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When I was a kid, I had this idea that I would have a b

When I was a kid, I had this idea that I would have a beard when I got older. I thought it’d be nice to rub my chin.
Rosario Dawson
When I take good care of myself, it lifts my spirits, boosts my confidence, and makes me feel strong. When someone tries to throw me shade, it bounces right off. I look those haters straight in the eye, keep my chin up and shoulders back. Because I know I’m a fierce queen – and they know it, too.
Alyssa Edwards
I watched ‘Iron Man 3’ the other night, and my chin was on the floor. ‘Vikingdom’ is a different type of movie, because it’s rooted in reality. The characters are more real; they’re not these superhuman people who can fly and do things.
Craig Fairbrass
I think there are lot more lows in an athletes career than the highs, but you’ve got to be bale to take them on the chin.
Greg Rutherford
When you lose a game of football, you can still be a winner by taking it on the chin and getting on with it.
Tony Pulis
The double chin’s not good for the red carpet.
Missy Elliott
On the feet, I realized that it will be hard for anyone to knock me out, I have a solid chin and everything will be alright.
Jessica Andrade
You’ll never see me in the red leather. I don’t have the chin for it.
Joe Pantoliano
I’ve a tiny little scar on my chin from when I fell over on stage, bust my chin open and bled everywhere.
Kate Nash
I’m not proud of my chin but I can take a shot.
Israel Adesanya
Ray Mercer has the heart of a lion and a great chin.
Tommy Morrison
I see the hate, what some people say, but I just prove them wrong at the end of the day because I show everyone what I can do. Some people don’t want me to succeed but you just have to take it on the chin.
Jadon Sancho
My teeth have never been touched. Why did I tell you that? Knock on wood. I’ve got a few scars over the eyes, a couple on the chin, a few on the beak and one across the cheek. But my luck is running out.
Brett Hull
I have a little piece of extra skin – a good inch – on the end of my chin that I play with like Silly Putty.
Shirley Ballas
I used to tremble from nerves so badly that the only way I could hold my head steady was to lower my chin practically to my chest and look up at Bogie. That was the beginning of The Look.
Lauren Bacall
Back in 1948, a monomaniac called Korczak resolved to impose Crazy Horse’s likeness upon a mountain. It took 50 years to complete the head, which measures 90ft from crown to chin. By comparison, the four presidents at Mt Rushmore seem modest.
Clive Sinclair
When you get the armband, everyone looks to you to lead, and when things go wrong, then you get criticised the most, and I need to take that on the chin.
Andrew Robertson
I have a big chin. Thick glasses.
Eddie the Eagle
I can juggle, not well… I can balance a broom on my chin. I can do very simple carny tricks, a little sleight of hand with cards and coins.
Rich Sommer
I back my power, and I back my chin, and I back my speed.
Joseph Parker
I say don’t overreact; cool your jets. Focus on things that you can control: your business, your employees’ welfare, your guests, and the quality of the product that you dish up. Do that, keep your chin down, pay attention to business, and the sun will come up tomorrow. That’s the way I figure it.
Steve Wynn
You need to be able to climb into a narrative and zip it up under your chin. You need to be able to see through the eyes of the hero, smell what he’s smelling, hear what he’s hearing.
Geraldine McCaughrean
I look so much like my dad – same chin, same cheekbones, same forehead – and I play a little like him too. But I am my mother’s son. I am who I am because of her.
Jonny Bairstow
I had me jaw broken, and so my chin stuck way out. That’s how I became tough – I learned to pick up anything and fight back.
Roger Daltrey
I’ve got a tidy chin and a decent punch. And, for people who think they can fight and are champions, I’ll make it extremely hard.
Tyson Fury
As a player you get scrutinised and rightly so, sometimes it’s what comes with a move that I’ve made. I’ve just got to take that on the chin and concentrate on me.
John Stones
I want to be able to deliver the kind of show that I want – to go onstage with my chin held up.
Hank Williams III
I saw my brother have an altercation one time. He hit a guy with a left hook to the body and a right hand to the chin. He not only knocked the guy out, but out of wind. That stuck with me. It scared me.
Gerry Cooney
One of my great goals in life is to live long enough to where I am in the pulpit, preaching my heart out, and I die on the spot, my chin hits the pulpit – boom! – and I’m down and out. What a way to die!
Charles R. Swindoll
When you’re given a newspaper column, you’re not being paid to sit on a fence and scratch your chin and say ‘On the one hand this’ and ‘On the other hand that.’ You’re getting paid for your opinion.
Carl Hiaasen
You have to have a thick skin, yes. If you’re going to do something as foolhardy as standup, you’ve got to be able to take it on the chin if someone has a go at you.
Bill Bailey
When you're in 45 markets, you take it on the chin here

