Top 66 Independently Quotes

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I drop free music because I want people to know I'm sti

I drop free music because I want people to know I’m still working. I want people to know I’m working and making my money independently. I don’t want to charge for a mixtape; I’d rather charge for an album and really give something to my fans.
The amount of exposure you get in India as a musician in Bollywood is so much better than what one gets independently.
Amit Trivedi
I’m not independently wealthy.
Mark Z. Danielewski
If you want to make big improvements in communication, my advice is – hire physicists, not communications people from normal companies and never believe what advertising companies tell you about ‘data’ unless you can independently verify it.
Dominic Cummings
I think laptops should be banned from schools. Until you can prove you can add up on your fingers or think independently in your head, you have learnt nothing.
Joanna Lumley
I think Hadley is to Rice as Scowcroft was to Kissinger; not inclined to think or act independently.
Michael Ledeen
The Director of the Laboratory, George Reynolds, was most supportive of my efforts to work independently. There followed for ten years a glorious time for research.
James Cronin
Governments cannot assume or expect that the ECB will always facilitate their funding independently of the achievement of their fiscal and other policy objectives.
Lucas Papademos
I would be able to provide a different perspective and act independently of the Government in the decisions that have to be made by the President.
Tony Tan
My thing is to have a good, profitable company, for it to be 100% owned independently.
Damon Dash
The unions do a really good job in standing up for workers’ rights and business does a very good job advocating for opportunities in this state. I don’t believe the two have to operate independently.
Annastacia Palaszczuk
I want people to throw on a hat, head out into the outback and see the real Australia. You can do it how you want – independently in a 4WD, camping under the stars, or being treated like a king in a luxury homestead or on a cruise.
John Torode
If someone thinks that education, health, infrastructure all are different sectors and issues and they ought to be fought independently, then they are mistaken. There is an underlying pattern in the process. And that is bad governance.
Arvind Kejriwal
Since ‘Qismat’ did well independently, it was embraced by Bollywood.
Ammy Virk
In some states, the attorney general is appointed, but in New York state it’s an independently elected position. The New York attorney general has an obligation to the people first, to her conscience and to the rule of law, not to the governor, and not to the legislature.
Zephyr Teachout
Bitcoin offers one service: securely time-stamped, scripted transactions. Everything else is built on the edge-devices as an application. Bitcoin allows any application to be developed independently, without permission, on the edge of the network.
Andreas Antonopoulos
The very essence of instinct is that it’s followed independently of reason.
Charles Darwin
The common ancient ancestor of mulluses and chordates could not possibly have possessed a camera eye, so quite clearly they have evolved independently. The solution has been arrived at by completely different routes.
Simon Conway Morris
It was both necessary and desirable for us to be so strong at sea that no Sea Power could attack us without risk, so that we might be free to protect our oversea interests, independently of the influence and the choice of other Sea Powers.
Bernhard von Bulow
If old American alliance commitments don’t count for as much, countries will, in some cases, then say, ‘Well, we’ve got to militarize in certain ways and act more independently.’
Richard N. Haass
I currently live independently without any funded support. I’m educated, and I’m employed. I enjoy paying my taxes and contributing to the economic life of Australia.
Stella Young
Frustration is a sign I am acting independently. The more you try your own way, the tighter the doors will stay closed.
Joyce Meyer
I didn’t sign a record deal; I didn’t do any of that. I made my record independently, and I went out and hit the road in a van.
Aubrie Sellers
I knew people were independently publishing, and I buy books on Amazon. I began seriously considering it when Amanda Hocking was in the news about her self-publishing success.
Patti Davis
A lot of people assumed for all those years that I was the official announcer for HBO because I had done almost all their fights. I worked on all of them independently.
Michael Buffer
Women are living independently, but we don’t yet have the social and economic policies behind us to support that independence.
Rebecca Traister
In the course of evolution, it constantly happens that, independently of each other, two different forms of life take similar, parallel paths in adapting themselves to the same external circumstances.
Konrad Lorenz