Top 60 Stiff Quotes

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I don't write on topics that require a lot of urgency.

I don’t write on topics that require a lot of urgency. But in ‘Stiff,’ I wanted to change people’s hearts about organ donation. Whenever I get a chance, I try to talk about that.
Mary Roach
I used to not really like going to the gym when I was playing tournaments because I’d be sore and stiff. But the more you keep doing it, the less soreness you have. And you actually start to enjoy it.
Rory McIlroy
When you do a song new live on stage, it’s kind of a bit weird until it gets worn in, you know, like oiled up a bit. It’s still a little bit stiff until you really thrashed at it for a few weeks.
Jeff Lynne
I like jeans, but I think in 100 years it’s going to be crazy when we look back at the fact that everyone, every day for about 60 years straight, wore stiff blue pants as their default. Why?
B. J. Novak
I was putting on a stiff upper lip and trying to fulfill the obligations I thought were demanded of me, taking over my father’s role of taking care of my mother… and having to be the recipient of her confessions and emotions but of a delusional nature.
Allen Ginsberg
If you talk to your friends the way your parents talk, they will think you are stiff and odd.
Deborah Tannen
I think sometimes you can be around somebody and take in certain energy and read certain things and you don’t know why your neck is stiff. But if you can recognise the negativity, once you identify it and you know what you are dealing with you can make a point to counteract it with a different energy.
Gregory Porter
I’ve always had little problems in my ankles when I played very hard games, they’d get very inflamed and stiff.
Hector Bellerin
The Kennedys tried to avoid using the big U-shaped table, but when they couldn’t, they had several tricks – including keeping the flowers simple – to keep it from appearing overly stiff and formal.
Letitia Baldrige
I’ve been on investigations where a spirit is channeling through me, and I have extreme changes in my emotions – anger, sadness, confusion. Then I begin seeing visions that are not mine. They are theirs. There is no trace of time. My body goes stiff, numb, cold. Then, when the spirit leaves, I can barely stand and speak.
Zak Bagans
Even when I have to write a simple letter I’m scared stiff as if faced with looming seasickness.
Gustav Klimt
Whenever I met anyone who knew anything, I would bore them stiff until they told me what they knew.
Doris Lessing
As an older lineman, if you start to sit around, you get stiff. You get tired. Things start to set in.
Andrew Whitworth
I’m good in front of the camera in terms of speaking or entertaining or being humorous, but when it comes to dancing, you really got to know your stuff in order to be confident. You can freeze up or get stiff, and it’s just not a good situation.
Michael Sorrentino
Twenty can’t be expected to tolerate sixty in all things, and sixty gets bored stiff with twenty’s eternal love affairs.
Emily Carr
The knee was all deformed, bloodied up and leaking with puss. I just couldn’t move it. Stiff. It was like I had a spare leg. All of my quad was skinny. It was like a pole with a pineapple in the middle of it.
Shaun Livingston
I had two things I could do: I could run over you, and I could put a good stiff arm on you. That was about it.
Earl Campbell
When you are full of pride on the inside, it makes you stiff, stubborn, and creates strife with others.
John C. Maxwell
At 35, I’m definitely starting to feel more like a grown-up than I ever have. There’s nothing in my life that is childish or whimsical. Having fun is fantastic and I never want to lose a sense of that – and also, I think, you have to have that to put into your work or else it’s going to feel stiff.
Drew Barrymore
I do revel slightly in the fact that I am what I am – an English, middle-class, public-school-educated bloke. There is a reputation with that of being slightly stiff, but whoever gets to know me will see some other element – whether it be vulnerable or silly or camp.
Elliot Cowan
After working from home with the dogs, Ive learned of the hair splinter: when stiff dog hairs pierce the soles of your feet.
Sohla El-Waylly
Just as actors are afraid of child audiences because they’re so honest, I would be scared stiff of going before the big folks.
Bob Keeshan
A limo is corny. It’s extra long. You feel stiff when you get out.
Chennai is one of the scariest crowds to face. Everyone looks so conservative, but once you crack the first joke, they are so appreciatively loud that they will hit you with a laugh that will scare you stiff and yet give you energy. Chennaiites give me the loudest laughs; it’s the coolest crowd to perform for.
Vir Das
When I was living in Los Angeles, I always booked a moisturizing milk-and-honey massage the day before flying to Spain. It was heaven – I never got dry plane skin or felt stiff from sitting in one position.
Carolina Herrera
Cersei in ‘Game of Thrones’ is quite solid and stiff.
Lena Headey
My pinkie tends to pop out of place a lot while I’m playing – I just pop it back in. I notice it when I move my hand and it feels stiff. I mean, it’s been happening my whole life. It’s never broken – just pops out of place real easy.
DeAndre Hopkins
I was brought up in a fairly emotionally repressed kind of society in Northeast England where one didn’t express emotions and was expected to keep a stiff upper lip.
Paul Rodgers
We can only create good jobs if we make smarter investments in infrastructure and do more to support small businesses, not stiff them.
Michael Bloomberg
I went to college, grad school. I got an M.B.A., had a really cush corporate job. But I was just bored stiff. I didn’t fit that mold.
Dean Karnazes
I think that the stiff competition for places is a positive thing.
Andre Schurrle
After 'The Sisters Brothers,' I tried to write a contem

