers in the game, but which other industry allows a young black boy the exact same opportunity as a young white boy?
John Barnes
Like many Kentuckians, I’ve seen too many families torn apart by drug abuse. The attorney general should be the leading voice in confronting this challenge, and I believe that I am the right candidate for the job.
Daniel Cameron
Stalking can have devastating consequences, and I am determined that we do all we can to protect victims from these prolonged and terrifying campaigns of abuse that can last years, leaving many people too afraid to leave their homes and unable to get on with their lives.
Amber Rudd
Music is made one of Satan’s most attractive agencies to ensnare souls; but, when turned to a good account, it is a blessing. When abused, it leads the unconsecrated to pride, vanity, and folly.
Ellen G. White
I was bullied in every way imaginable, but the worst was the verbal abuse. (I was always a strong, tough and tall girl, so nobody wanted to mess with me from a physical standpoint). It hit rock bottom when I was in seventh grade.
Brittney Griner
I’ve overcome neglect and deprivation, abandonment and abuse.
Tatum O’Neal
When someone makes a racist remark, that doesn’t make him a racist, but you have to say, ‘This the line. You’ve crossed it, and you have to apologize’ – not only to the person who has been hurt but also the people who live with that racial abuse almost all their lives. I think that’s unacceptable if you don’t.
Edgar Davids
Just because you have the numbers in Congress, doesn’t mean it’s wise to abuse your power.
Miranda Devine
Honesty, integrity, and accountability, the values, which should be the hallmark of this government, have instead been thrown under the bus by an arrogant majority, casualties in a misguided campaign to shield from accountability those who abuse this House.
Louise Slaughter
I want to say that nobody accuses their parents of abusing them without justification to do that. I didn’t just make it up. A lot of things were true and abusive and horrible things that happened to me that my father did.
Roseanne Barr
Many non-believers who have entered substance abuse programs have found themselves at odds with the religious overtones prevalent in the recovery industry.
Andrew Shaffer
‘Redneck’ has been terribly abused as a term. Where I come from, a redneck was a farmer who worked the fields all day and got his neck sunburned. People made fun of them.
Lewis Grizzard
The scandal isn’t that refugees want to come to the United States. It’s that Trump is abusing these aspiring Americans and closing our doors to them.
Max Boot
There’s war – there’s always been war, as long as most of us have been alive. There have always been people being abused, there’s always been horrible things in the world. Why are we outraged? We should just be quiet and figure it out, and work it out together.
Dave Matthews
There's no better feeling in the world than knowing tha

There’s no better feeling in the world than knowing that my show played a role in stopping animal abuse or alleviating animal suffering.
Jane Velez-Mitchell
Mumbai has so much to offer, but the pathetic spectacle of horse abuse is the first thing that many tourists see, and it taints their impression of our great city.
Zeenat Aman
Twitter has made some improvements on the site and it’s important that you can report people – but when you are getting the level of abuse I was, it’s an onerous task reporting each and every person.
Luciana Berger
When human rights are systematically abused, it raises the question whether it may be legitimate in some circumstances for the international community to intervene within individual states as well as in conflicts between states.
Charles Kennedy
It seems to me like Mother Nature’s mercy and forgiveness have run dry, as we ceaselessly abuse her and take her for granted in order for us to continue our addiction to using fossil fuels. I’ve gotta say, I don’t blame her. Not one bit.
Gloria Reuben
There are a lot of bad people in football, and players can be afraid to go to stadiums and get abused.
Antoine Griezmann
The Internet is an empowering force for people who are protesting against the abuse of power.
Rebecca MacKinnon
This House cannot function without an open, accountable, and independent ethics process; and the molestation of that process by the majority is an abuse of power that cannot stand.
Louise Slaughter
It has always been accepted, even in pronouncements by the Supreme Court that the Court and its judgements can be subjected to strong, even trenchant criticism. Is the same yardstick not available for comments on the use or abuse of the Court’s powers of contempt?
Prashant Bhushan
When I first became recognizable from appearing on television, I abused my notoriety as much as I possibly could, at the expense of both my health and personal relationships.
I was fortunate. And I hate using the word lucky, but I was very, very lucky. Because, all of those things were around me man. The violence, the drugs, the abuse of women. All these things were present in my life. And I take a step back and I try to reflect on my journey and what helped me out.
Tyrann Mathieu
Celebrities, even insignificant ones like me, are created to be abused by the Great Unwashed.
Poppy Z. Brite
The only sexual act that is sinful is the one that uses or abuses.
Pat Buckley
It drove me crazy, Scotland. It was cold. It was abuse. It was snowing and everything. I was so cold that one day I faked an injury to go to the locker room.
Riyad Mahrez
People inspire me. Every day, I meet amazing individuals in the field. When I see a mother who has walked for three weeks to come to a MSF clinic, with two kids on her back and her belongings on her head, facing intimidation and physical abuse on her way, I am inspired by her resilience – her desire for life.
Joanne Liu
My illness is one often characterized by dramatic overspending – in my case through frenzied shopping sprees, credit card abuse, excessive hoarding of unnecessary material goods and bizarre generosity with family, friends and even strangers.
Andy Behrman
Over the years, countless people throughout South Jersey have shared with me that they are constantly harassed by robocalls and scams. Members of Congress have a responsibility to hold scammers responsible for their abusive practices and protect the American people from this abuse.
Jeff Van Drew
Governments can no longer control 100 percent of the story. Time and geographical boundaries disappear. In places like China and all over the Middle East, social-media outlets are being used to expose and hold accountable public officials that don’t want to be held accountable for corruption and human rights abuses.
Amy Jo Martin