Top 695 Sweet Quotes

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War is sweet to those who have not experienced it.

War is sweet to those who have not experienced it.
Desiderius Erasmus
If I feel like I need comfort food, I’ll have a bowl of porridge with honey, and instead of a sweet sugar fix, I’ll eat a probiotic yogurt.
Debra Stephenson
There comes a moment on a journey when something sweet, something irresistible and charming as wine raised to thirsty lips, wells up in the traveller’s being.
Patrick MacGill
Pomegranate molasses is ubiquitous in Arabic cooking: it’s sweet, sour and adds depth.
Yotam Ottolenghi
Young women from a very young age are taught that life will be easier if you can just turn on the charming smile and say very little and be complacent and docile and sweet.
Amber Heard
Cocktail parties for me can be nerve-racking. The brevity of conversations, the number of them – it’s not my sweet spot.
MacKenzie Scott
My husband is the romantic one in our relationship. He’s always doing sweet things for me. Each year, we recreate our first date – it was a blind date, and we met at the zoo, followed by a trip to the museum. I’d have to say that’s my favorite romantic date.
Lori Wilde
I’m actually a very romantic person, and I would like to play in a love story. As long as it doesn’t get too sweet. That’s not me.
Michael Wincott
I really wanted to write a song like Eric Clapton’s ‘Wonderful Tonight.’ It’s just such a sweet sentiment. It’s so simple but so genuine.
Andy Grammer
O wise man! Give your wealth only to the worthy and never to others. The water of the sea received by the clouds is always sweet.
My manners, abominable at times, can be sweet.
Jack Kerouac
O, popular applause! what heart of man is proof against thy sweet, seducing charms?
William Cowper
I have a sweet tooth for reading, so books migrate to my zip code en mass.
Dawn Olivieri
I have a constant sweet tooth, so I like anything from the bakery, like cupcakes, cookies.
Carmen Electra
Elvis was really sweet and kind of bashful, but he didn’t have a whole lot to say.
Rita Moreno
Being attracted to someone plays a big part, but there’s also so much more than that for me. It’s about finding someone sweet and kind – and that has a servant’s heart.
Tim Tebow
I wasn’t a sweet kid. I was an instigator and provoked everyone with my goofy hyena cackle, loving every minute of the drama I could create.
Adam F. Goldberg
‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ is one of the biggest hip-hop records of all time once you actually analyse it.
Richard Ashcroft
Sure, theater is tough because you’re not home at night a lot and you work on weekends – every job has its downside. But to do something that you love doing for two hours a night, that’s a pretty sweet gig.
Robert Sean Leonard
Copy my favorite moves and my Tour-proven setup positions, and you’ll start catching it on the sweet spot every time, with every club in your bag.
Sergio Garcia
People who know me know that I’m not going to open my mouth and say something if I don’t mean it. I’m very short and sweet. I’m old-school when it comes to it: I say what I mean and mean what I say, and then get off of it. It’s simple as that.
Andre Ward
I know about the sweet home. I went to school with ’em boys, what became Lynyrd Skynyrd; I knew Allen Collins, the skinny girl-beautiful guitarist. I put Allen Collins in every travel piece I do. Travel writing is harrowing, going to Bermuda with a banjo on my knee.
Padgett Powell
My daughter’s still so tiny at the moment; she’s just a sweet little meaty thing. But of course, you always think about what you want for them, don’t you, and like any parent I want my children to be happy more than anything.
Olivia Colman
There are a lot of girls I’ve found attractive, but we could never date. If a girl can make me laugh, that’s really attractive to me. I have a soft spot for southern girls who are sweet, like Taylor Swift!
Spencer Boldman
When my YouTube videos started to get really big, I was like, ‘Man, this is pretty sweet.’ It started as my hobby, and then I started traveling and learning how to play different instruments, and then it just kind of became my life.
Austin Mahone
I remember liking ‘A Cinderella Story’ with Hilary Duff a lot when I was younger. I loved that movie, but maybe it was because of Chad Michael Murray. It was a really sweet movie, and I always liked Hilary Duff.
Lili Simmons
I like to play around a lot. I would always flirt with the girls in the office and everybody just hanging around, sweet talk.
Mark Henry
It was kind of a hard lesson when I figured out that not everybody is going to be kind, be sweet. So I’ve learned that I am never going to make everybody happy. There’s always going to be someone who can’t stand the way I write, and I can’t take that personally.
Sandra Brown
Breakfast is always the best time for something juicy, sweet and fresh – it just feels like the right way to open the day. There’s no right way, though, when it comes to choosing the fruit.
Yotam Ottolenghi
Rahman sir has a sweet sense of humour. He chuckles a lot and is very friendly.
I am a good boy. Sweet. I love to chill. I have a select set of friends, am big on house music, love Goa. I don’t read much. Though that is one habit I am trying to inculcate.
Shahid Kapoor
I worked on my voice for Sweet Dreams, but only to matc