After ‘The Sisters Brothers,’ I tried to write a contemporary story dealing with an investment adviser in New York City who moves to Paris. I did all this research, but after about a year and any number of pages written, I was bored stiff.
Patrick deWitt
I like causing trouble. It’s the teddy boy in me. I used to be a teddy boy. Feeling slightly inferior and wanting to cause a bit of bother and get some action going on in the room rather than get bored stiff. Does that make sense?
Michael Gambon
The only time I have a problem is when I have to get in a vehicle after we play and sit there in a cramped position for a couple of hours to drive to the next place. Then I get super stiff.
Rick Nielsen
I’ve played dinner theaters. I’m a working stiff.
Adam West
I needed a way to have the platter continuously spinning while I’m moving the record back and forth. I went to a fabric store. When I touched this hairy stuff – felt – I found it. I rubbed spray starch on both sides and ironed it until it became a stiff wafer. After that, I was able to stop time.
Grandmaster Flash
Americans are so stiff when it comes to nudity. For me, I’ve always walked around the house naked. My husband, in real life, is like, ‘Babe, could you just put some clothes on! Keep the mystery alive!’
Shanola Hampton
I started out as a novelist, and I think novels have gotten a little stiff, a little repetitive, and the energy in comics was much more appealing.
Tom King
Rand Paul comes off like an academic stiff who wants to give us a lecture on American civics.
Mark McKinnon
I grew up in southern Africa but was born in England, so my family was afflicted with the stiff upper lip of the British. When coupled with the violence we saw as children, that can be a fatal combination. Fortunately, I have an outlet for trauma in my writing.
Alexandra Fuller
Misfortune had made Lily supple instead of hardening her, and a pliable substance is less easy to break than a stiff one.
Edith Wharton
Are your kids learning the right lessons about 9/11? Ten years after Osama bin Laden’s henchmen murdered thousands of innocents on American soil, too many children have been spoon-fed the thin gruel of progressive political correctness over the stiff antidote of truth.
Michelle Malkin
It’s almost embarrassing, but I do have one trick for taking portraits on commission. I carry one of these little bicycle horns in my pocket, and once in a while, when someone is sour-faced or stiff, I blow my horn. It sort of shatters the barriers. It’s silly, but it works.
Elliott Erwitt
Yeah, I like causing trouble. It’s the teddy boy in me. I used to be a teddy boy. Feeling slightly inferior and wanting to cause a bit of bother and get some action going on in the room rather than get bored stiff.
Michael Gambon
I became stiff as a safety, and so I had to learn to move like a corner and think like a corner.
Nnamdi Asomugha
My own theory about the phlegmatic qualities and properties of the English is the mountain of pure white sugar hydrocarbons they consume every day bloody day of the year – the stiff upper lip is petrified sugar; that’s Bermuda’s revenge, the with death, the rotting future square in the teeth of it.
Katherine Dunn
Where I went to school, Eton College, we had to wear dark trousers, a tailcoat, and a stiff, starched collar every day, and that was fine with me: Part of the reason I wanted to go there was because I’ve always loved dressing up.
Charlie Siem
Rock bands don’t really swing… a lot of rock is stiff. They don’t understand the feel, the movement, you know, the jungle of it all.
Malcolm Young
I can’t work in an environment where it’s a stiff hierarchy; that’s not my kind of way.
Steven Rodney McQueen
When you have committed enough words to paper, you feel you have a spine stiff enough to stand up in the wind. But when you stop writing, you find that’s all you are – a spine, a row of rattling vertebrae, dried out like an old quill pen.
Hilary Mantel
And so I was very grateful that I didn’t do the British stiff upper lip, but I went straight to a therapist. And she was wonderful and helpful, and I went for about two years.
Lynn Redgrave