Top 66 Codes Quotes

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There certainly is a lot of political pressure for stat

There certainly is a lot of political pressure for states to adopt the new federal tax codes. But there is no law that requires them to do so.
John Barry
Congressman Heck says Donald Trump is the candidate he trusts on national security and changing our economy. Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want Donald Trump anywhere near our nuclear launch codes.
Catherine Cortez-Masto
Moral codes adjust themselves to environmental conditions.
Will Durant
Disasters happen. We still have no way to eliminate earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, floods or droughts. We cope as best we can by fortifying ourselves against danger with building codes and levees, and by setting aside money to clean up afterwards.
Seth Shostak
When the football world is ready to adhere to the diversity codes so that BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) communities, plus women, get the opportunities in football then I’ll see that as a step forward.
Emma Hayes
Rappers are the white authors of our generation. They know me, my language, my codes, my family, my block.
Jason Reynolds
After the Civil War, when blacks fought along whites to secure freedom for all, southern states enacted Black Codes, laws that restricted the civil rights and liberties of blacks. Central to the enforcement of these laws were the stiff penalties for blacks possessing firearms.
Niger Innis
As the border between physical and digital gets more permeable, a new kind of literacy emerges. And that literacy is built on a foundation of code – whether it’s the codes of letters and words, or the code of bits and algorithms.
John Battelle
The family code in Egypt is one of the worst family codes in the Arab world. Polygamy. The husband is having absolute power over the family.
Nawal El Saadawi
The fundamental problem is not that Trump has access to the nuclear launch codes, but that they exist at all.
Valerie Plame
Human beings have been manipulating the biological world for thousands of years without understanding how DNA codes function.
Frances Arnold
Building codes are a good thing. People who throw rocks at inspectors are being naive. It’s a lot like police officers; we want them around unless they stop us for a ticket. It’s the same with inspectors.
Dan Phillips
In Italy, the Milanese are well organized but follow bourgeois taste. They adhere to certain codes of elegance, but not to individualism.
Christian Lacroix
You do not know our culture, our ethics, or the unwritten codes that already provide our society more order than could be obtained by any of your impositions.
John Perry Barlow
Part of this new world of completely improvisational terrorism is that there were codes of war that disintegrated in the face of terrorism.
Diane Sawyer
I think if you work with different kinds of codes, attitudes, in the end you have a language. It’s like within a person. You are not always the same.
Alessandro Michele
We worked on solving the problem of voice communications in a noisy military environment. We established military codes that are highly audible and invented selection tests for personnel who had a superior ability to recognize sound in a noisy background.
M. H. Abrams
The ancient codes were doubtless originally suggested by the discovery and diffusion of the art of writing.
Henry James Sumner Maine
Just as the common law derives from ancient precedents – judges’ decisions – rather than statutes, baseball’s codes are the game’s distilled mores. Their unchanged purpose is to show respect for opponents and the game. In baseball, as in the remainder of life, the most important rules are unwritten. But not unenforced.
George Will
By the time I got into Juilliard, I was working at a Target distribution warehouse. It didn’t make anything, it just shipped things, and my job was just to stand there and look at the security codes on the back of trucks and see if they would lock, and check them in.
Adam Driver
QR codes have always been a kind of half-measure, a useful but inelegant transitional technology; the ultimate goal is augmented reality.
Om Malik
I love dressing for different occasions and having dress codes. For me, it’s such a fun thing to have a reason to think about dressing within restraints or codes or rules, so it’s something I have fun with.
Margherita Missoni
When I started, I didn’t know how to sing in Arabic – it’s a very complex and sophisticated music full of codes and modes and quarter-tones.
Yasmine Hamdan
We are often celebrating technology and codes, but we don’t really think about the creative side.
Harper Reed
I’d been focused on trying to start civil disobedience since 2010. I’d tried many things and they hadn’t worked. So I went on a retreat and prayed, with some psychedelic medicines. It was really intense and I prayed for what I called the codes for social change and within a month my prayer was answered.
Gail Bradbrook