Top 50 Different Times Quotes

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As an artist, you find at different times you want to d

As an artist, you find at different times you want to do different things.
Rick Ross
If you have pendulum clocks on the wall and start them all at different times, after a while the pendulums will all swing in synchronicity. The same thing happens with heart cells in a Petri dish: They start beating in rhythm even when they’re not touching one another.
Bruce Lipton
I make a distinction between manners and etiquette – manners as the principles, which are eternal and universal, etiquette as the particular rules which are arbitrary and different in different times, different situations, different cultures.
Judith Martin
Well you know, I think a lot of us in marriage know that you play different roles at different times. And Mitt can get very intense, and I can have the ability to kind of talk him off the rails sometimes and say, ‘Hey let’s look at what is really important and let’s do that now.’
Ann Romney
Ironically, the very fact that democracy has such a lengthy history has actually contributed to confusion and disagreement, for ‘democracy’ has meant different things to different people at different times and places.
Robert A. Dahl
Man I got so many regrets. The biggest is that Eminem gave me so many demos – six different times he approached me, and I didn’t sign him. Shame on me.
Fat Joe
I lived in New York for five years; I’ve lived in Barcelona, Rome, and Paris at different times. When I was 18, I was dying to live in a city.
Margherita Missoni
The biggest influence? I’ve had several at different times – but the biggest for me was Bob Dylan, who was a guy that came along when I was twelve or thirteen and just changed all the rules about what it meant to write songs.
Jackson Browne
Biologically and physiologically, we are not equal. Some of us learn better at different times of day. Some learn best visually, some auditorially, some tactilely, by touching.
Leo Buscaglia
To make the script, you need ideas, and for me a lot of times, a final script is made up of many fragments of ideas that came at different times.
David Lynch
I lived for 15 years in Los Angeles, and I still can’t believe that the handsomest man in the world, Cary Grant, and the greatest performer in the world, Fred Astaire, and Johnny Carson, one after another – they were all in my home at different times. I celebrated my 50th birthday with them. Unforgettable.
Tony Bennett
A wise person does at once, what a fool does at last. Both do the same thing; only at different times.
John Dalberg-Acton
I’ve been all sorts of different shapes and sizes at different times in my life.
Geri Halliwell
I have this nook at Milk Bar that’s my office, and my desk was just full of every box of Kellogg’s cereal, and at different times during the day, I would open up a box, eat a bowl of cereal, and I live in a world of Post-it notes, so I would leave tasting notes on all the cereal.
Christina Tosi
Different times need different types of leadership.
Park Geun-hye
I mean, I’ve done different things at different times that I shouldn’t have done, once or twice, you know.
George Michael
Maradona and Messi played in different times and in different positions. Messi is much more a striker, Diego was all over the entire pitch. They are two extraordinary players.
Diego Simeone
Identity is made up of lots of different things now. Different colors and patterns stand out at different times. Different instruments in the symphony of being are more distinct than others at different times.
Darryl Pinckney
You have to stay open, and things may come at different times, but I have to dream big, and that’s what I’m going to be doing.
Tammy Abraham
I’ve gotten this advice at different times, and it distills down to one word: purpose. Why are you here? When you start to get distracted by thoughts such as ‘Do I fit in? Does this person like me?’ – remember why you’re there and what you want to accomplish.
Mae Jemison
We live in an era now where every episode is reviewed 80 different times on the Internet by periodicals you’ve never even heard of.
Christopher Lloyd
At different times my children went to Polish, British, and American schools, and they learned about ‘the nation’ in all of them.
Anne Applebaum
I moved around 13 different times before I was in fifth grade, not having money, not having a lot of friends.
Tonya Harding
It might be asked, ‘How much time shall I allow myself for rest?’ The answer is that no rule of universal application can be given, as all persons do not require the same measure of sleep, and also the same persons, at different times, according to the strength or weakness of their body, may require more or less.
George Muller
I’m forever being told, and intrinsically understand, that people want to study at different times in their lives, often inspired to do so when they see the practical benefits of their studies.
Esther McVey
With all of you men out there who think that having a thousand different ladies is pretty cool, I have learned in my life I’ve found out that having one woman a thousand different times is much more satisfying.
Wilt Chamberlain
There are thousands of ragas, and they are all connected with different times of the day, like sunrise or night or sunset. It is all based on 72 of what we call ‘mela’ or scales. And we have principally nine moods, ranging from peacefulness to praying, or the feeling of emptiness you get by sitting by the ocean.
Ravi Shankar
At different times in my life I met God from a different point of view.
T Bone Burnett
Hard work most often leads to success, but it’s not every day, and it’s not every week. It will pay off at different times over the course of your career.
Sallie Krawcheck
We’ve all had our highs and lows at different times throughout the years, but the fact that we had these loyal fans that just stayed with us all around the world is what’s been able to keep us alive.
Howie Dorough
Desserts are all about form and function, about warm and hot and cold. I want every component to hit your palate on different levels at different times.
Sherry Yard
Literature hasn't come up with any new themes. The lite