When you’re in 45 markets, you take it on the chin here and there.
David Lichtenstein
I have a deep, deep belief that if I tell you I’m going to crack you with a clean shot to the chin inside one minute of the first round and you will be unconscious, well, then that’s what will happen.
Conor McGregor
So much of comedy happens between your chin and your shoulders. Nobody tells you when you get your own TV show that you’re going to watch yourself in the edit room over and over and over again. It’s a tough lesson.
Lennon Parham
I think it would be much easier to submit Mark Hunt than to knock him out. The guy has a pretty good chin, he’s not the easiest of guys to put away.
Frank Mir
Think about finding out when you’re 13 that your dad is not your dad. It’s like, okay, take it on the chin and keep going. No choice, really.
Orlando Bloom
The interesting thing about my career is for years I was trying to do that thing of getting in shape and looking cool – I would look at myself in camera angles and think how my chin looked the best and all this stuff. And I really couldn’t get that much work.
David Harbour
A jab is established through timing and that’s how I take it. Cause I have a 76-inch reach but I’m not worried about range. I’m looking to establish that timing so I can see when that chin is available or I see that the nose is available, I can pop it.
Tony Ferguson
I lost six months of work due to throwing open punches and took a punch on the chin.
Wanderlei Silva
I joined ‘Meru’ midstream after my co-director Jimmy Chin had already filmed the 2008 and 2011 climbs.
Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi
I got one comment that I had a lot of double chins. I just laughed at it. I do have a double chin, so that’s legit.
Simone Giertz
I definitely believe if you give me any part of your chin, you are going to sleep.
David Haye
I broke my neck, it’s a classic neck break from chin to chest. If I had been alone, I would probably be dead.
Brooke Burns
Workers all too frequently have been taking it on the chin. They’re working hard and falling behind, all too frequently.
Tom Perez
I busted my chin open trying to be Evel Knievel on my bike. When it happened, you could see straight through to the bone, I thought my dad was going to pass out. It left a scar that I still have now.
Karin Slaughter
I still suffer terribly from stage fright. I get sick with fear. Not every night, but at the beginning and on occasion – not necessarily when I’m expecting it. You just have to cope with it – take it on the chin and work through it, trying to use the adrenalin to perform.
Helen Mirren
I always thought my jaw line was manly. I have this pockmark on my chin from when I was 9. I used to get freaked out about it because people thought it was a pimple. But those are the things I’ve become really comfortable with as I’ve gotten older. My scars.
Rosario Dawson
We knew Stiverne was tough. You’ve got to give it to him. He’s got a tough chin.
Deontay Wilder
I love coverage. My ideal dress would be a turtleneck that goes all the way up to my chin, and then sleeves that go past my fingers. And then the dress goes all the way to the floor, and you see the very tips of my toes.
Patti Harrison
The thing you notice here after America is how refreshingly ordinary people look because they haven’t had their chin wrapped around the back of their ears.
Ian Mckellen
For me, ‘Sultan’ was like a resurrection. I think my career was almost dead. You go through these lows and highs in life, especially in a film career and you live with your chin up.
Amit Sadh
Regardless of how tough you think you are, regardless of how good you think your chin is, we’re all only one connected punch away from being hurt, and you’ve just got to hope your chin holds up and your body holds up.
Dominick Cruz
The most important thing any broken individual can do is keep their chin up and keep moving forward.
Matt Hardy
I know Primus is bigger than me, but Chandler’s face was a mess when they fought. He was dropped with a jab. His chin is not that great.
Patricio Freire
Nobody would say, ‘I’m voting for this guy because he’s got the stronger chin,’ but that, in fact, is partly what happens.
Daniel Kahneman
The singular point of beautiful objects, and people, is that they are experienced not as parts, or ratios between cheekbones and chin, but as wholes. The experience of beauty is a perception, but it is one that mixes up various other sensations and makes them converge in a particular way.
Charles Jencks
I’ve been a swimmer and a diver for quite a while. It was something that I think I got too comfortable with, and I dove into my black-bottomed pool and hit the slope from the shallow end to the deep end. And I had a chin to chest paralyzing break.
Brooke Burns
I got lipo because I felt that that little stomach, no matter how much I was working out, wasn’t looking exactly as I wanted it to be. I feel like we all have problem areas on our body, and I just wanted to fix a problem area. I also got lipo underneath my chin and underneath my arms.
CeCe Peniston
I showed my chin was fine when I fought Tim Sylvia in the Philippines, when our fight was a no contest. He landed a good straight right hand at the end of the first round and I was fine. I survived and knocked him out.
Andrei Arlovski
In the ring, if someone hits you too hard, you can only take so many of those, and you have to send back a receipt, meaning ‘Hey, settle down.’ If a guy has a bad night at the office and catches you in the chin, you pop him so he knows what’s going on.
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Does anybody remember, back in the depths of the recession of 1981-82, how President Reagan kept his chin up and exhorted American businesses to work hard and produce an economic recovery?
Lawrence Kudlow
I think it’s something you learn over a period of time; you learn to be more comfortable within yourself, appreciative of what you’ve got and what you haven’t, you realise the talents you have and what you can do and you take on the chin the things that you have to. It’s part and parcel of growing up.
Jonny Bairstow
Yes, the hunky barista looks even more terrifically mas

Yes, the hunky barista looks even more terrifically masculine with three days’ growth on his chin. Guys under 50 mostly do. But when your beard is partly or largely grey, that stubble can just look a little unwashed. Sadly, when you’re over 50, different rules apply.
Russell Smith
I’m not cynical or bitter in any way. Life’s too short; you get ripped off, but if you hold a grudge, it’s going to affect you. You take it on the chin, you learn, you try not to make the same mistakes.
Tony Fernandes
You just take your hits on the chin and move on, that’s life.
Aljamain Sterling
You need to be a complete fighter – the heart, the chin, the toughness. You’ve got to have it all.
Kell Brook