I worked on my voice for Sweet Dreams, but only to match my speaking voice to Patsy’s actual singing voice. That was my way into that character.
Jessica Lange
The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.
I have the biggest sweet tooth! You name it, I will eat it. My all-time favorite is my mother’s butter cake. Every time I go home, my mom will already have the cake made because I love it so much. This makes my siblings mad because they think she favors me. I don’t care because she probably does!
Michael Strahan
I try to keep it sweet, but trash-talking is fun, and people want to see if a brash kid like me can live up to his patter.
Paulie Malignaggi
It hasn’t always been a sweet ride. When I was 15, I almost hated racing in finals because I was so nervous. But as I got more experienced, I had to choose between fight and flight – and I’ve fought every time.
Adam Peaty
It was amazing to remake and rewrite a song like ‘Sweet Like Chocolate.’ It feels like a good way to come back.
I don’t think you ever think of a big city as sweet or community, but there are cities that I think of as charming and particular and interesting cities. I live in one now, Charleston.
Anne Rivers Siddons
I have a lot of mice, I have a kitten named ‘Girr,’ I have an iguana named ‘Invader Zim,’ I have some fish, a whole buncha water snails, and a tarantula named ‘Sweet Pea.’
Matthew Underwood
I just try to stick to clean foods, anything grilled like salmon, chicken, fish, brown rice, and veggies. I do have a really big sweet tooth, so I try to curb my cravings with fruit instead.
Katherine Webb
I was always told yogurt had to be sweet to appeal to Americans. But when people go to Turkey or Greece, within 15 minutes of their return, they start talking about how much they enjoyed the yogurt there.
Hamdi Ulukaya
I have the biggest sweet tooth. After the holidays, I gotta start working out.
Devon Werkheiser
I like a bohemian floral dress, but then I’ll throw on a leather jacket or a pair of lace-up boots to give it an edge. My mom is always trying to get me to wear really sweet clothes. Something pink. But that’s not really my look.
Margaret Qualley
Sweet is good. I’m not a fan of deep-fried things.
Mandy Moore
I’m progressive in some ways, old-fashioned in others. I like it when guys hold the door open and are sweet and thoughtful.
Nina Dobrev
The dirty little secret on Wall Street: Eighty percent of the Wall Street executives’ and their spouses’ donations go to Democrats. It’s like they’ve got some kind of little sweet deal, where we’ll call you fat cats and demean you and stuff, but you will get richer than your wildest dreams.
Louie Gohmert
I always tell people that the music industry may be frustrating sometimes, but the singing never gets old. It’s something I grew up doing, and I take the bitter with the sweet.
What was any art but a mould in which to imprison for a moment the shining elusive element which is life itself – life hurrying past us and running away, too strong to stop, too sweet to lose.
Willa Cather
Everyone’s really sweet, really nice. The ‘Buffy’ fans always ask me to do Kendra’s lines in Kendra’s accent.
Bianca Lawson
I think broccoli is one of the must-have foods, as it contains multi nutrients and is high in vitamin C. Sweet potatoes are rich in complex carbohydrates, and fish, too, is healthy. There is nothing that I have on a daily basis, as it becomes monotonous.
Shraddha Kapoor
How sweet for those faring badly to forget their misfortunes even for a short time.
In my line of work, you never know how the female fans are going to respond to another girl, but they’ve always been so kind and so sweet to Danielle, which has been really great.
Kevin Jonas
People can choose between the sweet lie or the bitter truth. I say the bitter truth, but many people don’t want to hear it.
Avigdor Lieberman
Mozart is sweet sunshine.
Antonin Dvorak
It’s the sweetest thing to be a parent of a daughter. When they hit their twenties, they become these lovebugs that come back. It’s just so sweet.
Garth Brooks
‘Satra Ko Shaadi Hai’ is a very sweet film. It was the first film that I shot. I play a shy small town boy in it, which is an absolute contrast to what I played in ‘Sanam Teri Kasam.’
Harshvardhan Rane
Thank God, I never was cheerful. I come from the happy stock of the Mathers, who, as you remember, passed sweet mornings reflecting on the goodness of God and the damnation of infants.
Henry Adams
How small a part of time they share, That are so wondrous sweet and fair!
Edmund Waller
That which neither weapon nor flame could accomplish will be achieved by a sweet speaking tongue in council.