Literature hasn’t come up with any new themes. The literature of all different times – it’s still dealing with how one resolves issues of existence.
Gao Xingjian
‘Phase’ is a special song to me, and I wanted the video to make you feel like you are on a journey with me. My team and I shot this video three different times, and every time I got it back, I wanted to go a step further.
I grew up a Red Sox fan. I grew up going to Fenway Park and the Museum of Fine Arts and the Science Museum and Symphony Hall and going to the Common, walking around. My whole family at different times lived and worked in Boston.
James Spader
I want to make work that reflects different times and processes.
Cornelia Parker
Every single discussion I have with a first AD, or producers, is time of day. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve fought for early-morning calls. The light is 90 percent of our job; we as humans respond to light and where it is at different times of day and not only in positive ways.
Greig Fraser
My influences are all over the place. Different films have spoken to me at different times in my life, and they’ve helped create my idea of the kind of films I want to make.
Andrew Haigh
Sometimes, of course, there’s no quick way to make it through immigration: Different airports have gluts of incoming flights at different times of day, and short of rearranging your flight schedule to ensure you’ll land at a low-traffic hour, there’s nothing you can do.
Hanya Yanagihara
I think you grieve different elements, you grieve your wife who’s gone, you grieve the fact she had cancer and you had to watch her die, you grieve the fact the life you built isn’t going to be the same as the one going forward. All these different elements hit you at different times.
Andrew Strauss
The scriptures were one of the ways God spoke to me – even when I was a child – about my needs, my situation, and my life. They still are. Since our needs change over a lifetime, God has different things to tell us at different times.
Henry B. Eyring
I think that we have a great opportunity to impart our wisdom and our knowledge and our experience to this younger generation. It may be different times, but experience transcends time, and wisdom transcends time.
Victoria Osteen
I’m interested in the gene bank of how Americans have built in different regions in different times.
Jaquelin T. Robertson
Nature has different times.
Michael Tippett
A political revolution must proceed simultaneously with the nationalist revolution. When we overthrow the Manchu regime, we will achieve not only a nationalist revolution against the Manchus but also a political revolution against monarchy. They are not to be carried out at two different times.
Sun Yat-sen
I do have, at different times, a certain kind of self-consciousness in the world, an insecurity.
Charlie Kaufman
You need people who are vocal on the pitch to give information at different times of the game.
Jordan Henderson
I can look back at different times in my life when I felt I could not find my way out of whatever it was. I’m not necessarily talking about marriage, but I wanted to pack it in. I wanted to disappear. A lot of that has to do with being in the public eye.
Amy Grant
Everybody has their own path. Everybody peaks at different times.
Dustin Poirier
Friendships naturally shift over life. We have different friends for different times in our lives, and sometimes it’s not the best idea to hang on to a friendship to try to make it work if it’s an unhealthy connection.
Tara Stiles
Happy couples resist the temptation to go to bed at different times. They go to bed at the same time, even if one partner wakes up later to do things while their partner sleeps.
Mark Goulston